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High prices at Dreamcatcher Cycling Care! [Provider, rules, payments, tips]

Dream Catcher is a cult. Evolution Gaming's first live games show is still a favorite among online gamers and also inspires us so much that we now have to introduce you to all the details about the game hit. Fortunately is Dreamcatcher Almost everywhere playable, which is why you only have to understand the rules, heed our tips and then immediately hikes into the action!

the essentials in brief
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  • overview: Dream Catcher is with most Online Casinos at home.
  • Chapter 1: DIE Rules of the Wheel With iconic moderators.
  • Chapter 2: This is how it works Pay!
  • Chapter 3: Our Top 5 Tips For your Dreamcatcher strategy!

Convincing Dream Catcher Casinos with added value

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Dreamcatcher is so easy!

If you go in one of the many really good live casinos, you can sit down at the classic tables with blackjack, poker, baccarat or roulette or the meaning is after the next glamorous live gamshow.

Here the offer has risen considerably in the past few months and you have the famous agony of choice of which games show it should go to today. If you keep it with tradition, you choose Dreamcatcher ("dream catcher"), the show that is the first to Live Casino Spiel set the starting shot.

Dream Catcher comes from the house Evolution Gaming, which has now become mutated into the leading representatives of the live casino shows. In these live broadcasts you will be transferred to a radiant Saturday evening show around the clock and guided by a live entertainer through the various rounds. This is how your gambling connects with the really big stage.

Evolution Gaming Live – die Live-Casino-Schmiede deluxe
Dream Catcher was the first live games show in an online casino and evolution gaming in 2017 Set standards. Today the live casino tables and shows of evolution are represented in most online play banks and very often you can also play Dreamcatcher.

Evolution Live primarily sends out of his main studio in Latvian Rigabut now has various branches in Malta, in USA or Romania. You get Countless live tables with all conceivable variants From blackjack, baccarat, poker or roulette, always exciting games such as craps, Andar Bahar, Sic Bo, Fan Tan or Rummy.

Of course, Evolution Gaming Live lives from his games shows. In these, it is shrill, but also glossy to the matter and around the clock winners and losers are found. Similar to the Dream Catcher is that Crazy Time Cycle wheel, but depending on your mood, you go to the football studio, play deal or no deal or even MONOPOLY live.

The wheel of fortune where everyone can win


You can easily display how the rules of the game look in detail in the top right of German. However, the moderator speaks exclusively English. At the beginning of each round you place your missions up to six outputs. You can put on all fields by clicking.

The wheel of fortune has a total of 54 Felder And as usual, a flapper decides between two struts, which field is hit. If the flapper lands between two fields, the host takes the field that was previously hit.

DIE 54 Felder are:

  • 23x the 1 (yellow)
  • 15x the 2 (blue)
  • ss di di 5 (lila)
  • 4x the 10 (green)
  • 2x the 20 (Orange)
  • 1x die 40 (rot)
  • 1x multiplier X2 (black and gold)
  • 1x multiplier X7 (black and gold)

You can only rely on the six numbers. We will explain the multipliers in the next section. You win (obviously) if you predict the right number. Your use will then be multiplied by the number. Dream catcher is that simple.

This is how the Dreamcatcher payment goes

Now we want to throw a few hard numbers on your head and then of course explain the lucrative multipliers. You will determine your missions before each round using Jetons and can select a single field or Spread all possible stakes over the six options. Here are the typical set heights including payment:

FeldSet -up limitPay
10,10 bis 1.000 $1:1
20,10 bis 1.000 $2:1
50,10 bis 1.000 $5:1
100,10 bis 500 $10:1
200,10 bis 250 $20:1
400,10 bis 100 $40:1

Fun gamblers are always happy that 10 Cent allowed are. In most cases, the maximum use is 1,000 $, but the online casinos ultimately decide. For example, 2,500 $ are possible at Slotimo and even at Cloudbet 10.000 $. The operations decrease accordingly for the rarer fields.

There is a global profit maximum of the 20,000-time set height or flat rate of 500,000 $ per round, which in any case in the sense of High Roller Casinos is attached. The maximum possible return-to-player value (RTP) lies with a distribution of 95.65 percent the operations (see below).

If you rely on one of the six numbers and meet it, your use will be paid out with this number multiplied. If you do not meet, the assignment is lost.

Two examples:
  • You set 20 $ on the 5 and meet → 5 x 20 $ = 100 $ hike to you (80 $ net profit)
  • You set 500 $ on the 20 and meet → 20 x 500 $ = $ 10,000 hike to you ($ 9,500 net profit)

The necessary spice: two multipliers


The 40 is great, but a wheel of fortune from the caliber Dream Catcher needs another one Main prize. In addition, according to your current state of knowledge, it is never worth relying on the 1 that only brings you back.

For this purpose, the Evolution gods have installed two extra fields: the two Multiplier X2 and X7. If one of them is hit, the current round does not come into the rating and all missions are left. At the next shoot, however, all payments will be doubled or even sorted fold!

Here too two examples:
  • You put 50 $ on the 10, the X2 multiplier comes and then the 10 → 2 x 10 x 50 $ = $ 1,000 is out ($ 950 net profit)
  • You put $ 100 on 1, the X7 multiplier comes and then the 1 → 7 x 1 x 100 $ = 700 $ is out ($ 600 net profit)

But it gets even better: Multipliers are unlimited! If the X7 comes and a multiplier is turned again in the next round, the next win will be screwed up again. From twice X7 and once X2 once X98 - and that has even happened! The game can continue until the maximum profit is reached.

In a few minutes for the first use of Dream Catcher


The game principle of the Dreamcatcher game show is very simple: the moderator turns a vertically oriented wheel of fortune, you bet on the result and hope for the necessary happiness. At Dreamcatcher there is no rivet And everyone can win at any time.

  • Step 1: First lie down one Account at one of the many Dreamcatcher casinos.
  • Step 2: Walking into the cash register area and pay some money.
  • Step 3: Via the live casino area or by direct search Opens your Dream Catcher. You then leave the casino platform and gamble about the lobby of Evolution Gaming.
  • Step 4: Put one Username Fest for the round. This can be changed at any time and only identifies yourself in Chat.
  • Step 5: Place your missions! You can always do yours Place operationsif the host has not yet brought the bike to turn.
  • Step 6: At the end of the round, the Dream Catcher wheel shows the winning field and the respective Amounts are paid diligently and also displayed in the chat.
Of course, at Dream Catcher you can chat with other users and also with the moderator (or the moderator) and, if necessary, try to live the casino.

The many camera shots and the sound effects complete this Optimal gaming experience almost off. What you only lack is to reduce the video window in order to better keep an eye on the chat, the area of application and the last results. Otherwise you can also Dream catcher in Full screen mode Enjoy and can adjust the resolution and set the sound.

If you do not have a credit, you can also look at the show without participation and enjoy the colorful ride with glitter jacket, shrill backdrop and the pounding music in a relaxed manner. There is no play money mode.

The best Dream Catcher Casinos 2022

Now you are right to ask yourself where you can finally play Dreamcatcher live. For this we have the extremely positive news that Evolution Gaming is currently so popular (and in addition to Pragmatic Play, the undisputed guard in the live casino segment) that forms) that The vast majority of casinos with a live area also have Dream Catcher ready for you.

There are some exceptions that do without evolution, but especially among the Malta and Curaçao providers you will always find a strong Dreamcatcher online casino. Unfortunately, this does not apply to the operators monitored in Germany. This includes some big names that next to Sports betting only be allowed to offer slot machines (with some restrictions).


at Sloping are the well -known game shows of Evolution and Pragmatic Play at home, which of course also means action at Dream Catcher for you. With a maximum possible application height of 2,500 $ per shoot If you are even more generous here than most of the competition. At the same time, you can also try the first person variant without a live host.

Our Slotimo casino experiences Also see a large network of casino games, virtual sports and many live betting including eSports. You can with that 1.000-euro-Bonus Get started and then add up to 200 $ with 50 percent.


Cloudbet Should be your partner if you have arrived in the world of cryptocurrencies. With 27 different tokens and the option to buy coins without crypto wallet, Cloudbet lets you start in his “Provably Fair” environment. Remember to pick up your machine freedom every Tuesday.

The welcome bonus is an incredible 5 BTC and thanks to us you will receive for yours Cloudbet Casino experiences Exclusive 50 freespins on top. As it should be for a crypto provider, the limits are also gratifyingly high for Dream Catcher. You can use up to 10,000 $ per round in the live version and the Dream Catcher First person.

Nine Casino

That Nine Casino Has a good overall package of live casino action, sports betting, bonus campaigns and gamification. You will need a certain time and some Nine Casino experiences have to make the full extent of this loyalty system. Friends of the well -groomed wheel of fortune get three versions for daily profits in the Nine Casino.

Of course, Dream Catcher is also in the portfolio and you can go crazy around the clock on the live show or play the animated version very comfortably. If things don't go so well in the Nine Casino, you have a lot of comfort for you: Up to 20 percent cashback - every day!

These are our Dreamcatcher tips

You now know all the rules, but you don't have a real Dreamcatcher Strategy yet. Basically, it cannot exist, after all, it is not for nothing that it is called "lucky" bike. The results are purely accidental And the game is too simple to actually take advantage of this. Nevertheless, of course we have a few tips for you, starting with the payout rate.

1. Place on the green 10!

All games of chance have one thing in common: your long -term payment is determined by the payout rate. Large profits are possible at short notice, but the longer you gamble, the closer you will get to this calculable loss.

Fortunately, Dream Catcher is so simple and transparent that the payout values can be easily recorded mathematically. This is heavier with slot machines because the profit margins are hiding in the source code. In view of the distribution of the fields, these are the Return-to-player percent For every field:

  • 1 → 95,24%
  • 2 → 95,31%
  • 5 → 90,42%
  • 10 → 95,65%
  • 20 → 91,80%
  • 40 → 89,88%

Strong differences can be seen here. If you rely on 40, you get the greatest possible payout, but the field is only represented once and over 10 percent of your missions are statistically lost. If you play purely from a mathematical point of view, is Your best choice the green 10. Here the casino advantage is the lowest with only 4.35 percent.

2. Pay attention to permanent!

Evolution Gaming is a highly serious and licensed provider, which is why you can be sure that the wheel of fortune was built absolutely fairly and not manipulated. Nevertheless, it is a real object that is in use at any time of the day and night. This can Unbalancing develop.

The human component is even more decisive. The moderators turn the bike a little before each round before they start to run it finally. Here it can happen that you subconsciously follow a similar pattern and the wheel tend to be in similar regions lands. For this reason, roulette is the boiler games.

You can always look at the last results at the bottom right and go looking for permanent. If you have the long -term book, separated to host, then you may be able to Increase RTP values.

3. Keep an eye on the game number!

Each round Dreamcatcher Live has its own game number, which you always have in view. If you get a problem and have a question, you need this game number so that the Support can support you as best as possible. The game number includes a time stamp, so at least you should have an eye on the current time.

4. Don't change the windows!

Make sure that you Window always active So have not minimized it or open a new tab, otherwise the system will automatically repay your inserts before the round. Once the bike has set in motion, the operations remain, so even if there is a connection in this phase.

But what you can do if you (for whatever reason) are bored: you can in the evolution window yourself Open several tables at the same time. It goes as far as your monitor wears you. So you can gamble on the left Dream catcher and play a few hands on the right.

5. Use abbreviations!

You can repeat your last use with a click of the mouse or quickly double everything. If that is too annoying for yourself, you can Up to 100 round autoplay activate. So you can better concentrate on the chat and the entertainment program.

With the digits you can set the jetone heights briskly. The spacebar repeats and doubles operations and with the backstage button you delete your last use. If you do not want a distraction, either choose the first person variant or exhibit the live tone and/or automatic sound effects.


FAQ – Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is the first Live-Gameshow.ahumanmoderatorturnsonalargewheeloffortuneandyoubetonthesixnumbers1,2,5,10,20and40,whichmultiplyinthesameheight.
If a multiplier is hit (X2 or X7), all missions are taken over and the bike is turned again. Now will Every payment doubles or sorted out.severalmultipliersarepossible.
There are a lot of Dreamcatcher Offerer.mostcasinosthathavealiveareahaveevolutiongamingandthusalsodreamcatcheronoffer.unfortunately,providersapprovedingermanymustnotofferluckybikes.
Always relies on that Green 10.at95.65percent,thishasthehighestpayoutvalue.thered40cutsofftheworst.

Conclusion: Dream Catcher is a modern classic!

The golden age of the casino live games showed with Dream Catcher. Evolution Gaming has set standards and today provides you with the most and strongest live tables and show in addition to Pragmatic Play. Every casinofan should have set themselves with Dream Catcher And can be accompanied by the night with the most classic of all lucky bikes. The Dream Catcher Cycling Care is available from most providers, so what else are you waiting for?!