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Dash online casinos 2022: Everything worth knowing about casinos with dash payments

Cryptocurrencies are still in the coming and to Bitcoin, Ethereum or Tether can also deal with casino fans with the dash. This is based on Bitcoin technology, but has improvements especially in the costs, transaction times and also in energy consumption for you. We explain the means of payment to you and hold after a few really good ones Dash Online Casinos Expand.

the essentials in brief
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  • overview: Some strong online casinos With dash.
  • Chapter 1: The dash brings you powerful advantages Compared to $ payments.
  • Chapter 2: Our Quality features Help you find the right dash casino.
  • Chapter 3: Of the Procedure for dash payments Is very simple with a little acclimatization.
  • Chapter 4: Also the Purchase of cryptocurrency Signs even beginners.

Excellent dash online casinos

Cloudbet CasinoBitcoin Casino Cloudbet Casino experience report
  • 27 cryptocurrencies at the specialist
  • Buy cryptos directly via MoonPay
  • Exclusively with us: 50 free spins extra
MyStake Casino Mystake Casino experience report
  • No deposit barriers with Dash
  • Special crypto conscientious bonus
  • 10% cashback on every dash payment (no rollover!)
22Bet CasinoBitcoin Casino 22bet casino experience report
  • 35 Cryptos including dash
  • Practically no limits
  • No extra costs
Rolletto Casino Rolletto Casino experience report
  • Dash deposits without limit
  • No processing fee
  • 7 more cryptocurrencies
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What is dash?

Many will not say the name "Dash", but most now know the Bitcoin. Then let yourself be said right from the start that the Dash a lot with the Bitcoin common and you can simply take over your basic knowledge of cryptocurrencies.

"Dash" stands for the short form of "Digital Cash“Which then indicates the sound. The dash is one Cryptocurrencythat exists purely digitally and has no real equivalent in the form of gold, bonds or whatever.

The DASH is independent of governments and real currencies and is stored decentrally on countless computers worldwide. The Dash started in 2014 as Xcoin and then Darkcoin at around $ 10 and at the end of 2017 with up to $ 1,500 did an enormous price growth. Current is The boom flattened considerably And the dash course is roughly between $ 50 and 60.

  • With a market capitalization between one and two billion dollars, Dash roughly ranks in the top 50 of the cryptocurrencies, so it is for Crypt Unfortunately not too lucrative, but still lucrative enough.

In the history of origin, the coins have split up twice. The Bitcoin has prepared the field, whereupon the Litecoin Casinos have compensated. The Dash, in turn Decentralized, anonymous and with even more privacy wants to design. In addition, Dash mining consumes significantly less electricity than the mining of bitcoins.

Two enormous advantages can be expressed directly in numbers:

  • 1
    A normal Dash transfer only takes 2 to 3 minutes instead of the 10 minutes at Bitcoin and can be used with fees under a second be pressed.
  • 2
    The average transactions cost you to 20 bis 30 Cent Compared to 2 to 5 $ with the big brother.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of Dash online casinos

The advantages and disadvantages of the DASH are primarily in the Use of cryptocurrencies per se. Anyone who pays with $ acts as part of the state currency regulation and can use any credit card and any e-wallet. As soon as you equip yourself with cryptos, it will be more complicated and you get a completely different environment. But let's take a look at the matter:

Advantages of the Dash:

  • Payments in seconds
  • More cost -effective than the Bitcoin
  • Rarely additional costs in the casino
  • High limits at the providers
  • Completely anonymous and safe
  • Decentralized and interchangeable
  • Also possible payments possible
  • More privacy than in Bitcoin
  • Sometimes special crypto bonuses

Disadvantages from Dash:

  • Very few casinos can be found with dash
  • Costs depending on the waiting time
  • Difficult access for beginners
  • Note course fluctuations
  • Missing payments cannot be called back
  • Less state protection than the $

What distinguishes the Dash from Bitcoin

Bitcoin Casinos Spraying out of the ground and in fact the Bitcoin is by far the best -known cryptocurrency.

The dash was created from the Litecoin, which in turn is a descendant of Bitcoin.

  • While all yields go to the miners at Bitcoin, Dash pulls 10 percent for its own infrastructure, gives the miners 45 percent and then still has 45 percent for the users who Masternodes act. The masternodes thus manage the calculated transactions and therefore an increased level of security is guaranteed. Tipico only recognizes results that take place during the event (changes after the end of the game do not take into account)
  • The dash causes much less cost than the Bitcoin and enables significantly faster transactions. The electricity consumption is significantly reduced, which means higher returns and a lower amount of time.
  • DIE privacy is strengthened by not publishing the transmitter and recipient addresses including the transaction amounts, unlike Bitcoin, and unlike the Bitcoin, the dash is fungibelThe biggest disadvantage of the dash opposite the Bitcoin is without doubt in the significantly lower distribution.

So you can find very good casinos with dash

Unfortunately, it is not easy to find strong dash online casinos on the market, since the distribution is very low compared to Bitcoin or other cryptos. Even with casinos with twenty and more coins, it can happen that Dash not taken into account becomes.

But of course they are available, the casino providers who have included the dash in the portfolio and we present them to you. But before that, it cannot hurt if you learn a few criteria by which you recognize serious online casinos.


Without a state license you are on your own. Either the casino operation is not allowed at all and you are punishable or you just don't get it necessary protectionthat you need before every unknown casino.

Especially with Dash Casinos is one License from Curaçao The measure of all things. Although this does not comprise any crypto payments on paper (like any other license), it enables a safe way to deal with them and keep from major problems with the providers.

Malta license is also widespread as a real EU concession, while the new federal license for German online casinos does not allow crypto payments.

Customer care


You cannot look behind the scenes at any casino, but you can deal with the link that combines your concerns with the concerns of the casino. Even if you have no questions or problems, you should support to see how you treat you, how quickly and professionally the answer comes and which support routes are possible at all.

  • A 24-hour live chat Should it be, also a phone hotline.

Demonstrably fair

One advantage of the blockchain principle is that casino games can also be monitored by the entire cloud without the anonymity being lost. The principle is called "provably fair“And really strong crypto providers publish the source codes and thus the payment values of their games.

Of the Random number generator must be certified, which is usually about external places such as ecograpp Or itch Labs runs. You have to be aware that without such certificates, crypto machines can be cracked without trouble and then it is no longer possible to get the funds from the endless world of cyber crime.

Software provider

You can already see from the games whether a casino pursues a minimum level of seriousness or not. If you do not recognize the titles and are presented to their own brands, the alarm bells should ring.

The big developers of NetEnt over Evolution Gaming and Pragmatic Play to Microgaming only publish their games at reliable partners. If you discover the big top titles, they can still be fake, but in most cases you play on external machines that are only embedded in the casino and cannot be touched by it.

Here you can find your best dash online casinos!

You now have a feel for when a casino is safe and when not. At the same time, you can rely on us, which we pull through the ultimate tests with our professional expertise. Unfortunately we could Only a few Dash providers discover. Since the popularity of the dash has been stagnating or even decreasing for years, we do not expect a new boom in the near future.

1. Cloudbet

Cloudbet is very far ahead when it comes to crypto payments. Here you can do your account in the same way 27 Kryptocoins Lead and sometimes even completely without crypto wallet via MoonPay of $ in the tokens and play with it. The dash runs on the Mainnet and does not require any additional costs, which can lead to a limited deposit from 0.0001 dash.

Beginners are greeted with a crypto guide and you can exchange ideas with experienced users on the Discord server. The games follow the "provably fair“Philosophy and can be mastered accordingly.

  • Our Cloudbet Casino experiences are consistently positive, especially since you collect 50 free spins for up to 5 dash high welcome bonus.

2. Mystake

at Mystake You get a pleasantly wide range not only from casino and live casino games, but also on virtual sports, races, mini-games, games shows and live bets. The crypto-stone payment bonus of 170 percent up to 1,000 $ is very nice.

Then join this great offer permanently 10 percent cashback without sales conditions on all crypto payments. You can use seven cryptocurrencies, including, of course, the Dash, which receives its way and limit.

  • Your Mystake casino experiences It is best to start with the welcome bonus, which, depending on the contribution, can be 150 percent up to 200 $ or 100 percent up to 1,000 $.

P. Celibacy

Celibacy is one of these providers who basically have everything. Here you can spend your time with casino action, but also cybersport, bingo, with the 22 games or many TV games. 22bet offers various bonuses for both casino and sports betting and invites you to many abstruse special bets a.

The minimum deposit for Dash is currently 17.71 mdash, which corresponds to one $. The amount is up to the top and you can of course also have your profits paid out by dash.

  • Our 22bet Casino experiences see a whopping 35 cryptocurrenciesunder which the AS Roma Coin or Qtum are there at the start.

The best dash online casinos at a glance

  1. Cloudbet
  2. Mystakes
  3. Celibacy
  4. Rolletto

How do you actually get to Dash?

If you do not buy your dashs directly in the casino (which is only allowed sometimes), you need a crypto credit before your casino deposit. We have short and scarce four ways, through which you get dashs and then put them in your also required wallet:

  • 1
    You get the tokens as an equivalent for a sale or a service.
  • 2
    Professionals shine the dashs themselves. This will be possible for many years, but in addition to the necessary knowledge, special hardware and lots of electricity (after all, less than with Bitcoin).
  • 3
    The most common way goes over a crypto exchange in which you can fill up your crypto wallet with ordinary means of payment.
  • 4
    You can also officially buy the Dashs and put them in the shopping cart like at Zalando.

So you can pay in and with dash in the casino

Payment with Dash hardly differs from payments with Bitcoin or other cryptos. The good news is that you partly Completely without know-how gets out. For example, at Cloudbet you can use the service of MoonPay take advantage of.

You just choose the desired cryptocurrency and buy it for the current course. That costs you a little more, but you need nothing more than your conventional payment method, and the process is just like a normal e-wallet.

In most cases, however, you will have to own the dashs beforehand. In addition to some previous knowledge, you need a Crypto wallet like etoro and can buy cryptos there or you go in Exchange Like coinbase or octopus and speculates a little there. As a result, you have a dash balance that from now on in practice works just like a $ credit.

  • Step 1: You register in the casino of your choice and ideally run through the verification process for your data to avoid delays in the profit payment.
  • Step 2: Then you hike to the cash register area and click on the dash payments there. A QR code and an encrypted number sequence are displayed. Both are the address to which you have to send the Dashs now.
  • Step 3: Now it continues over your cryptovallet. There you determine the deposit amount and confirm the payment.
  • Step 4: It goes back to the casino and thanks to the Dash technology you will receive confirmation after three minutes at the latest that your Dashs are ready for use.

For Payouts it goes the other way. You go into the corresponding dialogue, select the Dash again, enter the desired amount and set your own crypto address. This process is also carried out technically in seconds to minutes, but depending on the casino, it takes a certain amount of time to several days before an employee takes care of the matter.

These fees await you in the dash casino

In general, online casinos almost never charge fees on deposits, while costs for payments occur more often. With DASHS and cryptocurrencies in general, however, you always have an advantage, since the casinos, unlike with credit card payments, do not have their own fees and not only with this Freedom, but also reward with additional bonuses.

It assumes that, as in the casinos we mentioned, you will not be imposed on extra fees. However, remain the costs that the Dash itself causes. These are the first Transaction feesthat cause the purchase of the coins. A wide range is possible here depending on the platform.

On the other hand, as with any cryptocurrency Network fees In addition, which depend on how strongly you use the blockchain. If you are satisfied with a standard transfer, the costs are hardly noticeable. The faster it should be, the more rewards you have to put out for other users. But here, too, the Dash is very inexpensive and experience has shown that you pay maximal 30 Cent For a transaction in a matter of second thanks.

Serious online casinos: How safe are you in casinos with dash?

If you take the above quality features and then also use our reviews, you are always on the safe side. But it takes care of, because fraudsters love cryptocurrencies because of their anonymity.

In general, Dash is even safer than Bitcoin. From 1,000 dash, users can act as masternodes and thus raise a second security level that the Bitcoin does not have.

The blockchain technology also ensures that your private data cannot be read by anyone at DASH Online Casinos, but every transaction is logged by everyone in the chain.

The counterpart sounds almost medieval: Both with credit card payments as well as bank transfers, you open your name and further information on the Internet.

Really anonymous in the casino?

One of the main goals of dash is Even more privacy. You enter the Public Address, use the private key and then the confirmation takes place in the chain and double check. With Bitcoin, the transmitter and recipient addresses including transaction amount and even the history of this coins are open to the public (of course without recourse to your real data).

Thanks to the system, the DASH does not use this Privatesend, which mixes the transaction data of many users together and thus ensures a bit more anonymity. But remember that the serious dash casinos are obliged to record and save your data by their license ("KYC process").

What about a dash casino bonus?


We find certain bonus actions comparatively frequently that are only reserved for crypto customers. This thanks the casino for less effort and lower in -house costs. At Cloudbet, for example, you get a real money cashback from 10 percent back to any crypto deposit. We are currently not aware of any special promotions for Dash.

Which deposit methods are possible in addition to the DASH?

Many casino fans are afraid of cryptocurrencies. The principle behind it cannot be seen in detail without any deeper knowledge and at Aldi you cannot pay with bitcoins. So it is all too understandable that cryptos like the dash by no means enforced in the mass and still have the classic Deposit options in the casino finds. These are typically your options:

Debit or credit card

The real casino classic is the credit card that you can apply for at many institutes and with which you can flexibly pay beyond your actual account balance. Depending on the provider (and legal situation) Visa and Mastercard The typical representatives, rarely, are also admitted to American Express or Diners Club. Sometimes you can also use the debit cards coupled to your account. Payouts via the credit card always take a little longer because banks are interconnected.


The e-wallets that you can understand as a virtual wallet are created for the Internet. There your money pays and then pass out of your own pocket. Known providers are Skrill, Neteller and Ecopayz, but above all PayPal, which unfortunately continues to hold out of the casino business. You can pay for e-wallets in seconds.

Bank Transfer

When all the knits tear, the ordinary bank transfer is still your life anchor. However, both deposit and withdrawals last considerably longer and you are waiting frequently Up to a week on your money. At the same time, you have to specify your bank details and often pay additional fees for unpleasant limits.

Direct Banking

Direct transfers only work for deposits, but free you from the disadvantages of normal transfers. About the portals of Klarna Sofortüberweisung or Giropay Use your usual online banking, but the funds land directly in the casino and your data will not be transmitted.

Digital wallets

Contactless paying was not only a trend at pandemic times, but can be used by means of Apple Pay und Google Pay Keeping up with your smartphone. The systems like normal e-wallets work online, but of course focus on mobile use. However, spreading is not as high as with other methods.

Prepaid cards

For a long time it was very practical, simply in the shop bar one Paysafecard or a cash test To buy in order to then pay anonymously and without an additional account in the casino. This is no longer possible, but you can use my Paysafecard service, for example, to conveniently save the codes in an e-wallet.

FAQ – Dash Online Casinos

Dash is one Modern cryptocurrency,whichusesblockchaintechnologyasoneofthefurtherdevelopmentsofthebitcoinandenablesyouanonymousandsecurepaymentsindashcasinos.
The casino world continues to rotate and of course many casinos have now integrated cryptocurrencies into their offer. Unfortunately, the dash is not too popular, which is why we only have a selected round Dash-Casinoscouldfind.buttheneverythingrunslikewithbitcoin.
You have to accept that you can rarely pay and pay out with Dash. But if this is the case, then you benefit from noticeably faster and cheaper payments in comparisontobitcoin.inaddition,yourprivacyishealedevenmore.
With providers like Cloudbet you need nothing more than your usual $ payment method and can then Buy dash-token directly.however,youusuallyneedacryptowalletinwhichyoutakeoffyourdashboughtinaexchange.
In the casino you usually pay no additional fee.externalacquisitioncostsareincurredforthedash.theactualpaymentcostsalmostnothingifyouaccepttwotothreeminutes.ifitistobedoneinonesecond,20to30centscanoccur.

Conclusion: Dash has a lot of advantages, but is not suitable for every user

At the end of this guide, we would like to advise you to use the Dash cryptocurrency, and in fact a lot speaks for it: The payments are incredibly safe and run faster and cheaper than with Bitcoin. However, if you don't have an introduction to the crypto world, you should first leave it at Bitcoin, as it has reached the consciousness of people and is at home, especially in significantly more online casinos. Dash casinos are rare and are not trendy. However, if you already have Dashs, you can play there without any concerns and worthwhile.