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Postepay Casino: The best casinos with post -play as well as limits, fees, advantages and functionality

Payment methods are important selection criteria for online casinos. Knowing your own options is extremely useful to always get optimal payment terms. You have probably also met Postepay when checking new casino. If you now want to know how the service works, whether you can use it in Germany and/or which best Casino mit Postepay is, you should read this guide!

the essentials in brief
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  • overview: We have the list with the currently strongest Posterpay Online Casinos.
  • Chapter 1: If you have not yet had any experience with POSTEPAY, we will explain to you now What makes up the service.
  • Chapter 2: In short reviews we provide you with ours TOP 3 under the Postepay Casinos More precisely.
  • Chapter 3: We deliver the central facts to you Postepay Limits and possible Postepay Fees.

Recommended Postepay Casinos at a glance

Rabona CasinoBitcoin Casino Rabona Casino experience report
  • Postepay for USA on board
  • Good limits
  • No fees
Casino's talkBitcoin Casino Wazamba Casino experience report
  • Visually innovative Postepay Casino
  • No fees
  • No restrictions in Germany
Slots PalaceNewcomer Slots Palace Experience report
  • Up to $ 2,000 payable by postepay
  • Absolutely free of charge
  • Huge game selection
Boomerang CasinoBitcoin Casino Boomerang casino experience report
  • Postepay usable for deposits
  • Paysafecard as a good alternative for Germany
  • Top Live-Casino
Playzilla CasinoBitcoin Casino Playzilla Casino experience report
  • Between $ 10 and $ 2,000 payable by post -play
  • Faster chat support
  • Far more than 1,000 games
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What is Postepay?

postepay is one of the most popular payment methods in USA. To clarify this early: You can actually only the service there and not in Germany use. It will usually not be displayed in German latitudes under your payment options for a Postepay Casino.

What is Postepay?
Postepay ist A Visa/MasterCard prepaid card servicethat is offered by the Italian post Italiane. In contrast to most other prepaid cards, no bank or checking account is required because the cards are issued directly from the post office.

There are different types of Postepay cards- Digital and plastic cards. If necessary, everyone can be charged in the next post office or at the ATM. Further options for charging the POSTEPAY card are kiosks or SIM cards for mobile phones (postemobile SIM cards that are synchronized with a post-play account).

In the meantime there is too A post -play app, through which both cards can be applied for and charging can be carried out.


Postepay cards can be used in hundreds of inpatient and online retailers as well as POS terminals in USA and also abroad. you will be Accepted almost everywhere, where you can pay with credit cards-even if there is no special post-play characters.

Create Postepay account

You can apply for a post-play card at any post station in USA. No link with a bank account is required for registration.

  1. In order to open a Postepay account, you have to ID card and your Italian tax identification number In a post office or go through a corresponding verification online on the official Postepay website.
  2. You can buy a post-play plastic card for five $ and then activate it on the website. the Exhibition of the digital map is free. Each user can have up to three post-play cards.

Simply charge post-play cards

The charge of post -play plastic cards or digital cards is very simple and can be carried out on any of the approximately 14,000 post offices across USA or at more than 4,500 ATMs.


Users have the choice between cash payments, transfers from another Postepay card, the use of Maestro Postamat Bancoposta or the simple payment with Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro or MasterCard.

But there are many other ways to charge a post-play card-for example Kiosks, in partner tobacco shops or even when paying in cash on the postman on site. Alternatively, you can charge them with the post-play or postemobile applications that can be downloaded free of charge for iPhones and Android devices.

The postemobile SIM cards are synchronized with the respective Postepay account so that they can also be used for charging.

Serious casinos with Postepay: Our top 3

There is actually a large selection of POSTEPAY CASINOS for Italians. That is not surprising, because the payment method is extremely popular in USA. They cannot use players from Germany - but they are more often listed in the generally available payment options in the casinos concerned.

In the following addresses you will find particularly advantageous conditions before if you want to make payments via Postepay. If you don't access USA, you should still take a closer look at the online casinos described. They also convince for the German market with good banking conditions.

TIPP: If you are looking for recommended alternatives to Postepay and corresponding casinos, this advisor recommend:


Rabona has now risen from the newcomer to real top casino. More and more slot and table play fans are using the Curaçao platform.

This is not least due to the good payment conditions that can be found there.

Postepay is one of the main transaction options for USA. However, it is also possible to use many more popular services. Among them is Apple Pay. the Postepay deposit limits are at ten $ as a minimum and 2,000 $ as a maximum.

Rabona was able to convince us with these other highlights:

  • Huge game portfolio with more than 2,000 titles
  • Various jackpots and a live casino are on board
  • Numerous actions and tournaments
  • A quick support

And everything is - if desired - also available in an app for Android or iOS. On the latter topic, we also like to read our guide “beste Casino Apps“.

He has been talking about

He has been talking about Is different - especially in terms of design. You go to a jungle game adventure here.

You can exchange the treasures found in the form of loyalty coins via a special shop for a wide variety of goodies. This interesting loyalty system is one of the main reasons why Wazamba has a lot of fans worldwide.

The online casino makes it even more attractive. It comes from that Well -known brands Like play’n go, NetEnt, quickspin, stakelogic and round 50 more.

You get a payment portfolio that has washed. Postepay is on board for USA. You can deposit between ten and 2,000 $. Otherwise (for Germany), among other things, these payment services are cooperated:

  • Clear
  • Apple Pay
  • CashToCode
  • MiFinity

Slots Palace

at Slots Palace is the name program. When it comes to payments by postpay, players from USA are also at a good address. The payment minimum is just as cheap at ten $ as with the other casinos of the top 3.

A maximum of 2,000 $ can be transferred again. If you want to deposit more, you should take a look at the cryptos. Up to 5,000 $ can be charged here.

The selection of more than 2,000 slot machines is still a convincing argument that stands for this casino. These are from Over 80 providers placed. Slot Palace also has a lot to offer at the table games and in the live casino. Among them are:

  • StakeLogic
  • Bally
  • Quickfire
  • Play’N GO
  • NetEnt

An overview of ProS and Cons for Postepay

advantages From casinos with post -play:

  • Very secure payment method
  • Seriosity guarantee through cooperation with the Italian Post as well as Visa and Mastercard
  • Usually free of charge at the bookmaker
  • Optimal overview of your own money
  • Extremely easy to use

Disadvantages From casinos with post -play:

  • Payment method only available in USA
  • Usage fees for the cards can arise
  • Payments in the casino usually not possible

This makes Postepay so successful

Postepay has several important advantages that make it a popular option for online users.

First, it is an extremely safe company, Since it is supported by the Italian government and cooperates with the largest credit card providers in the world.

The prepaid card is ideal for using online casinos, since players can only spend what they have loaded on the card. This makes it much easier to pursue the expenses and avoid the use of loans.

Since the card is linked to Visa and Mastercard, it has A wide area of application. It can be used in practically all places that accept these two payment options. This makes Postepay one of the most flexible payment methods in USA.

Last but not least, Postepay is incredibly easy to use. You simply go to the next Poste Italiane branch a card, gives the cashier the amount of money to be charged and can pay after activation in the casino.

That's it. To get a card, only a few personal data must be given - players Don't even need a bank account.

A payment with Postepay is almost always worth it!

Despite these clear advantages, Postepay is not perfect. So you can't use it outside of USA. Only the post offices there spend the cards so that one Only register within the Italian borders can.

In addition, some fall Postepay cards fees on - directly from the provider. It should only be a low annual amount, but to have to pay regularly for a card can be frustrating.

Fees and limits for Postepay

In the casino there are usually no post -play deposit fees. In our opinion, addresses require the deposit fees.

Like the fees, the Postepay limits are primarily dependent on the respective casino:

  1. Some platforms cover deposits at 1,000 $ or even more.
  2. Others allow transactions up to 2,000 $. As you can see in the list, there are also limits that come from Postepay.

Postepay itself raises certain Taxes for individual map offers. You have to expect the following costs.

Postepay Standard


The standard variant is a Visa prepaid card, the exhibition of which costs five $ and for which there is no annual fee. You can pay with the card and withdraw cash on post offices and ATMs.

The minimum charge is five $, while the maximum limit for charging is 500 $ per transaction and 1,000 $ per day. Users can be used annually up to 50,000 $ Charge to all cards registered under your name.

Postepay Evolution


The annual fee is twelve $. With this card, among other things, small loans can be applied for online or directly in the post office. These loans are repaid in monthly installments and can an amount of 1,000 to 3,000 $ to have.

Postepay Connect


This variant costs 70 $ per year - without additional activation fees. It connects with a SIM card and thus enables special money transfers (G2G and P2P). Postepay Evolution features are also integrated.

Postepay Impresa


This is a special variant for companies - including the payment of salaries. That Offer costs 2.50 $ for the exhibition.

Enter in the Postepay Casino: Step by step explained

First of all, you have to be in USA to be able to deposit in the casino with POSTEPAY or apply for a corresponding card there.

If you have found a suitable POSTEPAY Casino, the deposit is very easy. The process runs analogously to loads with a conventional debit or credit card:

  1. Set up your casino account and make sure that you are logged in.
  2. Go to the cash register area of the casino and choose Postepay from the list of methods.
  3. Enter your post-play card data, i.e. the 16-digit card number, the validity date and the CVV code.
  4. Finally add the deposit amount, check whether everything is correct and click on the button to confirm.
  5. The money should go into your account immediately, but it can also take a little longer.

If a deposit has not yet arrived after a few hours, you should POSTEPAY or the casino to make sure that everything went correctly.

Pay out in the Postepay Casino: Can you transfer profits with POSTEPAY?

Theoretically, it is possible to make payments in the casino via POSTEPAY. Some card or account types are equipped with an IBAN that could be transferred through which profits could be transferred.

  • However, the online casinos known to us do not allow any payments via Postepay.

In this case you have to use another method. Therefore, Postepay Payout fees and POSTEPAY Payout limits in connection with casinos are usually not an issue.

FAQ – Postepay Casino

Yes, you can rely on it. The service is regulated by the Italian Post and works with VISAaswellasmastercardtogether.soyoudon'thavetoworryaboutfraudorinanyotherwayuncertainprocesses.
Yes, the post-play cards generally work worldwide because it is Visa or Mastercard cardsacts.butyoucannotregisterfortheserviceingermany.inaddition,thepost-playoptioninthiscountryisusuallyblockedincorrespondingcasinos.
The payment service is particularly advantageous Great security or seriousness.inaddition,youalwayshaveyourfundsforuseinthecasinowiththecardoptimallyinview.nottoforget:thesystemiskeptextremelysimple.youdon'tevenneedabankaccount.
No, Postepay Casinos usually calculate No feesforpayments.thepurchaseofacorrespondingcardalwayscostsomething.continuousfeesarealsopossible-dependingonwhichtypeofcardwaschosen.

Conclusion: A casino with post -play is easy to find in USA, but less with us

Postepay is a payment method that is only reserved for Italians. Corresponding cards can theoretically be used worldwide, but they are only to get in USA. Therefore, most post -play casinos can be found there.

If the payment method appears at a game platform in Germany, this usually only happens in the course of an overall presentation of all possible means of payment.

Nevertheless, if you have the opportunity to use Postepay, we can definitely recommend the service. He offers A lot of security, flexibility and is very easy -to -use. The only shame is that payments in the casino are usually not possible. In addition, the fees for individual card models are to be kept in mind.