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Nolimit City Slots: What are the famous features?

Nolimit City, the casino software provider with Swedish roots, is still a bit below the radar, which currently does not play in the concert of the very big, but at the extended top. We put you here NoLimit City A little closer to the popular Xways and Xnudge feature. In addition, as usual, there are the best slots in the studio and the matching no limit City Casinos.

the essentials in brief
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  • overview: Nolimit City is excellent in many Online Casinos at home.
  • Chapter 1: The games have Kreative Features, especially Xways and Xnudge.
  • Chapter 2: Nolimit City produces exclusively Slot machine.
  • Chapter 3: Three of the best Online Casinos With Nolimit City we introduce you to more precisely.

Excellent online casinos with Nolimit City machines

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  • 46 slots from Nolimit City
  • Demo version playable
  • Large selection of jackpot slots
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  • 44 games available
  • Nolimit City one of 65 producers
  • Large live casino available
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  • Excellent game selection
  • Nice range of megaways
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  • Even 48 Nolimit City Slots
  • Start a random game with one click
  • Noble design
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  • Play just for fun selecting fun
  • Large range of soccer betting
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These are the big Xways features

It all started a few years earlier, but Nolimit City really started in 2013 and 2014, in which the foundation stones were to be laid, which then started unstoppable at the end of 2016: The Publication of outstanding online slots with striking features.

Like so many casinos and studios from Sweden, Nolimit City, where the basic development work is still being done in Stockholm (in addition to India now also).

Due to the license, one operates primarily from Malta, although you can also rely on approvals in the United Kingdom and Romania.

The slot machines are primarily designed for the mobile used and only later adapted for stationary computer systems. NoLimit City distinguishes that here nothing dependent on other systems is, but all content run completely on its own platforms, so that Nolimit City can decide for itself and thus produce creative content without running elsewhere in front of a wall.

These individual possibilities are particularly noticeable in the exciting game mechanics that make every Nolimit City machine something special. So Nolimit City was able to one of the top studios in the industry Mausern, but the gamers are still a little behind the very big developer names.

Xnudge: A thrust goes through the roller

If you translate the English word "Nudge" with "push", it will be quite good what happens to you in the event of a case: If the Xnudge feature is triggered All wild symbols obtained at this point in time completely pushed through the roller.

The game is a special symbol that acts as a joker and replaces any other symbol; At Deadwood, for example, these are the three hunters.

If this appears and it means Xnudge, then the symbol pushes to the next position of the roller, then to the next and so on.

With every push you not only get an additional game and therefore possibly new paylines ("stacked wilds"), but also The multiplier is increased by 1. Take Deadwood again with his four roller positions. The game is pushed three times, then lies on all four roller spaces and lets the Xnudge triple profit.

Xways: Just increase the paylines

The best way to experience the Xways should experience in the game (such as in San Quentin or Punk Rocker), then you can quickly see what this is about. These are "Win All Ways" devicesthat make every possible roller combination a possible payline.

But how are Xways calculated?

If the feature is triggered, randomly selected symbols are two, three or even four times cloned to neighboring positions. They do not just jump over and replace other symbols, but push themselves to the roller as additional places and increase the number of Xways profit lines.

The more stricter version of this are the "Infectious Xways", through which the effect can be transferred to other positions.

Xpays: Only win icons!

With the XPays, No Limit City designed a piece of cream, because here is a well -known function turned upside down - and improved. What is meant is the cascading effect (cascading, tumbling, avalanche), in which the winning symbols disappear and are drawn up after a profit, so that extra -line can arise.

Nolimit City turns the skewer, because here only the prize symbols remain funnier and fortunately, while everything else is turned again.

So next time you keep your profit and may still be expanding it, which would trigger an additional turn again.

XBomb and Xplit: The latest Game Mechanics

A bomb is ignited with the XBomb Mechanics. After the evaluation, a wild symbol is blown up, which all around causes free places. In extreme cases, these are nine positions that are filled with new symbols. Of course one follows one Further profit distribution - With an increased multiplier!

Xplit is still very fresh, which you currently only get with Xways Hoarder Xplit and mentally.

This is also a game in which every possible position on a roller is evaluated with every position on all other rollers. If you meet an Xplit symbol, then it shoots vigorously to the left and split the places there From one in two symbols, which can lead to considerably more paylines.

The best No Limit City Slots

We looked around for you and are up Currently 49 slot machines from the Nolimit City Provider. In addition to the various extra features, these are usually characterized by a extremely high volatility So you rarely win here, but then very high. It is also typical that you don't just Free spins is offered in bonus rounds, but can also buy them in a targeted manner.

Nolimit City is completely limited to slots, unfortunately it is never traveling with a jackpot.

The slots can be played wonderfully on the smartphone and tablet and are also in many casinos for the Play money mode authorized. Here is a selection of the most important Nolimit City slots, followed by a full list of all slot machines.


Worth knowing about Deadwood
  • Release: 22.04.2020
  • Theme: Wild West
  • RTP: 94,15 %
  • Roll: 3x4x4x4x3
  • Recunciation lines: 576
  • Calls: 0,20 – 100 $
  • Maximacked up: X13.950
  • Bonus-Features: Xnudge, Shoot Out, Hunter Spins, Gunslinger Spins, buy free spins
  • Free spins: And
  • Jackpot: no
  • Volatility: Extremely

The first game with Xnudge was hot nudge, but with a rays and a little later above all Deadwood went Success story Really go. Here you are drawn to the Wild West, where bounty hunters and revolers can stretch over a whole roller. In the "Shoot Out" mode you hope for sheriff stars and can then turn normal symbols across the board into Wilds.

Fire in the Hole

Interesting facts about Fire in the Hole
  • Release: 02.03.2021
  • Theme: Mining
  • RTP: 94,11 %
  • Roll: 6×3
  • Recunciation lines: 486
  • Calls: 0,20 – 50 $
  • Maximacked up: x60.000
  • Bonus-Features: XBomb, collapsing mines, Lucky Wagon Spins, Wild Mining, Buy Bonus
  • Free spins: And
  • Jackpot: no
  • Volatility: Extremely

If a 6 × 6 layout can become a 6 × 3 layout from a 6 × 3 layout, it must be a special slot. Fire in the hole is the first machine with the XBOMB feature that can do that: symbols explode, places are cleared and new paylines are created. That may not sound too dramatic, but if you get properly cleared up in the mining machine, you get 46,656 winning rows instead of just the initial 486.

Monkey's Gold

Interesting facts about Monkey's gold
  • Release: 13.10.2020
  • Theme: Adventure, gemstones
  • RTP: 94,22 %
  • Roll: 6×6
  • Recunciation lines: xPays-System
  • Calls: 0,20 – 100 $
  • Maximacked up: x12.683
  • Bonus-Features: Xpays, colossal symbols, upgrade symbols, multipliers, buy bonus
  • Free spins: And
  • Jackpot: no
  • Volatility: Medium high

In terms of the ambience, Monkey's Gold with his adventure vibes is an eye-catcher, but above all the title is the currently only Nolimit automat with the Xpays system. This ensures that the number of moneylines is not determined in advance, because inappropriate symbols can disappear and make room for new lines. You will find more features here that make Monkey's Gold a little more accessible on the one hand, on the other hand into one very eventful slot machine.

xWays Hoarder xSplit

Interesting facts about Xways Hoarder Xplit
  • Release: 22.06.2021
  • Theme: Apocalypse
  • RTP: 94,10 %
  • Roll: 5×3
  • Recunciation lines: 243
  • Calls: 0,20 – 100 $
  • Maximacked up: x11.030
  • Bonus-Features: XSplit, Xways, Scatter, Additional Pins, Buy Feature
  • Free spins: And
  • Jackpot: no
  • Volatility: Extremely

Admittedly not exactly the most manageable title, Xways Hoarder Xplit has one Like unique selling point To offer: It is the first machine where you can test the Xplit function - at the same time for a popular Xways. Essentially, you should ensure sufficient toilet paper in this end of the world and go to the very big money pots in the "Bunker Raid" bonus round. Once you have looted and obtained enough, go to the "Wasteland" frames where there are only high symbols.

The Xboot

Interesting facts about the xboot
  • Release: 14.09.2021
  • Theme: Warship
  • RTP: 94,02 %
  • Roll: 2x3x4x4x3x2
  • Recunciation lines: 75.712
  • Calls: 0,10 – 100 $
  • Maximacked up: Little 55.200
  • Bonus-Features: xBomb, xNudge, xWays, Silent Hunter Spins, Wolf Pack Spins, Bonus kaufen
  • Free spins: And
  • Jackpot: no
  • Volatility: Extremely

Of course, this means “the boat” and this is the world war ship's underwater world. The Xboot is one of the brand new Nolimit City title and the first to do it with three big features Thankfully exaggerated: XBomb, Xways and Xnudge. The maximum profit is 55,200 times the use-that too is exaggerated!

Here are all Nolimit City slots

It still remains to give you the complete list of the Nolimit City Games. This is sorted chronologically, starting with Oktoberfest at the end of October 2016. Since then the studio has been bringing Quite irregular, but still constantly new slots on the market. Sometimes there are two games a month, again nothing for two months.

  • Oktoberfest
  • Kitchen Drama Sushi Mania
  • Wixx
  • Kitchen Drama BBQ Frenzy
  • Casino Win Spin
  • Tesla Jolt
  • Coins of Fortune
  • Hot Nudge (xNudge)
  • Dungeon Quest
  • Ice, Ice, Yeti
  • Fruits
  • Owls
  • Starstruck
  • Tour cottage
  • Tombstone (xNudge)
  • Mayan Magic Wildfire
  • Tractor Beam
  • The Creepy Carnival
  • Thor Hammer Time
  • Hot 4 Cash
  • Pixies Vs Pirates (xNudge und xWays)
  • Manhattan Goes Wild
  • Tomb Of Nefertiti
  • Dragon Tribe (Xnudge and Xways)
  • Poison Eve
  • Punk rocker (Xways)
  • Barbarian Fury (xNudge)
  • Gaelic Gold (xNudge)
  • Harlequin Carnival (xNudge)
  • Deadwood (xNudge)
  • Bonus Bunnies
  • Milky Ways
  • Golden Genie
  • Immortal Fruits
  • Book of Shadows
  • Buffalo Hunter
  • Monkey's Gold (xPays)
  • Warrior Graveyard (xNudge)
  • Tomb of Akhenaten
  • San Quentin (xWays)
  • East Coast vs West Coast (xWays und xNudge)
  • Fire in the Hole (xBomb)
  • Bushido Ways (xNudge)
  • Infectious 5 (xWays)
  • xWays Hoarder xSplit (xWays und xSplit)
  • Mental (xSplit, xNudge und xWays)
  • The XBoet (XBomb, Xnudge and Xways)
  • Evil Goblins (xBomb)

Here are the casinos with No Limit City Slots

If you now feel like one or the other slot machine from Nolimit City, then we have good news for you: Nolimit City belongs to the well -known studios and will be usually provided by the online casinos. If your favorite casino visits, this game will have Nolimit City.

The online play banks always differ a little.

These choose their games from the providers for various criteria and especially at Nolimit City we recognize many providers who have all (or almost all) games in the quiver And other few who have bought about half. In the following we have three casinos in which you can operate Nolimit City Gaming.


im Pinocasino You can easily immerse yourself in the world of Nolimit City, because almost 50 slots from the provider are suggested here and you can use them. Basically you can im Pinocasino experiences collect with many different providers. Nolimit City is strong and diverse. The best known, but also a few more unknown slots.


You can 48 times in the casino of Casinia Read the provider Nolimit City as a provider. This selection is absolutely strong, as a lot of slots from Nolimit are covered. You could even have a click Start a slot by chance. This brings a new dimension into the Casinia experiences With Nolimit City. Among other things, Deadwood, Fire in the Hole and Monkey’s Gold await you here.


Actually is Rabona A strong soccer betting expert, but the Bookie also has a very strong online casino. Some providers are presented there with their offer. So also Nolimit City. Fire in the Hole, Monkey’s Gold, Deadwood ... Basically you will find all of Nolimit City's slots. You can even with Rabona experiences collect without using real money. So test the slot in the demo mode. So you can slowly approach the games.

Faq – Nolia

Nolimit City was founded in Stockholm and has worked in the casino industry for over a decade. A lot was done in time, but the big ones could not yet be opened. Nolimit City produces and markets only video slot machines.intheseyouencounteruniqueadditionalfunctionsthatmakethebrandsospecial.
at Xnudge increases a symbol on the whole rollerandatthesametimeincreasesthemultiplier.withxwaysyoucancreatenewrollingpositionsandthusincreasethepaylines,xpaysmeansthatafterasuccessfulround,thewinningsymbolslingerandonlytherestisturnedagain.withxbombyouletneighboringsymbolsburstandre-replaceandfinallyyousplityourleftrollersintomoreprofitcombinationswithxplit.
Even without a top position in the provider ranking, Nolimit City is still at the top to most of them Online Casinostoberecordedwithkisshand.soyouwillhavelittleefforttofindaproviderwiththecorrespondingslots.
Unfortunately, no. About all the special featureshowever,thegreatestprofitsarealsopossibleatnolimitcitywithoutjackpotsbeingreleasedhere.
Yes, that works wonderfully. The games from Nolimit City are designed for mobile use and available on every device. For example Monkey’s Gold.

Conclusion: With constant creativity, Nolimit City seems to be in the rise

You already meet the Nolimit City slots practically in every online casino, and the software provider is actually only at the beginning of the very big creative phase. Nolimit City installed in his games Exciting and lucrative special functionsthat you will enjoy and take off the provider from the masses. In any case, you should take a look at one or the other Nolimit slot and ask you whether you are more on the simple classic machines or modern ways in which a lot more is possible.