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Manipulate online slot machines

Manipulate online slots and conveniently enter XXL gains! A temptation that occurred to every machine gap. Although it should be clear that slot manipulation is extremely criminal and punishable. But is it even possible to influence modern machines yourself? And can online casinos manipulate slots? We embark on illegal terrain and […]

Jackpot slots - the best jackpot slot machines and casinos

On the Internet, the Jackpot slots are particularly popular with high winning opportunities. But which jackpot slots stand out? And what should you pay attention to when choosing these slot machines? In my following report I have put together everything you need to know about the currently best jackpot slots in the industry and share my […] with you […]

Megaways slots - the best slot machines with megaways

There were times when pioneers like Microgaming shaped the online market with their five roller video machines. Since 2016 at the latest, only a tired smile can be elicited. Because the Australian software pioneer Big Time Gaming released great innovation: Megaway's slots. Here it only turns out by the shoot how many wise you can win. […]

Best RTP slots - which slot machines are best?

Slots are extremely popular for the entertaining casino fun-and if the cash register rings, all the better. How high the long -term chances of winning are at the slot machine of your choice can be assessed in advance with the help of the RTP withdrawal rate. But which slot machines pay best and what else do you have to do with the RTP […]

Novoline machines tips & tricks and cheats for 2022

The Novoline games have been very popular for years - in the land -based casino and on the Internet. If you enter a corresponding search term for tips and tricks for the games on Google, you almost shower with offers. But is it really possible to play the Novoline games permanently in the "green area"? Is there […]