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Request money from online casino - is that possible?

If it's about money, you cannot take any risk. In the following article we would therefore like to finally conclude with the topic. Can you your Request money from the online casino Or is this one of the many fairy tales in the area of online gambling? We clarify.

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At the beginning of our article, we would like to briefly inform you about how the topic was created and through which case laws have gained significantly more dynamics into the discussions.

For many years, many customers in the online casino have been dealing with the opportunity to Minimize losses to be able to. Not only is the focus on possible tax depreciation, attempts are also made to the legal gray area of Online gambling to take advantage of in Germany.

However, the online casinos are less pillory, but rather the Payment service providers accepted their responsibility. If a payment service provider actively participates in illegal gambling without the online casino being able to present a license valid in the EU, it is possible to reclaim illegal money in the online casino.

  • The tests were fired by a lawsuit on Munich district court At the end of 2017. The plaintiff used the argument that his used payment service provider actively participated in the illegal gambling and therefore both parties were equal to the financial damage. Debit charge, which has been completely taken out of traffic in the online casino since then and is therefore no longer an active danger for online casinos.

Nevertheless, this case had an enormous effect in many forums and made many customer ears grow. Since this case you have often been on the Internet lurid articles from various gambling experts within the lawyer scene Cross that supposedly promise you to reimburse large parts of your deposit.

But if we take a closer look at the case law and especially look at the cases from the closer past, we unfortunately have to draw a somewhat different picture. Even with a specialized lawyer, you will hardly be able to get your money back in the online casino.

Those: | © rawpixel

In many reports or opinions of so -called legal experts, reference is always made to the allegedly successful lawsuit to the Munich District Court. However, this is only one Small part of the whole truth. An important part of the attempt to get money back from the online casino is skilfully swept under the table.

Because even if the original lawsuit was given before the district court in Munich, the district and Higher Regional Court in Munich saw the situation somewhat differently and tipped the judgment in other instances. In the end, the plaintiff received it Neither the full nor a partial part of his loss.

So keep this in mind, you should stumble across reports on the Internet that promise you to get money back from the online casino.

However, this was not the only complaint that rejected in recent years has been and thereby provide precedence. Ideally, we can devote ourselves to a current lawsuit in which the plaintiff is on the payment service Instant bank transfer Has shot and tried to reclaim his money lost from Sofortüberweisung in the online casino.

  • Between March 16, 2017 and July 15, 2017, the plaintiff lost a total of 23,997 $ and demanded them from Sofortüberweisung. Heated up by the entire mood according to the new state agreement in 2012 and the still spongy formulations, the complaint party calculated good opportunities. However, the end of the process series did not really taste the end of the process series. In August 2019, the district court in Munich judged that the plaintiff was not entitled to any compensation And he cannot reclaim his online casino money from Sofortüberweisung. This judgment was appealed, which was also rejected by the Munich Higher Regional Court. In order to be able to avoid further process costs, the plaintiff withdrew his appointment and his original lawsuit.
  • In most cases, the argumentation chain is used that the payment service by means of the MCC-Codes (Merchant Category Code) Classifying the respective online casino and accordingly to assign illegal gambling in Germany, but the plaintiffs disregard a decisive point. A payment service provider, regardless of whether it is a classic one Online casino payment method Or acting e-wallets cannot distinguish whether it is illegal gambling in Germany or the legal gray area. All online casinos set up for years. An online casino not only offers you slot machines, lotteries or games in the live casino these days, but also has a Own range of sports betting In his portfolio, it is not recognizable for a payment service provider for which type of gambling a customer uses his deposit and is therefore not liable for any losses in the online casino.

Accordingly, you are the decisive individual and decide for yourself how you want to use your deposit. If you decide to play in the online casino, you can legally play gambling, but are liable for all financial losses alone. The payment service provider neither participated in the illegal gambling, nor can he determine what your deposit is ultimately doing with your gaming provider.

It was also important to us to check what the mood in the common forums is about this topic and which previous online casino money back experience was shared by other customers.

In our research, we were definitely aware that not all reports should be observed with the same care. Nevertheless, it was very interesting to see how clear it is Wind rotated in recent years Has. While many customers saw their chances in 2018 according to the preliminary case law of the Munich District Court in order to be able to request money back from their online casino, the tenor has now been significantly mitigated. | © Tartila

What ended in many discussions to refer to the file number of the final judgment of the Munich District Court (Az.: 158 C 19107/17) is now significantly more factual and filled with more substance.

Many customers are now aware of why the Munich District Court decided at the time and what steps not only New online casinos, but also have undertaken payment service providers since then. Since then, all other case laws have been clear, which is clearly evident in the discussions.

Our impression is that the time of emotional actions and the partly brazen attempts by some lawyers come to deaf ears today. If topics are discussed where customers want to get their online casino money back, then these discussions are significantly clearer and according to our assessments are also more sustainable.

Thanks to the discussions about the New Gambling State Treaty in Germany Many long -time customers of online casinos seem to be significantly more specialist than a few years ago. Not only have numerous articles from our website contributed to this, the discussions about a new State Treaty have also been publicly conducted in recent years.

Gambling, be it online casinos or sports betting, has finally arrived in the middle of our society and is therefore discussed with more care. With the new Gaming State Treaty, not only the entire market in Germany will be liberalized, but at the same time structured for you more safely. Any questions that you can request your money back in the online casino will be a thing of the past from July 1, 2021.

In order to be able to give you a little more security when choosing your next online casinos, we now have three for you deutsche Online Casinos Research that corresponds to the highest security standards.

In any case, one of our criteria was a German license, which means that you can absolutely make sure that it is not only a serious game operation, but your payments are also made lawfully. If there are any problems, you have thanks to the German license Significantly better chances to be able to successfully reclaim your money in the online casino.

You can also use fully licensed payment service providers for the following 3 gaming companies that are well aware of the dangers with gambling:

If you decide at Wunderino To pay, you are always on the safe side. Because Wunderino works not only with a european license, but even with a German Happiness in Schleswig-Holstein. The casino is therefore subject to very strict conditions. Wunderino also works with established and reputable payment service providers: Mastercard, Trustly, Sofortüberweisung are some of them. Accordingly, you can look forward to secure deposits and withdrawals that are the basis of reliable payment transactions. Here you can Wunderino experiences read.

Another gambling provider that offers games under the flag of the German license from Schleswig-Holstein is Push. Here you can play relaxed and you can be sure that the provider sticks to strict requirements. The payment service providers at Drückglück contribute the rest, because here you can rely on Trustly, Paysafecard, MasterCard, Giropay or Sofort transfer. Here you can find our Drücklück experiences.

PayPal is one of the few payment service providers against which a successful lawsuit has been filed and in the course of its several customers have received their online casino money back. There Paypalintherun-uptotheauthoritiestoparticipateintheillegalgambling,paypalwasultimatelyforcedtoreimburse.inordertoavertfurtherlawsuits,paypaldecidedtomakeapreliminaryretreatfromthegermanonlinecasinomarkt.
The new gaming contract in Germany will not only put an end to the topic, but will also give you additional collateral. Since from July 1, 2021 finally one German license foronlinecasinosbythesupervisoryauthorityinsaxony-anhalt,youcanactfasterandwithgreatersecurityagainstonlinecasinos.ifaclearviolationofthenewlegislationisevident,itismucheasier,atleastintheory,tobeabletoreclaimyourmoneyintheonlinecasino.

Our final conclusion on this topic is relatively clear after thorough research. As a customer, you will only have a chance to be able to reclaim your online casino money if there is a clear fraud by your online casino. You have to be able to prove this in detail and should therefore save any communications on this topic with customer service.

In contrast, you should better disregard all other types of reimbursements of the online casinos, with which many brain brushes are spun by law firms and lawyers.

Of course, it is also obvious for us and an interesting approach that you can reclaim your money from the online casino, since it is still legally speaking to be illegal gambling until the new state contract comes into force, but the previous case laws are clear.

Thanks to the new state agreement in Germany, which will come into force on July 1, 2021 However, legal gray areas soon belong to the past. With the new supervisory authority in Saxony-Anhalt, not only will a new gambling supervisory authority form, but also offer you a point for problems or general questions.

For you, this will mean more security and, above all, more transparency on this topic. Our editorial team is therefore also very positive about the new state gambling state contract.

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