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High immediate gains with Hacksaw Gaming - a studio with a future!

If you Hacksaw Don't have on the screen yet - don't worry. Because on the one hand, the software supplier is still relatively young, on the other hand, he covers the section of the scratch cards, where many of you may not look. Hacksaw Gaming has great potential and you already get great chances of winning there, which is why we not only want to introduce you to the provider and its portfolio, but also the right online casinos.

the essentials in brief
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  • overview: Hacksaw Gaming games are with most Online Casinos available.
  • Chapter 1: DIE Slots Hacksaw have a striking style and differ from usual slot machines.
  • Chapter 2: The main focus is still on the Above 40 Rubble.

Modern casinos my hacksaw slots

Playzilla CasinoBitcoin Casino Playzilla Casino experience report
  • 60 games from Hacksaw Gaming
  • Test risk -free in play money mode
  • Very good selection in the casino
Casino Casino Casinia casino experience report
  • 57 hacksaw games in number
  • Almost 60 software providers in total
  • Open a random game by clicking
Bizzo CasinoNewcomer Bizzo Casino experience report
  • Good range with 60 hacksaw titles
  • Rubbellosis and bonus purchase in the foreground
  • Track the last winners in the ticker
Slots PalaceNewcomer Slots Palace Experience report
  • 57 times fun with Hacksaw
  • Over 60 studios provide variety
  • Pleasant ambience in the artist style
Rabona CasinoBitcoin Casino Rabona Casino experience report
  • Also usable 57 games from Hacksaw
  • Just 5,000 Games Overall
  • At Aviator on a simulation bet
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These are the slots from the Hacksaw game manufacturers

Hacksaw Gaming As a software supplier, is not as far as the top competition and only released the first slot machine in September 2019. So it needed easy start -up aid because Hacksaw did not want to rely on the established patterns from the start, but still in his slots very special personality packed up.

Nobody will be able to deny that that is exactly what enormous recognition value leads.

If you play one of the Hacksaw slots, you know immediately that you ended up with Hacksaw. It starts with a playful design that Like a cartoon feels, but actually not at all cartoonish. Realism is increasingly dispensed with and instead go into a kind of intermediate world between the real world and the completely thought. You just have to get involved yourself.

The machines are also quite similar in game mechanics and then we are on the question: How do Hacksaw Slots work?

No classic slots are offered here where real rollers start to move or the typical symbols appear. Hacksaw usually presents one square setup, often as a 5 × 5 block in which everything takes place.

You are often not paid according to pay lines, but after Clusters of the same symbols. The features keep the scales between too boring and too complex. As a rule, you get exciting free play rounds, wild symbols or racy multipliers.


Hacksaw Gaming is quite well adhered to the requirement to relieve a new slot machine once a month, which has so far been a small, but quite respectable Portfolio if 18 slots led.

Add vier „Fixed Prize Games“. In these premium games there are prices up to 10 million $ and you can buy directly into the bonus round for an increased basic use. We will now introduce you to some of the most striking Hacksaw machines before you can read all the Hacksaw slots in one fell swoop in the list.

All games are optimized for mobile use and can also be used in many casinos Risk solos with play money be filled.

All Hacksaw slots so far

These were the best hacksaw slots, but of course we owe you the full list. It is interesting Clear upward trend In the popularity of Hacksaw. While the older slots are more like a shadowy time today, the new releases regularly rank in the top 100. As a very young and small studios, it can be seen as a success.

All Hacksaw slots are listed here:

  • Stick Em
  • OM Name
  • Miami Multiplier
  • Cubes
  • Cash Compass
  • The Respinners
  • Chaos Crew
  • Mystery Motel
  • Let It Snow
  • Cubes 2
  • Aztec Twist
  • Stack Em
  • Hop N Pop
  • Toshi Video Club
  • Rocket Reels
  • Wanted Dead or a Wild
  • Cash Quest

In addition, the four fixed-prote games:

  • The Haunted Circus
  • The Bomb
  • Forest Fortune
  • Born Wild

Aztec Twist

Aztec Twist
  • Release: 07.04.2021
  • theme: Civilizations
  • RTP: 96,36 %
  • Roll: 5×8
  • Paylines: Cluster
  • Calls: 0,20 – 100 $
  • Maximated: Hsh.800
  • Bonus-Features: Full Row Respin, Multiplikator, Free Spins, Cluster Pays, Bonus kaufen
  • Free spins: and
  • JackPot: no
  • volatility: hoch

Aztec Twist is one of the most popular slot machines from Hacksaw Gaming and with its rectangular instead of square design for the provider quite atypical.

You go to North America on the hunt for magical symbols. You let the stone tablets circle and will be very exciting After clusters instead of paying off according to paylines. Just see that you can put as many same symbols as possible on a bunch and also look forward to free spins that you can buy directly from Aztec Twist.


  • Release: 27.04.2021
  • theme: Fruits
  • RTP: 96,4 %
  • Roll: 5×5
  • Paylines: Cluster
  • Calls: 0,20 – 100 $
  • Maximated: x10.000
  • Bonus-Features: Cluster, buy bonus, multiplier, scatter, game
  • Free spins: and
  • JackPot: no
  • volatility: hoch

The title Frutz from the Hacksaw Gaming Pocketz series is not only comparatively popular, but should be the Ideal introductory slot be at the studio. Here you get the typical basic structure of Hacksaw with the 5 × 5 setup and the cluster payment.

The fruit topic with the playing cards is a good link to the classic machines. There are very nice designed paper shapes.

The Bomb Slot

The Bomb Slot
  • Release: 04.09.2020
  • theme: Explosion
  • RTP: 95,17 %
  • Roll: 5×5
  • Paylines: Cluster
  • Calls: 0,20 – 100 $
  • Maximated: 1.000.000 $
  • Bonus-Features: Bonus round, cluster pays out, cascade
  • Free spins: and
  • JackPot: and
  • volatility: hoch

The explosive title The Bomb shows us a very spartan design in the typical hacksaw style. Exactly one million $ are waiting here as the maximum profit In the bonus game on you, but you have to have the bombs under control.

Here, too, it happens happily, with the box with TNT tidy up. Whole cascades arise until at some point no cluster appears.

Cubes 2

Cubes 2
  • Release: 11.02.2021
  • theme: Magic cube
  • RTP: 96,3 %
  • Roll: 5×5
  • Paylines: Cluster
  • Calls: 0,20 – 100 $
  • Maximated: x10.500
  • Bonus-Features: Buy bonus, cluster instead of lines, multiplier, enlarged field
  • Free spins: and
  • JackPot: no
  • volatility: hoch

Cubes 2 is (surprisingly) the successor to Cubes, which as a virtual magic cube slot machine Some headline written Has. This shows what Hacksaw Gaming can do in terms of slots, because we are already a long way away from an ordinary machine.

On the 5 × 5 grid, colored cubes turn to a beautiful setup. If you meet the right clusters with the same colors, The grid expandedwhich can go up to a whopping 11 × 11.

Cash Quest

Cash Quest
  • Release: 26.10.2021
  • theme: Fantasy
  • RTP: 94,36 %
  • Roll: 6×6
  • Paylines: Cluster
  • Calls: 0,20 – 100 $
  • Maximated: 500.
  • Bonus-Features: Wild, scatter, multiplier, avalanche, boostbar, buy feature, cluster plays
  • Free spins: and
  • JackPot: no
  • volatility: medium

Cash quest is One of the latest slots by Hacksaw Gaming and you can see how the graphic remains wonderfully in the basic concept, but was driven hard on the sharpened and color intensity compared to the previous year.

Just look at the animated leaves when you dive into the fantasy medieval world. The clusters pay again at Cash Quest and awaits you an attractive boost bar in the free spins, in which valuable functions are available.

Where can you play the hacksaw games? We'll tell you!

We looked around for you and recognize for the Hacksaw provider with his Malta-and UK license is already a very solid distribution. However, there are some popular casinos that, despite the great diversity of studio, currently have no hacksaw games with them. In the majority of the casinos, however, you should find what you are looking for.

The casinos specifically choose which games they want to offer and which are not. Especially at Hacksaw, this means that individual games may not be part of here.

A much larger one Restriction comes through the focus on scratch cards. Some casinos do not carry them out on their own decision, but for casinos under German observation, these generally divide. So, if at all, the very big names can take over the slots from Hacksaw and are currently doing this rather hesitantly.

In the following Three excellent Online Casinos If you get almost all games from Hacksaw, especially the large range of scratch cards. You can find out more details in the respective reviews.


PlayZilla Like Hacksaw Gaming, does not yet exist very long, but in the short time a large range of casino games as well as sports betting and other games of chance has been created.

Of the currently 66 published hacksaw titles, you get 60 pieces at Playzilla, whereby Above all, the scratch -in are that you shouldn't play everywhere.

  • At Playzilla, observe the various special actions that you have Playzilla experiences can enjoy in regular form.


Casinia Is there with 57 hacksaw games and in our eyes score primarily with the noble design in green and gold.

In addition to the convincing range SlotsandefinedandandefinedPlay table Is it for you into Outstanding live casino Or you can do your creative work with the sports betting.

  • At Casinia, too, you have to collect bonuses besides the VIP club, the Casinia experiences After often on special occasions in increased form.


im Bizzo Casino Everything is designed for the best game of chance. In addition to the world -famous slot machines, unlike under German license, there are many more - just like a whole bunch of scratch -in like that of Hacksaw Gaming.

It continues here too Live-Casino And at some point hopefully into the fame hall, where the most worthy bizzo players are worshiped by everyone.

The heart of Hacksaw Gaming: the scratch -in

Then at the end we look at the actual hobbyhorse, the scratch cards with which everything started at Hacksaw in September 2018. The studio was founded with Swedish roots under the agenda to revive the online gambling market that was somewhat retracted at the time and increasingly the Focus on the mobile market to lay.

This was quite successful, but Hacksaw Gaming is still clearly in the early phase despite the first prizes.


Suitable for the smartphone bruch are the Rubble primarily designed in portrait mode. You buy the lots for a few $ directly in the game itself and, if necessary, can also throw Autoplay for one lot after another. As profits await you Fixed prices between 10 cents and a casual 500,000 $ (Instant Win).

The process is exactly like at the kiosk:
You rub the field with the virtual scraper, in which nine amounts of money appear. If you meet the same sum three times, the price is your. Sometimes it is also about meeting the same values as in an extra rubbed field. We particularly like the creativity of the Hacksaw team. Because the lots are thematically adapted. Sometimes you shave a long beard, sometimes you mow a lawn or you scratch the ice.

These are the 44 scratch cards that Hacksaw Gaming currently has in store and with which one is one of the leaders Igaming Rubblelle specialists became:

  • Love is All You Need
  • Lucky Number x20
  • Lucky Number x16
  • Lucky Number x12
  • Lucky Number x8
  • Cash Vault II
  • Lucky Shot
  • Ruby Rush
  • Gold Rush
  • Dream Car #Speed
  • Dream Car #SUV
  • Dream Car #Urban
  • Lucky Scratch!
  • Happy Scratch
  • Prince Treasure
  • Queen Treasure
  • King Treasure
  • Scratchy! Big
  • Scratchy!
  • Scratchy! Mini
  • Express 200
  • Scratch! Bronze
  • Scratch! Silver
  • Scratch! Gold
  • Cash Vault I
  • Its bananas!
  • Cut the Grass
  • Diamond Rush
  • Scratch! Platinum
  • Shave the Beard
  • Double Salary for 1 Year
  • Scratch Em
  • Any cash
  • Break the Ice
  • Frogs Scratch
  • Gold Coins
  • Eggstra Cash
  • Cash Scratch
  • Chaos Crew Scratch
  • The Big One
  • Football Scratch
  • The Perfect Scratch
  • Scratch A Million
  • Spooky Scary Scratchy

FAQ - Hacksaw manufacturer

Hacksaw was founded in 2018 and has in the first year exclusively with scratchlessmadeanameintheindustry.theportfolionowconsistsof44scratchcardsforinstant-winprices.inaddition,therehavebeenmonthlyslotsreleasesinceseptember2019,whichhasledto18slotmachinessofarandfourfixedprotectivegames.
You will usually be in the Hacksaw Slotsasquareplayingfieldofferedthatonlyremindsofclassicslotmachines.instead,youenteracomic-likeworldwithalotofcreativeinfluenceinwhichsometypicalfeaturessuchasfreespinsandwildsarewaitingforyou,butnothingreallycomplicated.
Many Online Casinosletyouparticipateintheworldofhacksaw,especiallythosewhohavethescratchcardsintheirportfolios.thedistributionisquitegood,butyouwillalsoentervirtualarcadesinwhichhacksawhasnotyetarrived.
DIE Big online casinosthatareonthewaytothegermanlicensecanonlyofferpureslotmachinesundercertainrequirements.withoutthescratch-updivision,hacksawgamingisconsiderablylessattractive,whichiswhynoslotsareoftenadoptedhere.buttherearealsogermanproviderswhotakeoveratleastpartsoftherange.
The question should be whether the titles work on the desktop. Because Hacksaw Gaming develops its games exclusively for mobile use on smartphones and tablets. Only then will adjustments for the PC be made. For example you can Cubes 2 playforallyourenddevices.

Conclusion: Hacksaw Gaming is already an institution for ruby

With the large and very likeable range of scratch -ups, Hacksaw Gaming can be among the sizes of the industry very shortly after the founding in 2018. The slot machines have to develop a little more, but have unique selling points that many customers should like. If you do something solve from established patterns Want, like to get in touch with the lovingly designed Hacksaw machines. You can find this in the majority of modern online casinos.