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Playing extra wild online - the Merkur slot is back in the online casino

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Details on the slot machine extra wild

Name Extra Wild Minimum use 0,10 $
Software Gaming Maximum insert 1 $
theme Gemstones JackPot no
RTP 95,79 % Bonus game And
Paylines 10 scatter no
Roll 5 x 3 Autoplay no

German slot fans have had to be patient for a long time, but with the introduction of the new German lucky game license, Merkur finally returns to the online casinos. In this guide you will find a comprehensive description of the Extra Wild Slotto go to an extra wild mission.

the essentials in brief
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  • Overview: That's them current online casinos With extra wild.
  • Chapter 1: Of the Slot Von Mercury take you into a luxury life.
  • Chapter 2: We explain the functionality des Slots genau.
  • Chapter 3: With a Strategy can help you happily.

Online casinos with extra wild

PushExclusive bonus Drücklück experience report
  • German online casino
  • 64 Merkur title on offer
  • New gambling rules active
Platinum casinoGratisbonus Platinum casino experience report
  • Almost 2300 slot machines
  • The Merkur sun seems 75x here
  • Excellent overall impression
Wunderino Casino Wunderino Casino experience report
  • One of the most popular German casinos
  • Very good selection of Merkur slots
  • Adventure in different campaigns

Everything worth knowing about Wild Merkur Slot

Extra wildly has huge luxury gains in his safe. At the Mercury Slot has to be cracked in order to devote yourself to a luxurious gambler life. With a little luck, you can open the safe full of gemstones and get the gold jewelry money bag out.

This slot attracts lucrative chances of winningthat frolic on five reels and ten paylines. Now you finally have the certainty that the Gauselmann Group's games are available again in German online casinos.

In extra wild and Co. Slot machine in classic style.

This is new in the extra wild slot
In addition to the general changes that the new gambling law brings in Germany, there are two important changes that Mercury had to do compared to the original version available since 2014:
  • The maximum use was reduced from 10 to $ 1
  • The autoplay function was abolished
  • There is a five second break between the spins

These are the current extra wild casinos

  • Push
  • Platincasino
  • Wunderino
  • Wildz

Mercury had because of the unclear legal situation in Germany and europe completely withdrawn from the German online casino market. Since then, the machines have only existed in the state -licensed game stores.

Now the legal structure has changed with the new Gambling State Treaty and Merkur returns.

Online casinos with German license (from July 2021) can combine with Merkur again and there are already many extra wild casinos. Due to the state approval, these casinos are automatically trustworthy and the following three providers are already convincing about a wonderful overall pact.

Wildz Casino

In search of the right provider of Mercury slots, you can hardly be killed Wildz hereabouts.

The provider offers almost 70 different Mercury slots, which are listed in a very tidy style.

Of course, you will also find the extra wild slot underneath. Accordingly, you can use it to release the 100 % bonus up to 500 $. So you can use less own money in the Wildz Casino experiences collect.

Platinum casino

That Platinum casino is an absolute Merkur expert who also comes up with extra wild.

The selection of the slot machines is almost 2,300 slot machines, including a good 75 Merkur slots.

The Mercury slots will be presented to you at first glance. You can therefore carefree in Platinum casino experiences collect with Merkur.


at Push Fans of the slot giant Merkur were able to read the good news early on: Merkur is back.

The best known slots at Drückglück were therefore quickly available.

Equal 64 Mertur slots are offered here. Including extra wild.

With this provider you can not only Pushexperiences Collect with Merkus slots, but also test one or the other slot in the huge offer.

This is how the extra wild slot machine works

As it should be for a good game library, absolute beginners can drop by at night and the games can be fully passed within minutes. Extra wild is no exception here and is a whole Classic video machine Without too many extras.

If you press the green play button after determining your assignment, the five rollers start to turn. There are three symbols on each role, so that the fifteen fields ten paylines be combined.

  • Unfortunately, these are only briefly displayed in advance and must be guessed at the numbers attached on the basis of the game. Over time, you have internalized the lines.

Extra wild is more generous in the evaluation than many of his colleagues, because you can As usual, read out of the winning lines only from left to right, but also look from right to the left how many same symbols you have reached.

Because if you meet at least three same symbols on one line, you will get at least the amount of your assignment back. Four and five are of course better and because it is Mercury, three equal graphics even count on the middle rollers.

According to the profit table explained below, your assignment will then be multiplied and you can have the profit paid out. Several lines are added.

Unfortunately, this slot lacks a few extras:

  • Free spins
  • JackPots
  • Background music

These extra wild symbols await you

The slot extra wild presents itself eight symbols From the world of jewels and gemstones. Money coins, a pretty pendant and a nice pocket watch make you want to crack the safe. This is what the extra wild Paytable looks like:


If you gamble online, you are primarily off on the diamonds. These figures in five times copy 250 missions out. Behind it are the red and blue clunkers (probably lapis lazulis and rubies) with the 50-fold basic mission.

It is interesting that you have an extra game with a hit Never slips into the minus. There are often small symbols elsewhere that only pay out parts of the use.

The less lucrative symbols at the extra wild:

  • MoneySack und Edelstein Ring (JE X20)
  • Money coins, pocket watch and heart pendants (each X10)

The safe is doubled (wild)

A single extra symbol is available in the extra wild online casino: the Treasure. If you have cracked the safe, the profits will be increased again. A wild symbol that appears somewhere guarantees at least the repayment of the use.


But the safe is much more important than Joker-Symbol. Because the game replaces any other symbol and can make winning lines successful in the first place. Two symbols in a row are enough to get a win with a subsequent game.

Particularly nice: every safe comes with one multiplier (X2, X3 or X7) and push your payment on this payline accordingly. If there is a safe on the middle roller, it can work to the left and right with different symbols.

The risk game brings ... risk (but also coal)

This was also a quick -learning base game for beginners, but an extra wild bonus that should not be underestimated is waiting after the shoot. You can embed and continue your profit by clicking or inactivity. Or you go into the Risk mode.

You have two risk games to choose from:
In addition to the general changes that the new gambling law brings in Germany, there are two important changes that Mercury had to do compared to the original version available since 2014:
  • 1. Ticket risk: You have to predict which color (red or black) has the upcoming game card. The profit is then either doubled or destroyed.
  • 2. Lady risk: Your luck jumps up or down on the winning manager. If you fail, you are not automatically at zero.

In both cases, you can stop at any time or secure half of the current profit. The risk game always has one regardless of the basic mission Maximum value of 140 $, which is then greeted with a fireworks.

Further information on extra wild: missions, volatility, RTP

  • If you want to use real money for extra wild, this is in the discrete steps 10, 20, 40, 80 and 100 Cent possible. According to the German license, Merkur has reduced the maximum insert of 10 $ to one $.
  • As a maximum profit, you can expect a whopping 250 $ for five diamonds in the maximum use of one $. Combined with the largest possible multiplier of X7 this results in this Absolute limit of 1,750 $. The chance of winning for this is given as 1 to 206.507.
  • Extra wild has a medium volatility and is also with one RTP value of 95.79 % somewhere in the middle. The payments are subject to the average and you have to wait a little longer, but they also get somewhat higher profits.
  • In many casinos you can test specially with play money (even if the test phase should be over briskly in this case) and, as you are used to, the machine can be used in the extra wild app, i.e. im mobile offer of the online casino without restrictions.

Is there a strategy for playing game online?

There is No great tricksto outsmart the slot. Your success depends exclusively on the monitored random number generator and cannot be influenced by any strategy.

This also applies in particular to the winners, in whom many still swear by skill.

When it comes to gameplay, the extra wild slot with its leisurely structure is well suited for those who would like to understand everything. Stop the rollers at a quiet pace From left to right, so you can briefly tremble.

In the risk game you will unfortunately be put under a bit of pressure, because after a short time without a mouse click, the profit is credited and the round ends.

With the slot machine, you should always on your Bankroll Pay attention, even if the large crash is actually excluded as part of the German license. Nevertheless, plays responsibly and takes breaks more often.

Questions and answers - extra wild

Yes! After several years, Merkur can be back in German online casinoslook.thereasonforthisisthenewlegalitybythegermanlicensefromjuly2021.
Extra Wildisaclassicgamingstoremachinewithfivereels,towhichthreesymbolsarepressedfromthegemstonesegment.awildsymbolincludingamultiplierincreasestheprofitsthatcanthenbescrewedupintheriskmode.
With extra wild Mercuryyoucancollectthesamesymbolsnotonlyfromlefttoright,butalsofromrighttoleft.sothereareeffectively20insteadofthespecified10paylines.therearealsothreecombinationsontherollers2to4.
The pioneer was pushed, and gradually they can be found Mercury games(again)intheportfoliosofthecasinoslicensedingermany.nothingisknownaboutacomebackfrommerkurunderadifferentlicense.
No, it doesn't matter what moment you press the button, even if the light flickers so nicely. Is extra wild completely random.

Conclusion: The new Merkur era heralds extra wildly

As with the predecessor "Extra 10 Liner", Merkur puts on the extra game own strengths And reflects on very classic patterns without much distraction from the important one.

Many expect exactly that from slot machines, but others will be the numerous Miss featuresthat often offer modern video slots. In any case, you are happy that Merkur is back.