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Money train 2 slot play for free - instructions, tricks & profits 2022

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Details on the slot machine Money Train 2

Name Money Train 2 Minimum use 0,10 $
Software Relax gaming Maximum insert 20 $
theme Wilder West, steampunk JackPot no
RTP 96,40 % Bonus game And
Paylines 40 scatter And
Roll 5x4 Autoplay And

With Money Train 2, Relax Gaming was a real cracker in September 2020. Of the Steampunk slot machine Quickly at the top of the most popular relaxed slots and is part of the extended top across the sector.

In the Money Train 2 Slot you will deal with locomotives that seem to be ahead of your wild-west time. Your most valuable tool: the "Money Cart Bonus Round“, Which can be followed almost like a thriller and promises high profits. We introduce you to the slot machine here, offer you a comprehensive money train 2 game description and of course show you where you can play money train 2 best.

the essentials in brief
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  • Relax Gaming is a well -known name on the market. Accordingly, there are numerous Money Train 2 Casinos.
  • Money Train 2 is considered a complex machine, its Instructions requires a little more attention.
  • Clear highlight of the slot: the Money Cart Bonus Round, in which it hails multipliers.
  • Money Train 2 also comes as a pure gaming machine without real Strategy out.

Money Train 2 Online Casinos

Experience report
  • Excellent range of slots
  • Money train 2 represented
  • High points in every category
Rabona CasinoBitcoin Casino Rabona Casino experience report
  • 62-fache Relax-Power
  • Wide casino offer
  • Specialist for soccer betting
Nomini CasinoBitcoin Casino Nomini Casino experience report
  • 56 games from Relax Gaming
  • Money Train 2 and Demomodus available
  • Many deposit options
Amunra CasinoNewcomer Amunra Casino experience report
  • Comprehensive relax gaming portfolio
  • Money Train 2 available
  • Competent customer service
5Gringos CasinoNewcomer 5gringos casino experience report
  • Insgesamt 32 Relax Gaming Slots
  • Demomodus available
  • German -speaking customer service
LevelUp Casino Levelup Casino experience report
  • 35 Slots von Relax Gaming
  • Money Train 2 im Portfolio
  • Strong live casino offer
Frank Casino Frank Casino experience report
  • 53 Relax Gaming slot machines
  • Provider of Money Train 2
  • License of the Malta Gaming Authority
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The train drives and thanks to the daring sound you know immediately what the hour beat: it goes in in Money Train 2, the currently most popular Real money slot machines From the house Relax gaming. Perhaps you know titles such as Templar Tumble, Temple Tumble, Wild Chapo or Iron Bank, but Money Train 2 is currently the clear relaxation.


Money Train 2 (as the name suggests) is the successor to Money Train. The original game was already quite a successHowever, it is hardly played today, since Money Train 2 has graphically increased and contains more features. Money Train 3 is planned for mid -2021.

For you at Money Train 2, it goes to a wild-west city, but this only forms the background atmosphere for the Money-Train, a colossus of this time futuristic steel, peppered with the rollers we love. Money Train 2 could hardly be more modern, hits the pulse of the times, but is through his Complex set of rules Rather not a machine that beginners should take to take in their first attempts at walking.

What use is that Best casino game, if you can't gamble about real coal? We would like to recommend you in advance, the slot first to test risk -free in the demo mode. So you can play Money Train 2 for free and familiarize yourself with the Money Train 2.

If you then want to throw real money into the Money Train 2 afterwards, hardly anything stands in the way. Relax Gaming is the standard equipment of the vast majority Online Casinos. You basically only have to visit your favorite casino and you will usually meet Money Train 2. In order to take the decision to you, our 3 favorites are here:

The casino offer from Lampet Doesn't have to hide behind the sports betting offer. Rather, it trumps with a large number of slots. Of course, Money Train 2 can also be found in the middle of this selection. The provider of Money Train 2 - Relax Gaming - is even represented 64 times. You can do the slot Yonibet experiences even play in the demo mode.

Slots from Relax Gaming can be found 62 times in the offer of Rabona. The provider, who is also responsible for Money Train 2, is therefore plentiful. In general, the casino offer is very wide. In addition to a live casino, various well -known slots are also on offer, but also less well -known slot machines that only one or the other connoisseur has on the screen. With both you can at Rabona experiences collect.

As much fun of the Money Train 2 slot machine, he needs that much preparation. But we start very easily, because the basic rules of Money Train 2 are still very quick. In the steel money train are located 5 rollers, on the each 4 symbol are soldered. Once you have set your use, you get the rollers rolling up with a click of the mouse or space and then put your focus on the following 40 Money Train 2 lines:


These are fixed, all always active at the same time and are unfortunately not displayed in the game itself and are only indicated when evaluating. Unfortunately, this makes the resulting money train 2 appear a little arbitrary. Above all, it is important for you that the paylines are always read from left to right and you have to achieve 3, 4 or even 5 same symbols in a row. You meet several lines at once, of course everything is added well.

Unfortunately, Money Train 2 exists in most casinos in the English -language version (at Casino Heroes For example, in German), this should be present during the game. You can display your game history and recognize your application, the remaining bankroll and win of the last round at any time. Of course, Money Train 2 is also for that mobile use aligned.

Since the machine is already on the road quite quickly, the Money Train 2 would be the best setting to keep your fingers off the autoplay, even though you can adjust the number up to infinity or up to a certain one Loss, profit or individual profit limit automatically turns. The very fleet then click on the preliminary pump button to largely switch off the animations.

How much you win in the Money-Train-2 basis game depends on which symbol you meet how often. This is how the resulting Money train 2 profit table out:


You recognize the 4 main characters In the Money Train, which will later play a huge role in the bonus round. Let us leave it for the moment to name the people as ghost summons (Necromancer), collector (collector), hunter (sniper) and paying (payer). In addition, there are the 4 classic card colors PIK, heart, cross and caro, which in this case have been riveted very properly.

Money Train 2 also has a Schniekes WILD-Symbol, which, in turn, can also be collected as normal and how the Necromancer pays off. However, this metal skull has an even more pleasant function: As always, the game replaces any other symbol if you need this to be happy.

Up to this point, Money Train 2 presents us the multiplication table of the usual slot machines. With the both bonus features (Without the Money Train 2 would not be so outstanding), the matter is now more complicated and we too had to swallow in our Money Train 2 experiences after studying the set of rules.


Hopefully our following Money Train 2 explanation is a little easier to grasp, but what we can certainly say: If you have the machine Tested with play money a few times have, then almost everything clears out on its own and it wasn't that difficult afterwards. "Learning by doing" is always said.

The "light version" of the bonus is basically also easy to digest. Money Train 2 has one Scattersymbol, which can fly to the reels at some point. A single doesn't matter, but if you find exactly 2 bonus symbols, you get free spins.


Both bonus symbols are with one multiplier provided that are added. Now the funny thing about the Money Train 2 rules that you have to hope not to get a profit if possible. Because if she remains unsuccessful, it will be shot again and the multiplier goes up at 1!

This can be done something, but as soon as you turned on a profit, it remains multiplier stand and multipline according to your profit amount. Then you can only congratulate. However, the real highlight of Money Train 2 is now coming.

If you can collect 3 or more bonus symbols, it will be in the Wild West and the much more lucrative locomotive will enter the train station. Now the big winnings are in the house and the bonus round is so much fun that you should almost think about this, this one Easy to buy feature. However, a hundred times the basic mission is also a proud price if you Buy free spins want.


Forget everything you have learned so far, because the new train has its own rollers and it is no longer about paylines. However, the bonus symbols remain in their position and now get Multipliers. Normal bonus symbols can activate X1 to X10, golden bonus symbols go from x20 to x200. It is already possible that you will get a persistent character (later more).

What you have to understand now: The symbols are "sticky“, That is, you stick to your position for the entire round. However, the multipliers on it can be done via different Characters grow. You get 3 spins credited and lose 1 spin if only empty rollers are opened. However, if you only create an additional multiplier (with or without a character), the counter goes back to 3 spins.

  • So this is your basic concept: 3 shooting time to fill the rollers more and more. Again and again new multipliers appear, but with a nice luck also the characters mentioned. Of course, these also have a multiplicator, but they can do a lot more. These are your huge chances:
  • Payer: She fires her multiplier to every other bonus symbol that is already visible. Their multipliers are therefore increased accordingly.
  • Collector: He gets all existing multipliers and hits them on his own. The existing multipliers are effectively doubled.
  • Payer/Collector: The two characters can even appear together on a spot. This is damn powerful, because first all multipliers are collected and then this value is taken on all symbols.
  • Sniper: This aims at 3 to 8 symbols and doubles it. This can happen several times with the same symbol and drive it up nicely.
  • Necromancer: This man can bring the dead to life and causes 2 to 7 characters to become active again.

All of these characters can in the "Persistent“-Variant and then Christmas and Easter is in one day. Because then you will fulfill your job after every single shoot and you should hope that you will only get the next symbol on the third attempt. One last symbol is the "Reset Plus“, Which of course also wears a multiplier and enables a spin for each following round (i.e. 4 instead of 3).

This very refreshing game continues until no symbol appears. However, is one Roll with 4 symbols Full, then the attached dynamite is ignited on the right and you get a sixth roller. If you do this again, you can even get on the left on 7 rollers as a whole. This game is getting better.

The bonus round ends at the latest if you ended up all 28 spots. Your minimum profit is then a multiplier of X500 on your basic use. The game is also over if you maximum multiplier of x50,000 have earned. We don't want to be greedy either ...

  • The game is explained, we are now getting a little technical. Money Train 2 has one high volatilitySo will be rare, but let you win all the higher. The RTP value is included 96,4 %, while the bonus round goes to 98.0 %. The minimum money train 2 coin value is included 10 Cent, while it is maximum per spin 20 $ can go. In the best case one million $ Win the Money Train 2 games. A JackPot However, there is no.

Now of course you rightly expect a few Money Train 2 tricks from us. We cannot really draw from the full ones, because in this slot machine there is also the sober realization that everything that happens after the rolling is rolled, Completely based on happiness. As exciting as the bonus round is, the result is already determined in advance by random number generator.

So for you it can only be about upgrading the gaming experience as well as possible, and on the other hand responsible to deal with money and your intellectual health.

Only use as much as you can get over in the worst case. The bonus round is very expensiveif you have to earn 100 $ instead of 1 $.

Money Train 2 is a machine where you would like to know what exactly is happening here. Unfortunately, the game cannot be slowed down or paused, but at least you shouldn't for this slot for Auto or even rapid play to use. There are more suitable slot machines for this.

And finally, we have the point of reference to the possibility of only filling Money Train 2 with Playmoney in advance. So you don't risk anything, while you are through the rules and understand them after a few rounds. Only then is it really fun and you can switch to real money. Blood -boy beginners start better with a different title.

Yes, you can play Money Train 2 practically anywhere in the online casino with real money. Relax gaming is as Software providerwidespread.
Since the bonus round is equipped with a comparatively complex set of rules, we also clearly recommend fun mode for experienced players. Here it becomes clear what it is actually about, but this familiarization is also needed. Most Online casinos with real moneyalsoallowplaymoneyranges.

With Money Train 2, Relax Gaming is a not only graphically perfect and with its steel evening mood atmospheric success title succeded. The big highlight is the Money Cart Bonus Round, in which the multipliers are screwed to astronomical heights. Sometimes we would have liked Money Train 2 to run a little slower, because the rules are not easy to understand, especially for beginners. Our biggest Money Train 2 tips include reference to play money mode, where everything is educated.

23 free spins worth $ 20