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Earn money with crypto games - play to earn mechanism explained

In this article we enter a new world together. Unlike usual, our guide only has to do with the classic online casinos where you can earn money with poker. Rather, we describe the brand new Play to Earn mechanism of the crypto games, with which you can earn real money in a safe way and without happiness.

the essentials in brief
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  • overview: Krypto Games cannot yet be used in ordinary Casinos with cryptocurrencies be played.
  • Chapter 1: With "Play to Earn“Are you able to make real money in a video game.
  • Chapter 2: We put the most popular to you Crypto games before.
  • Chapter 3: Sometimes something about the "Non-Fungible Token“(NFT)?
  • Chapter 4: With NFT you can already do it today millions earn - we clarify!

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Aus „Play to Win“ wird „Play to Earn“!

For many, we are currently in "Web 2.0". After the pioneering times, in which few operators have provided content for many consumers, the social media era has long since entered, in which everyone can become a distributor of their own content.

Now the transition to "Web 3.0“Before, on an internet where there are no more central structures and everyone is networked with everything.

This development can also be seen in video games, which for a long time as "Play to Win“Gone. Some of them are completely free, but people usually buy a computer game and then use it purely for entertainment and without further costs.

However, there is hardly a mobile app without its "In-app purchases“From, you can unlock additional content for a fee or sometimes no longer use the complete game if you only have the basic pack.

But why should this mechanism be one -sided?
At “Play to Win”, the games belong to the developers and they earn their money with them. A new team of blockchain games ensures that you Add parts of the games themselves and earn them on them can.

The following sections will be specifically concerned with the Play to Earn Mechanic, which combines a new form of online service with virtual exchange exchanges.

Crypto games: Blockchains change the world

If you play an online game, invest time, patience, nerves and often money. This enables you new levels and makes progress that other players would like to have. But if they have less time, patience and nerves, but they have some money, one suddenly arises service.

  • You gamble for others and sell your achievements. You get money for your playing time, to participate in special events or to solve tasks.

In order for this trade to work, you need a safe and reliable foundation. If you have already informed yourself about cryptocurrencies, you know the ominous concept of "Blockchain". A blockchain is roughly spoken of a list available online, which is stored on the computers of all participants, to which everyone has access, but which can only actually be viewed by the people involved.

In short: Blockchain technology helps you to carry out safe and logged actions that are completely anonymous at the same time.

Blockchain and Krypto Games:
A cryptocurrency like the Bitcoin or Ethereum can run on such a blockchain that you Decentralized, anonymous and secure payments on the Internet enables. However, a computer game can also run on it that completely transparently discloses the source code and in which you can participate. And come right there Krypto games in the game.

Earning money with crypto games: "Play to Earn" reward you for gaming

We leave the blockchain gaming that is not yet too successful and come to the decisive element: the "Non-Fungible Token“, For short.

NFT games always contain certain content that you can work out and the others would like to have. These can be skins, weapons, cards or even art objects. There is one In-game currency, which is usually a separate crypto token, which can ultimately be exchanged in liquid $.

At this point you don't have to know what exactly are. It is important that lucrative commodity represent. You can create NFT or in this case you can develop you in the game. If others want exactly this NFT, you can sell it and actually generate real money. From "Play to Win" becomes "Play to Earn“ - Games to earn.

This new form of gaming finance (GameFi) booming at the latest since 2021, and numerous gamers have long since made a full -time job out of it. A kind of microcosm has developed that works safely thanks to the blockchain principle without state mechanisms being set up in detail on the new industry.

What are not?

Brief explanation for newcomers: A NFT (not fungi token) is a digital asset with an individual identification code and metadata.

The term "NFT" is now omnipresent, but hardly anyone really understands what these are with these non-fungable tokens Actually goes.

But what does "fun" actually mean?

A banknote is fun. It doesn't matter whether you get the left or right banknote as long as it is a real banknote that pays you the rolls.

The image of the son man on the fridge is not fun. Someone else could copy the painted one to one and it would not have the same value for you. Every passion for collecting lives from non-fungal objects. One Pokémon-Karte is worth more than the cardboard, autographs are collected and the rare Ronaldo is worth a lot of break bread in the Panini collection album.

Ultimately, there are exactly such Collection objects. They only exist once and only one person has the sole rights to them. The avatar in your crypto game is unique. You have earned a special skin and played up the starch points, even the name can be made by you.

Only you have this avatar and if he wants it to be different, they have to pay you money for it. There are virtual paintings as NFTthat everyone can download freely accessible on the Internet. But the rights to it belong to only one person in the world and some of them pay millions.

  • That sounds crazy, but Pokémon cards do the same.

How much can you earn with crypto games?

As always, your payout depends on your willingness to work and risk, the investment and of course your expertise. If you really professionally deal with crypto gaming and stay consistent, then there is a Full -time job in the area of the possible.

Axie Infinity is not only the best known, but also the most lucrative crypto game. It was shown here in 2021 that especially from users from the Far East or South America regular monthly income of $ 1,500 were achieved. If you take this as a clue and pay attention to the daily work and the necessary investment, you can think of a profession.

In the end it is like in all areas of economic life: Most of the crypto games do not make any noteworthy amount, but a small group becomes rich. In any case, nothing will be given to you, but the further the market develops, the more serious the job description of the professional gamer becomes.

Of the Trade with NFT In itself (and you can also create art in Decentraland) has long been a booming industry. In 2021, a digital picture brought 69.3 million dollars. If you also allow a sale in fragments, the current record for art is even 91.8 million dollars.

Where can you play the crypto games?

If we come to the reason why this guide is different from many of our articles. Because we cannot recommend any of our online casinos we can recommend in the area of crypto games. Because the crypto games are Independent games (and sometimes even worlds) that run on their own platforms. No ordinary online casino can implement these games.

However, we are still at the beginning of the enormous development and it cannot be ruled out that games on the blockchain get the upper hand more and more and also in this way in this way Make money online casino can.

Casinos such as Cloudbet or Bitstarz already have their own arcade games that run on their own blockchain and therefore receive full insight into the source code with a random number generator ("Provably Fair").

However, the play-to-earn is not possible with these providers.

In the meantime is with In order The first Play-to-EARN social casino, which is now working on the stability of its algorithms and your profit maximization. In Decentraland you can also sit down on various casino games. We are excited to see how quickly the development goes and recognize especially in E-Sport A good link between the classic operators and the crypto world.

How do you start with crypto games?

Admittedly, the world of cryptocurrencies and accordingly the crypto games are not immediately accessible. You always have to work in and get involved completely new mechanisms to explore. However, this is not different in any financial branch and it is purely about how much effort you put in to make money with Crypto Games.

In the end, however, the many technical terms are more daunting than they should be for you. At the beginner level, it is sufficient if you stick to the established and well-explained standard applications and just get started. The deeper know-how comes on its own. In the event of a $ bank transfer, you do not ask you how exactly the money is moved.

Here is now your Step-by-step guide For your first earnings in a crypto game. For each step you get more detailed help than would be possible at this point.

  • 1
    Step 1 - Buy cryptos: You can buy the right cryptos directly by a credit card at MoonPay, but then pay higher fees. We recommend exchange exchanges such as Coinbase or Binance, where you exchanged $ in cryptocurrencies. Many crypto games run on the Ethereum-infrastrukturwhile Bitcoin has less power. You need the token of the respective game, for example what the AX is for Axie Infinity.
  • 2
    Step 2 - Register in crypto wallet: Then you need one Crypto wallet Like those of Arcanes, Ledger or Trezor. This is the place where your cryptos are stored.
  • 3
    Step 3 - Make your browser ready: You have to Web3-Interface create what you achieve on the desktop, for example, via the Wallet addon Metamask or Wombat. Here you link your crypto wallet so that your browser knows that now is being traded.
  • 4
    Step 4 - Install the crypto game: From now on everything is as usual. You open your desired game in the browser or install it on the hard drive. In the game itself you only have to give the interface to your wallet and you can already gamble in real time and transfer money.

These are the hottest crypto games!

It is time to introduce you to some crypto games in detail. You can play them online as normal, as with World of Warcraft you often don't even need a crypto wallet. However, if you want to participate in the play-to-ear, then you have to Connect in-game token to your wallet.

After that, you have to convert these frequently into established cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and then in turn Litecoin Casino Make a $ on a exchange.

We find that the crypto games are becoming increasingly mature and more and more respond to the needs of the players. We are excited to see what the future has for us, but here are for the moment Some of the most popular crypto games of the present:

Axie Infinity


We can't talk about the best crypto games without that pioneer to mention. The Vietnamese Axie Infinity can be compared to Pokémon most. You pull your creatures big and let them fight against others. You can then sell these axies as a NFT. In addition, the publisher Sky Mavis rewards you as a fungal currency with "Smooth Love Potion".

Axie Infinity shows us how much strength is behind crypto games. The AXS TOKEN rose by 1,500 percent within three months. In March 2022, a hack ensured that half a billion $ was lost. Also note that you have to buy three axies at the start, i.e. start in the minus.



Anyone who still knows Second Life will be in Decomaland feel at home immediately. Here you can Live full virtual reality And do everyday things against money with your character. You buy land ("Land") with the token Mana, spreads works of art, gambles a lot of mini games (also in the casino!) Or take part in social events such as the music club.

Decentraland is not only a way for Play to Earn, but also spreads a free world in pure democracy.

Sorare Fantasy Football


Sister represents the epitome of NFT Gaming. Here you create your Personal fantasy football team From five players. You collect the player cards as a NFT and can then be comfortable back and forth. The strength of the players depends on the current events on the lawn.

Gods Unchained


Also with Gods Unchained When it comes to collective cards, in this case a card deck made of gods, the skills of which you defeat your opponents. If you earn a good deck, you can do this sell profitably. The high strategy factor in Gods Unchained is exciting.

Other known crypto games are:

  • Splinterlands
  • The Sandbox
  • Neon District
  • Star Atlas
  • Alien Worlds
  • Guild of Guardians
  • Illuvium
  • Aurora Project

FAQ – Krypto Games

Crypto Gamesusetheprincipleofblockchainandaregenerallyaccessiblegamesinwhichyoucanalsoearnrealmoneyinadditiontofun.thisisprimarilyviatradewithnft,forexamplethesaleofskins,maps,carsorweapons.
Non-Fungible Tokenaretheownershiprightsonuniqueitemsthatotherswouldliketohave.thesetokensarestoredcryptographicallyinablockchainandcannotbereplacedbyothertokens.nftcanbepreservedincryptogamesandthensoldtoothers.
Unfortunately you cannot do the crypto games mentioned here Online Casinoplayyourtrust.instead,likefifaorcounterstrike,yougototherespectiveplatformsandlinkyourcryptowalletthere.
This is partly possible, but many popular titles are oriented towards PC and Macintosh and are still faced with implementation for the mobile market.thismeansthatthecryptogamesdonotdifferfromtheordinarycomputergames.
The range is very large here and most players do not achieve significant amounts. With sufficient investment and working hours, however, a month Couple thousand $bemade.themostexpensivenftwentfordouble-digitmillionamountsoverthevirtualcounter.

Conclusion: Krypto Games are the future, but they are not easy

Earn money with Krypto Games - can you do that too? You can always enjoy the games and have a lot of fun. But if you really want to benefit from the play-to-ear, you have to deal intensively with the matter and invest enough working hours and real money yourself.

But many are enough A small gain Already from, so just try it and see if you can find a good alternative to your other online casino wonnest hours.