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Reactonz Slot - game rating, tips & tricks (2022)

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Details on the slot machine Reactonz

Name Reactoonz Minimum use 0,20 $
Software Play ‘n Go Maximum insert 100 $
theme Aliens JackPot no
RTP 96,51% Bonus game And
Paylines - scatter no
Roll 7 Autoplay And

A fair payout system, great functions and a lot of tension will offer you the Slot ReactoNz from Play’n Go. Why the Reactoonz Slot At the moment it is so popular which Reactonz Online Casinos approaches and how ultimately our reactoonz experiences fail, we are now looking at each other in detail.

the essentials in brief
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  • overview: You can find reactoonz in some Online Casinos.
  • Chapter 1: DIE Rules The slot is very simple and quickly understood.
  • Chapter 2: These tips and tricks Should you know for the best possible gaming experience.
  • Chapter 3: Drei Top Casinos Let us introduce you to more precisely.

The best online casinos with Reacoonz from Play’n Go

Casumo CasinoGratisbonus Casumo casino experience report
  • Nordic online casino with Reactonz
  • Great customer service
  • 500 $ Bonus + 120 FS
Platinum casinoGratisbonus Platinum casino experience report
  • Reactooon present
  • Huge selection of slot
  • 250 $ + 20 free spins without a deposit
Wunderino Casino Wunderino Casino experience report
  • Reactooon available
  • 40 $ bonus + 30 free spins
  • Almost 2000 slot machines

Play´n Go Has been a major and high -resolution online casino slot machine for a long time. That Swedish game studio Is simply indispensable from the world of online casinos.

Become constantly New casino games launched on the market, although the wealth of ideas simply does not end.

Everything for the advantage of the player, because with the futuristic Looking Reacoonz Slot, which came onto the market in October 2017, once again exceeded the development team.

DIE ReactoNz profit table leaves no wish unfulfilled.

You can quickly acquire a reactoonz strategy and quickly The fun, which you experience in the numerous Reactonz Casinos, is second to none.

In the following we will provide you with an exact ReactoNz game description, from construction to the most important reactoonz regulate. We also show you the best paid Reacoonz symbols including bonus games. We will also deliver numerous reactooon tips and tricks to you.

Before you start playing online with the ReactoNz, you should first familiarize lines with the commitment limits and reactoonz lines.


The ReactoNz coin value is quickly explained. You can Choose between a use of $ 0.20 to $ 100 per spin. These use limits can be easily adjusted in the lower area with the + or - button.

A notice:
Because it is a Slot with falling symbols is, there are no levels of use. Would you like to resolve yourself when playing? For this you can use the autoplay button, which is located on the right lower side of the game.

DIE Reacoonz Game Description and Reactoons Rules can be brought to the point quickly.

The ReactoNz slot machine in deep blue Alien look is played on a 7 × 7 grid.

The goal of the game is so -called To form a cluster And thus to increase the reactoonz chances of winning. You need at least five symbols to be able to form these clusters.

That is why it is important to earn as many reactoonz symbols as possible in a cluster in order to use it The best chance of winning in the online casino to achieve.

Each roller is equipped with seven symbols. ReactoNz profits are triggered by falling symbols. You can therefore find profit lines with this Real money slot machines Not.
  • All symbols are as External and funny creatures shown in different colors, such as green, blue, purple, orange or brown from above.
  • As already indicated in the upper section, Reactooon profits achieved by at least five or more identical symbols. It should be noted that these symbols have to touch vertically and horizontally.
  • This means that profit symbols are removed and New symbols automatically fall from above Down onto the grid to fill the gaps that result.
  • The higher -paid symbols are shown by two -eyed aliens. There are a total of four of them. Tries here to earn the pink -colored alien, because it brings you the highest profit.
  • You get a little less for the green and the orange alien. The best paid symbol In the one -eyed aliens, the purple alien is shown. The worst paid alien symbol has the color yellow.
  • To make it even more clear: bring 15 connected two -eyed pink -colored aliens 1200x the use and 15 one -eyed yellow aliens only 4.8x.

The giantonez

The Gargatoonz profit table also says that four matching normal symbols are able to to form so -called giantoonz. Provided that these are square-shaped side by side.


Likewise, the reactoonz profits will Double with every profit combination, as soon as this giantoonz contains. In the ReactoNz Slot itself you will find a randomly symbol, represented by a one -eyed alien that is marked as a variable symbol for every spin.


Should one of the marked symbols part of a Combination Being, two wild symbols remain on the grid and replace all other symbols.

Therefore our recommendation is: Combine symbolsto increase your profit!

Of course you will find that Reactoonsz slot in many nowadays Online Casinos. That is why we have already put together a list of the best Reactonz casinos for you in the upper section so that you no longer after Serious online casinos must search.

You can find one for every casino Professional evaluation of our casino experts, including the best reactoonz online casinos.

Each player has their own ideas from Best casino bonus, That is why we recommend that you take a closer look at the list of recommended online casinos.

Become curious? Then take a look Online casino list now.

You are No big fans of extraterrestrial slots Or do you want to have a similar reactoonz experience in another slot? Don't worry, you have numerous options for it.

These include first Moon Princess, a 5 × 5 grid slot with cluster pays from Play’N GO, which is just as action -packed, has a similar RTP of 96.5 % and also has a high volatility.

did you know that Reacooonz actually the continuation of Play’n Gos Energoonz is? for example, if you get bored with the reactonz winning table and the winning options and you want to play the original, just try energy. there is one here 5 × 5 structure, a higher RTP and numerous exciting features.

The Reactoonz Slot Online is characterized by Special features, which include the quantum leap, among other things. This random quantum function is charged by ReactoNz profits and added to the gain of 25 symbols of the quantum snake.

Should no more profits possible the quantum function is activated in the snake. The game round ends as soon as all quantum functions in the queue have been triggered and no more profit combinations can be formed.

Here you have to note that the Joker-Symbole are not influenced by the quantum functions.

It can be up to Four quantum functions are in line. As soon as the fifth appears, the Gargatoon function is triggered.

With this Yellow function Transform three to six symbols into joker symbols and destroy all adjacent symbols.


This blue function Cut through a joker symbol in the middle and form two overlapping diagonal lines on the field, whereby these lines show the same random symbol.


With the power of this function you destroy everyone one -eyed symbols And also all matching symbols.


Shown in green color If this function selects a random one -eyed symbol and transforms all matching symbols into another symbol

Maximum profits are with the popular slot with the The following features possible:

  • Die Implosion
  • The incision
  • The destruction
  • The change
  • The Gargantoon bonus game

It will help you to make great reactoonz profits because it drops random wilds and itself as a Huge 3 × 3 wild symbol appear on the rollers can.

In addition, there is even the possibility that this with every lost spin Gargatoon-Monster Brings four to six wild symbols to the field.

A notice:
This is considered a very special feature in the Reactonz game description Monster Gargatoon to mention.

As soon as the quantum snake in the Reactonz slot caught the Gargatoon, dives The 3 × 3 large monster as wild in the middle of the game and replaces all symbols.

While the Gargatoon is active, he divides into smaller gargatoons during the game And moves as soon as new symbols fall. At the beginning he turns into 2 × 2 wild symbols and in the further course he divides into nine individual wild symbols.

Here we have some important ones Reactoons Tips and Reacoonz Tricks compiled for you.

However, it should be noted that none of the following tips or tricks Can guarantee your chances of winning the Reactonz Online Casino.

Is there a reactooon guide for that Casino Bankroll ManagementTo? And!

To use your missions specifically in the ReactoNz real money slot is extremely important. Therefore we recommend you as Starting players to start with a smaller effort and then work up. Even if there is no Reactonz lines due to the falling symbols in the game, the specified heights are well served.

It is best to start with the minimum insert of $ 0.20. Alternatively, you can play Reacoonz for free and therefore try the slot as often as you like. We see these two options as the best way to master this game lucratively.

One of our most important reactoonz tips is: to handle your existing budget carefully to in one Online casino with real money to play successfully.

As soon as you have gained some Reactonz experiences, Can you increase your use step by step. Because with higher operations, higher profits are often made. And that is exactly what the fans of this much -coveted Reacoonz slot machine is important.

At ReactoNz you will offer you an exciting gaming experience with above -average chances of winning.

  • Are there any additional Reactonz tricks or tips that you should consider? There are definitely!

After you get one Realistic budget set for this slot have, focus on the best paid features and symbols to make high profits as soon as possible.

This also includes the two -eyed monsters - the more you earn it, the higher the winnings.

  • No scatter? No problem!

You can outdo it with the Gargatoon bonus game anyway. This is a monster -like function that brings you in many rounds!

There is Numerous serious reactoonz online casinoswhere you can play this entertaining slot. It is important to choose a reputable provider that can not only guarantee you a large range of games, but also the corresponding security standards.

In the following we present you now Three of the best Reactonz Online Casino providers.

In the first place is that Platinum casino to call.

It is one of the most reliable casinos when it comes to presenting good slots. The platinum Casino always manages to bring popular and new slot machines into its portfolio. So also Reactoonz.

The Platinum casino experiences After you get a bonus up to 250 $ and 20 free spins without a deposit.

That Wunderino Casino Can be titled as a very good Reacoonz Casino.

In addition to ReactoNz, there are numerous other play’n go slots that you can play for fun or real money.

The Wunderino experiences after, new customers can one Bonus of 40 $ and additional 30 free spins.

In the last place is with Invoice one of the vertical starters of the past few years.

It is not surprising that your reactoonz and others Play’N GO Finding slot machines among the more than 1,800 slots.

For the best Casumo experiences From day one, the casino offers one Bonus of up to 500 $ and 120 free spins an.

The return-to-player is 96.51 % and the slot was also equipped with high volatility. Accordingly, there are also absolute top profits in Reactoonz Casinopossible.
No, this is not existing. There are bonus games and Wilds. Especially that Gargatoon-Bonusspielwillofferyousometensionandcorrespondingwinningopportunities.
The maximum profit on Reactoonz Slotis4570timesvalueofyouruse.ifweassumemaximumuseof100$,itwouldtheoreticallybeaprofitofupto457,000$intheareaofthepossible.
Reactoons is one of the Slots with high volatility.accordingly,profitsinthereactonzonlinecasinoarelesscommon,withtheamountofprofitsabovetheusualaverage.
This game is more for advanced players. Because even if it is not one Jackpot Slotacts,thefunctions,thegamedescriptionandthepaylinesaremorecomplicatedthanasimple5-reelslot.

The Reactonz slot machine is one Energieblier 7 × 7 grid slot from Play’n Gothat blows you into the vastness of space.

Thanks to the Gargatoon bonus game, free spins are not really missed because we are convinced that the largest casino profits can be triggered in this bonus feature.

Basically it is According to our reactooon experience, slot rather intended for advanced players, But thanks to the commitment limits, the beginners will quickly find out the shoot among you.

3 bonuses up to $ 740