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Special slot functions - extraordinary slot features increase!

In the past, the winning options in slot machines were largely limited to the different symbol values, today game manufacturers are offering more and more very special slot functions. Everything about Special slot functions As well as shooter slots, role-playing slots and other new forms of slot machines, you can find out in this article!

the essentials in brief
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Best casinos for special slots

1xSlots CasinoBitcoin Casino 1x slots casino experience report
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  • Shock Tower und andere Specials
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Slotsmillion CasinoMost of the games Slotsmillion Casino experience report
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  • VR slots on offer
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Slots PalaceNewcomer Slots Palace Experience report
  • Max Quest and other special slots
  • Round-the-clock chat support
  • Casino von Araxio Development
Samosa Casino Samosa Casino experience report
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  • Safe provider with an MGA license
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Special slot features are actually in Three very different categories to divide.

So there are special functions that one Real money slot can offer to make it as simple and pleasant to sit on it as possible. Among other things, this includes a autoplay function, the option, paying lines, or an extra info area, in which you can comprehensively become smart about the respective winning combinations, bonus functions, etc.

Admittedly, some of these features are now to be regarded as standard, but not every machine has it.

The second category concerns functions, not only special players of a slot Chances of winning Provide, but also go beyond the procedure of "typical" bonus games or interpret them differently. These include special free spins, pick-bonuses or shooter and arcade rounds.

In the third category, it is not just individual features that offer a special feature - here the whole slot is constructed for a special orientation. Then it is one All -round special slot, which does not work with classic roles and lines or clusters, but pursues a completely new approach.

Role-play slots or shooter slots are typical representatives, but also modern bingo slots and VR slots as well as Live Slots are part of it. Although the latter, of course, often actually correspond to the standard variants of slots, which are then transferred to a virtual or live environment.

On the one hand, live slots and virtual slots can bring visual and atmospheric advantages. On the other hand, some casinos over such streams even offer the opportunity to play blocked slots in this country. For example offered Lampet So games of Novomatic in Germany.

  • Below we now want these three categories and some of the central representative take a closer look.

The following special slot features Increase usability.

  • Autoplay: Many of today's slots have a autoplay function with which you can specify a certain number of game rounds with a specific application height. The slot then turns independently until the rounds are used up.
  • Turbo: With a turbo button you can specify that the rollers turn faster. So you accelerate the entire game and, for example, can create more spins during the lunch break.
  • Max-Bet-Button: High roller or generally experienced players can activate the maximum insert on a slot with a max-bet button via a tip or click on that button.
  • Payout table: With Classic slots, an extra information area is not always accessible, since apart from the symbols there are hardly or no bonus functions or other complex processes. Then there is only a small list of the symbols that you understand quickly or not. Modern or more complicated machines show the payment amounts for each symbol combination in their payment table, provide information on special icons, multipliers and other bonuses and even directly reveal the payout rate as a percentage.

Automats can offer very diverse extraordinary slot features during the game. These usually go with one increased profit potential accompanied for you. What is meant here is everything that goes beyond normal or simplest scatter, wilds or free spins.

  • Winning in both directions: The standard for slot machines is that they pay out from left to right. However, more and more slots are offering a payment in both directions, i.e. from left to right and right to left. Of course, this can provide increased chances of winning.
  • Nudge-Wheels: With this function, a roller usually moves down. This happens once or several times. This enables further profit combinations.
  • Multiplier: Multipliers are particularly available in special bonus functions, which then offer consistent reproduction, for example, or as multiplier symbols. The latter are provided with a multiplier of 2x, 3x or more, which then gives you the corresponding multiplication of your proceeds in a profit combination.
  • Cascading-Reels: With Cascading rollers, profit symbols that land on the Paytable disappear and make room for new icons. New symbols usually fall here from above. If the new icons form paylines, they also disappear and there are other symbols that can form profit combinations again. Cascading reels and tumbling reels are very similar.
  • Rejected: Respership often takes place in conjunction with a special profit combination and/or a specific symbol. If a corresponding event occurs, the roles turn again and there is another chance of winning.
  • Hiking roles or symbols: Hiking rollers or symbols are generally part of bonus rounds. The shift then takes place, for example, in the event of a winning combination - it can cause a roller or individual symbols to be put to the right and offer the chance of further profit.
  • Advanced Wilds: In addition to the standard game, which almost every new machine offers today, there are a variety of different wild variants, of which the extended wilds are particularly popular. You can cover an entire role and of course ensure great chances of winning.
  • Shearing wilds: Shearing wilds work very similarly to the moving symbols. If you fall, hike on the reels and sometimes you are even over several round sticky.
  • Sticky-Wilds: DIE Sticky-Wilds Stay after you have fallen, about another shoot or several spins in your position. These wilds are undoubtedly one of the most potentially lucrative icons.
  • Combined wilds or wild fields: These kinds of Wilds are very similar to the extended wilds. However, you can not only cover an entire role, but also extend in groups of 2, 3, 4 or more wildly over several rollers.
  • Wild-scatter combinations: With this function, players also get the chance of completing a winning combination and a bonus game, such as a certain number of free spins. So here the game is joker and scatter in an icon.

Bonus rounds are often triggered by 3 scatter and offer a certain number of free spins, which may still be upgraded by multipliers or special wilds. Some Slot machine Manufacturer but also have for their bonus rounds something very special thought, as we show below:

Moorhuhn hunt in the moorhuhn shooter slot


The online game Moorhuhn was a real hit in the late 1990s and in the early 2000s. Gamomat it has revived it in slot form.

Here some special slot functions were integrated, of which the shooter feature stands out. If this is triggered, you can in known moorhuhn style chickens to hunt. If you meet, you collect a profit.

The further a moor high is removed,thegreatertheprofitisthatyouthencaught.

Playboard bonus at Monopoly from IGT

From the world -famous board game monopoly There are many variants in the online casino. One of them comes from IGT-and this has a truly extraordinary bonus feature.

You start the bonus round with 3 scatterns, but you will not only get free spins, but also get to a game board, on which you roll And try to get over the fields as far as possible. The street on which you land determines the payment.

It is very good to get rid of it, because then they will Win even doubles.

The alien queen search in aliens from Netent

Aliens is that Slot variant for the popular science fiction film series of the same name. The story revolves around the Queen of the Aliens.

To the special slot function in the form of the Alien-Queen-Such-Bonus You can get a scale through several profits in a row. If this has happened, the bonus begins.

You now have to find the queen through dark corridors. Depending on how successful you turn the reels, Do you get ammunition or lose which one.

Arrived at the Queen, you have to edit them with grenades and assault rifles for so long, Until your beam of life is empty.ifyoumanagetodefeatthefinalopponent,thecashregisterringsreallyloudly.

Showdown of the super villains in South Park: Reel Chaos from Netent

With South Park: Reel chaos are available in one of the bonus rounds Showdown of the super villains. In several fights you have to prove yourself here in order to finally be able to compete against General Disarray.

Your opponents and you also have it Life points. Successful spins pull off your enemies a point-but the other way around you can lose points if you do not achieve a profit spin.

Every opponent you defeat Increases your multiplier.ifyouevenwinovertheboss,youwillofcoursegetanextragain.

Slots described below have with classic slot machines Only a little in common. They interpret casino games even more or less new.

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra: The most important facts at a glance
  • RTP: 96 %
  • Offerer: Betsoft
  • Publication date: 29.10.2018
  • matchfield: Rooms
  • Paylines: no
  • Calls: 0,01 bis 0,25 $
  • Maximated: 1,250 x use
  • Bonus-Features: Weapons, level function
  • Free spins: no
  • JackPot: no
  • volatility: medium

Betsoft goes with his Max Quest series completely new ways in terms of special slot functions. There are no rollers here, but there is a lot of action.

After you have created your own game character, you can choose one of the different rooms of the games. Then you have to free the way to the ancient Egyptian treasures. Mummies and other terrifying opponents await you.

You do not make any missions - You buy a certain amount into the group. If you invest more, you can win more. The latter happens via the completion of the opponents and the solution of quests.

Shock Tower: Wrath of Ra: The most important facts at a glance
  • RTP: not known
  • Offerer: Ka gaming
  • Publication date: 23.10.2020
  • matchfield: Price list
  • Paylines: no
  • Calls: 0,20 bis 20 $
  • Maximated: 70,000 x use
  • Bonus-Features: Multiplier
  • Free spins: no
  • JackPot: no
  • volatility: not known

Shock Tower is a special slot from Ka Gaming, which 2020 onto the market came. The game is as simple as it is unique.

If you operate the play button, the electrical voltage In the Payable Energy Center. If it reaches the tip of the Shock Tower, a flash occurs, which then meets one of the prices on the payment table, which you collect in turn.

Coincidentally, the so -called Super Lightning Feature Enter in which all prices are multiplied between two and seven times on the screen.

  • For example, you can at Shock Tower 1XSlots spielen.
Mehen: Wrath of Ra: The most important facts at a glance
  • RTP: 95,8 %
  • Offerer: Evoplay
  • Publication date: 19.02.2021
  • matchfield: Board playing field
  • Paylines: no
  • Calls: 0,10 bis 100 $
  • Maximated: 5,000 x use
  • Bonus-Features: Multiplier
  • Free spins: no
  • JackPot: no
  • volatility: Low

Measures from EvoPlay is also very simple and completely different as slots as you know them. Winnings are also not triggered here via roles and lines.

You put on a kind of board game in the form of a snake. Here you have to move through dice. The main goal of the game is to get to the head of the snake on which one Multiplier von 50x waiting.

There are various traps on the way there, but also Profit multiplier up to 17x.

  • If you want to try out, have a look at Joo Casino herein.
  1. Mehen -Aztec slot with snake look of Evoplay Entertainment
  2. Max QuesT: Wrath of Ra-Unique Shooter Slot from Betsoft
  3. Max Quest -Mission: Amazon-Jungle Shooter slot from Betsoft
  4. Book of Keno -Egypten-Keno hybrid from Evoplay Entertainment
  5. Aureus -Zeus slot with an innovative design by Crazy Tooth Studio
  6. Spicy Fishing -Playstar underwater adventure trip
  7. Max Quest - Dead Man's Cove - Curse The Caribbean meets Betsoft Shooter
  8. Viking Runecraft Bingo -a bingo slot like no other of play’n go
  9. Shock Tower – Slot mit Super Lightning Features von KA Gaming
  10. Rock Paper Scissors - Schnick, Schnack, Schnuck slot (yes really!) From Playtech
Quite - some of these titles even have one JackPot.
sticky Wildscangiveyouverygoodprofitsandmultiplierisalwaysworthwhile.
There is no general answer to this online casinos from uswithmanyproviders,however,usuallyalsoofferaverygoodselectionofmachineswithspecialslotfunctions.

The slot market is becoming more and more colorful and more varied. Slots with special functions contribute significantly to this - you improve usability, increase the chances of winning and sometimes even go completely new ways.

Of course, very special slot functions on machines can also confusion pens. Fortunately, such games usually offer a payout table or an information area where you can make yourself sufficiently smart.

We also recommend you always ours Keep the advisor in mindin which we also treat a lot of slot issues.

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