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Entropay in online casinos - the best alternatives 2022

Entropay was a successful payment service provider for many years, especially in online casinos. Unfortunately, Entropay hired its service in mid -2019 And you can no longer the comfortable virtual credit cards in the different Entropay Casinos to use. Here we briefly outline the Entropay system and then show you which modern payment methods you can use instead.

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Entropay has not been used for payments since July 1, 2019. Below we have powerful alternatives for you.

From 2003 Entropay made an influential market, because you were the first service provider to offer a first service provider in europe Digital prepaid-car on. The idea behind it was groundbreaking, because instead of a fixed plastic card, the users were able to get a purely virtual and often only temporarily used card for online purchases.

Through the Cooperation with Visa Successful that Visa Entropay became a full -fledged visa card and, accordingly, could benefit from the same huge dealer coverage. In many Entropay Online Casinos, payments could be handled in a comfortable way, but especially in the online travel industry, Entropay triumphed in cooperation with Opodo and Co.

When visas withdrew from the deal with Entropay as a result of new regulations, one decided on the Withdrawal from the operational business. Until July 2025, it will be possible to have existing credit paid out. For this you can only customer service via [email protected] In addition, Entropay is out of the game and also for a New casino No longer needed.

Perhaps it is not so obvious to you why a "wrong" visa card can be better in the end than a real one. If you pay with a visa, you always have one Plastic map With you that can be lost. All online casinos Request your credit card number, which may provide direct access to your personal data. dubious online casinos Could cover the data and cover your limit.

Instead, Entropay interconnected. You were able to click with a mouse click A virtual visa card for free Create and use them wherever visas were approved. It didn't bring you anything in the shop, but online you could enter the credit card number, the expiry date and the CVV code so normally, which could at best be followed back on Entropay. After the transfer, you could delete the card again if necessary and generate a new one.

So you were anonymous On the way, keep your privacy and credit card fraudsters had little chance. This was made all the more attractive for new customers. With the debit system you could control how much you have charged your Entropay card and accordingly do not accumulate debts. If desired, you could still “properly” work with visas and have a credit limit approved there.

InRevolut casinos Can you also use a virtual credit card. In your revolut account you can easily create a virtual credit card number.

After a short registration, Entropay-Cards were quickly applied for online and flexibly handled. Yet Entropay could be paid generously the good service, for example, what has led to success with the travel providers: They were able to advertise not to request a commission themselves or to raise premiums, but then secretly get the funds on the deal with Entropay. Especially in recent years, the criticism of Entropay increased accordingly and in the forums the word "rip -off" was increasingly found.

First you had to charge your Entropay card, which was conveniently done by credit card or bank transfer. For this became a Service fee zWiping 3.95 % and 4.95 % due. The actual Entropay Casino deposit was then free and the casinos rarely made fees for Entropay.

Also one Online casino payout Was possible with Entropay, But here too it came to the same game: 1.95 % were requested on the way back. Then your profits were only on the Entropay-Visa card, could of course be used from there. But if you actually wanted to hold the money in your hands, you would then be required to take a flat rate of 4.50 $ for the return booking to the normal credit card account.

With that of Entropay, the large Entropay Casino list is of course unnecessary at this point. Instead, we have especially with the new online casinos after a Reliable selection of payment channels looked around. In the following three casinos you will find a wide range Online casino payment methods And one or the other "exotic" that not everyone may have received:

Even though Final Tojam The casino has been waiting for a good payment offer only since 2019. Some popular and reliable partners are waiting for you here. You can at Slottojam experiences Collect with e-wallets such as Ezee Wallet, Skrill, Neteller or Ecopayz. You can also choose from various digital currencies, such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. But also classic via credit card can be deposited here. The selection of Entropay alternatives is therefore wide and more than solid.

To the payment service providers in DuxCasino To be able to read completely, you even have to scroll on the desktop. Because here you will find Trustly, Klarna/immediately, Skrill, Neteller, Neosurf, Ecopayz and the Paysafecard. All good alternatives to Entropay. Almost all means of payment are also available for payouts. Become particularly positive yours DuxCasino experiences with the fees- these are not available for deposits and withdrawals.

If you are at Kashima City Once more in the payment area, you will not miss Entropay. Depending on the location, various payment methods are offered here. The following are particularly interesting for German players: Credit card, Paysafecard, Neteller, Skrill, Ecopayz, Trustly, Klarna/Immediate and Neosurf. To good Cashimashi experiences To be able to collect, you have many different means of payment as an Entropay alternatives to choose from.

In the past, an online casino entropay had in the quiver, today there are a lot of other options to choose from. In the meantime, so many providers have come together that Each of you in the way of paying and paying out according to his needs can. The sizes of Visa and Mastercard currently offer you many different products and are often in the Online game stores to be found.

The market for virtual debit cards has been broadly stuck since Entropay, but according to our research, this is not yet sufficient in Germany, especially in Germany German online casinos arrived. For example, you can get a similar service from Revolut, Upaycard, Payoneer or Vexcard, but basically only make online purchases. The spread in the casinos is currently too lowto go into more detail here to the overall good service providers.

Instead, we are now presenting you 5 payment service providers, each of whom is for themselves Has aspects of Entropay And all of them are available in many casinos. If you don't have too concrete demands in terms of finance, then you will Drive very well with one of these “standard” providers in online casinos.

The use of a "ordinary credit card" instead of Entropay is of course obvious. The processes are in Credit cards casinos Practically identical, but you always have to have one card with you. For many it can be attractive to one with Mastercard Credit to get, but unlike entropay, this also includes one Credit check.

Other providers like American Express Or Diners Club occurs every now and then, but are comparatively a rarity in the casinos. Also note that Visa, at least temporarily, withdrawn from the online gambling market Has. However, we expect a return on time to the upcoming amendment to the law.

Since the German loved payment child PayPal has been completely out of online casinos, Skrill can probably be Neteller When the Casino E-Wallet number 1 understand. In one Skrill Casino You pay money like with Entropay and then you can then as if they have from your own wallet. Skrill can be used in almost all casinos and the fees requested here are at least under the level of Entropay.

Also from the realm of the e-wallets, but also with the possibility of a Mastercard, the one started in 2000 ecopayz. Die ecoVirtualcard Has similarities to the Entropay card, but the costs are noticeably lower. We have the impression that Ecopayz Casinos more and more are coming. It is always a solid payment partner for most claims.

The spectrum of Clear is enormous, but the Klarna is usually in demand in the casinos Instant bank transfer. At first glance, this has nothing in common with Entropay, because you don't even need a registration. But the Sofortüberweisung or Giropay can be your favorite if you like that a data barrier between you and the casino is installed. The Sofortüberweisung switches between your online banking and the casino operator and conveniently guarantees one Immediate provision. Klarna payments are in the case of previous Deposits in online casinos with Klarna but unfortunately not possible.

And finally we have reached the Paysafecard, which hardly fits the usual portfolio of an online casino. But here you could Desire for anonymity be fulfilled as Entropay was able to anonymize your credit card information at the time. In the past, you could simply go to the supermarket or petrol station and buy a Paysafecard in cash. Unfortunately, this is no longer possible for online casinos. You must now have a Paysafe account to with the Paysafecard Casinos to fill with money.

There are quite a few providers who offer you a similar service to Entropay, including Revolut,butthespreadinthecasinosisverylow.
The charging by Credit cardhitwith4.95%deduction.thecasinodepositwasfreeofcharge,1.95%werechargedduringthepayment.ifthemoneybacktothebank,wasaflatrateof4.50$.
Anyone who has used Entropay with pleasure will have long since had a new favorite. The best online casinosworkingwithsomanypaymentserviceprovidersthatallneedscanbemet.however,sincethepaymentportfoliodiffersverymuchfromcasinotocasino,wealwaysrecommendthatyoureadourreviewsinadvance.

For many years, Entropay was a good choice to pay anonymous and safe in most casinos. The high costs also put many from the use of Entropay. Now Entropay is history, But of course the casino world continues. We think that nowadays there are numerous good service providers who are good alternatives for former Entropay users, so that every player can choose the ideal payment service provider for themselves. Use ours Online casino comparison For more details about the payment methods that are interested in you.

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