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In the casino with Ezeewallet, input and paying out: Here are simple payments!

Not yet too popular, but certainly a solid choice for the future: Ezeewallet is the name of the modern payment system, with which you can already pay in and out in many online casinos. We checked what you do in one EzeEwallet Casino Expected how the payments take place and provide you with lots of knowledge about limits, fees and terms of the e-wallet system.

the essentials in brief
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  • overview: We find enough many Online Casinos, the ezeewallet included in your payment portfolio.
  • Chapter 1: Ezeewallet is one virtual wallet, through which you can carry out online payments.
  • Chapter 2: DIE advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages.
  • Chapter 3: Unfortunately fees Affairs, but the limits are variable thanks to the VIP system.
  • Chapter 4: DIE registration With Ezeewallet is very simple.

Good online casinos with ezeewallet payments

Playzilla CasinoBitcoin Casino Playzilla Casino experience report
  • Payments between 10 and 2,250 $
  • Pay up up to $ 20,000 per month
  • No fees
Slotimo Casino Slotimo casino experience report
  • Enter between $ 15 and $ 15,000 with Ezeewallet
  • $ 5,000 payouts during the week
  • Only one payment per month free of charge (then 3%)
Sportaza Casino Sportacha Casino experience report
  • 10 to $ 5,000 possible
  • Payouts as VIP up to $ 20,000
  • Also approved cryptocurrencies
Ninecasino Ninecasino experience report
  • Ezeewallet deposit with $ 15 to $ 2,000
  • Payouts between 50 and 4,000 $
  • Immediate processing
UberluckyNewcomer Uberlucky experience report
  • Highest deposit limits: 10 to 25,000 $
  • 5,000 $ per day, $ 10,000 per week, pay $ 20,000 per month
  • Reliable customer service
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What is ezeewallet?

We already have you Neteller Casinos or Casinos mit Trustly presented, now it is another payment service provider that is now Global in 200 countries acts: ezeewallet. At Ezeewallet, the name is the program, because the "Ezee" stands for "Easy" and therefore simply while "Wallet" describes the general principle.

At a E-Wallet (or electronic wallet) everything runs off like the usual wallet in the pants. There you put some cash in advance, then run diligently through the city center, pay with your wallet and take out the rest of the money in the evening.

With an e-wallet like Ezeewallet, this naturally runs purely digitally. The money comes over Giropay, Klarna, Trustly Oder Safetypay to ezeewallet and is saved there. You make online payments in the Ezeewallet Casino and you can get the money back on will by. Bank Transfer Bring back.

Is ezeewallet serious?

The Ezeewallet payment system is located in England and is in the United Kingdom and a. about the Financial Services Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority regulated. With this you can also be sure in Germany to have found a reliable partner on your side.

Your increased protection will be guaranteed by the Modern encryption, a rockproof firewall technology and the latest virus protection. If you choose the most serious Ezeewallet casinos via our reviews, your money transfers are first -class.


If questions or concerns arise, you can Support Use Ezeewallet around the clock by email or on the phone. Unfortunately there is currently no German -language support.

The 3 top casinos presented with ezeewallet

We have searched the casino market and are currently finding The payment method ezeewallet in about every third to fourth providers. Casinos in particular under Curaçao license seem to concentrate on Ezeewallet, while German providers rely more on more established service providers.

There are different among the casinos with ezeewallet Casinos ohne Limitsthat also open up flexible opportunities with cryptocurrencies. Feel free to use the advantages of casinos with ezeewallet with the three providers, which we would like to introduce to you below.


at PlayZilla If you are in the wide casino world and sports betting. You meet the most popular slots and can enjoy the best games shows in the live casino. Playzilla organized own tournaments And get over 200 percent up to 100 $ 500 free spins at the start.

You can do yours Playzilla Casino experiences Of course, do with ezeewallet and here Enter between 10 and 2,250. Payments are possible up to 1,000 $, which can go up to 5,000 in the week and up to 20,000 $ per month. Playzilla also lets you play with cryptocurrencies.


Sloping One of the providers who basically have everything is. In addition to casino and sports betting, the focus is also on virtual sports and e-sports. We like the wide range of live casino shows, which are pleasantly supplemented by various "TV games". Wait in the welcome package A whopping 1,000 $ in four deposits on you.

The Ezeewallet allows you to pay between 15 and 15,000 $ in real time without any additional costs. To be paid out Slotimo casino experiences Between 10 and weekly 5,000 $, but make sure that Only the first payment per month no extra fee caused.


Sports is the perfect symbiosis of sports betting and casino games, which moves on one side up to horse betting and on the other side in fascinating arcade games leaves. You get excellent gamification with various challenges, collections and tournaments. The starter bonus is currently 100 percent up to 500 $ and 200 freespins.

For the Sportacha casino experiences In terms of finance, Ezeewallet ensures 10 to 5,000 $. If you would then like to have your profits paid, you can go up to 20,000 $ per month with the corresponding VIP level. Even more freedom allow you different cryptocurrencies.

Pro & Contras for Ezeewallet

The different features of the Ezeewallet can be best summarized by the Before and Disadvantages of casinos with ezeewallet bring closer. These hardly differ from our explanations to other known e-wallets such as PayPal, Neteller, Mifinity, Casino's Mit Skrill or Ecopayz Casinos.

Advantages of Ezeewallet

  • Immediate Payments: The deposit in the Ezeewallet usually happens immediately. After that, you can deposit and pay out into the Ezeewallet Casino without waiting, with the casino always adding a certain processing time of a few hours to days. At Ezeewallet you just have to wait a little if you want the money back to your bank account. The bank transfer will be handled in two to four days, after a maximum of 14 days you have the money.
  • No fees: For transfers within the virtual wallet, there is no extra cost. So you can deposit without fees and also pay out the Ezeewallet Casino and initiate transfers to other Ezeewallet accounts. The casino may raise additional costs. In addition, ezeewallet falls fees if their money lifts from the wallet "home", more details below.
  • security: Thanks to the bank regulations and other protective mechanisms, you don't have to worry about the fate of your funds. The Ezeewallet is an established and global financial system that guarantees you maximum security.
  • No over -indebtedness: The principle of the e-wallet requires that you always deposit money and only have this credit (as well as possible payouts). So you will be preserved from going into debt trap (unlike e.g. for credit cards).
  • All transfers in one place: You don't have to split funds or look for different ways. With a digital wallet, you always have your credit tangible and ultimately do not need any payments in cash.
  • Quick and easy registration: An account with Ezeewallet is created in minutes and would not face any major challenges. For full functionality, you will run through a comparatively simple verification process of your data as soon as possible.
  • Advantages by the VIP club: Ezeewallet offers its loyal customers a VIP system in three levels, through which you pay less costs, get higher limits and participate in exclusive promotions. At the same time, you collect "Loyalty Points" for every turnover that leads to a certain cashback.

Disadvantages of Ezeewallet

  • Just one stopover: As practical as the e-wallet is, you normally also need a bank account that makes with the real world. This makes Ezeewallet just a stopover, which you can also delete as required, for example to pay directly into the casino by direct transfer.
  • Limits for deposits: Below we go into it in detail, but you should already be said here that you can normally deposit a maximum of 15,000 $ per year in your e-wallet. Casino winnings, on the other hand, are unlimited.
  • Only one currency allowed: Ezeewallet explicitly indicates that you can only lead your account in one of the many currencies (usually in $). This can result in alternating fees from other currencies and you generally cannot use cryptocurrencies to fill up.
  • Still expandable distribution: Not all online casinos currently offer experiences with ezeewallet. If you want to enjoy the full spectrum on the market, you need further payment options.

Fees and limits for ezeewallet

Let's go into more detail and look at the Ezeewallet Payouts and Ezeewallet Limits. As always, they are to be distinguished from what the casino gives you. This works regardless of ezeewallet and so you always have to in the Ezeewallet Casino just like in MuchBetter Casinos check if additional costs To get to you which limits prevail there and how long the processing time for payouts is.

These fees await you at Ezeewallet

The most important thing in advance: everything that works between Ezeewallet and the casino is for you on the part of the ezeewallet free of charge. So this affects all deposits and withdrawals between online casino and wallet.

Also the Transfers in die E-Wallet For you, deposit fees are not connected to you. For this you use the three ways:

  • Giropay
  • Klarna (Sofortüberweisung)
  • Trustly

The easiest way is to operate direct online banking and see the money immediately in your ezeewallet account. There is still a fourth (and last) deposit option:

  • SafetyPay

In the case of deposits about this financial service provider that is not yet too widespread, one falls low fee of 1 percent an.

But if we then talk beyond payments from the Ezeewallet, you will not be retained from costs. We therefore recommend that that To leave money in the wallet if possible And always to handle your shops about them. However, if you actually want to pay out, you can only do this by

  • Bank Transfer

do. This always brings one A fee of 2 percent with itself. So only 980 $ will be paid out of 1,000 $. However, we can calm you down, because this percentage is comparatively low. At Skrill, for example, you pay 3.99 percent to payments to the credit card.

We don't want to leave one last possible fee. This is about that you should always use your ezeewallet diligently. Because if you are not on the ball for six months, you will 3 $ inactivity fee every month Disconnected until the account has no credit.

These are the limits at Ezeewallet


You can increase your limits via the VIP system or individual agreements. as Ezeewallet deposit limits Are for all payment channels 10 to 2,500 $ intended. However, this is not unlimited. If you are not yet verified (level 1), you can only deposit 150 $ a year. After the verification (level 2), 15,000 $ a year are the maximum limit for Ezeewallet deposits.

The verification (KYC process) Runs via Shufti Pro at Ezeewallet, which enables you to make a simple and easy -to -understand procedure about your camera. Alternatively, you can of course send your documents by email as usual. the Ezeewallet Payout limits are very relaxed for every transfer 10 to 50,000 $.

So you can create an ezeewallet account and pay profits

ezeewallet is one very simple Casino deposit option. You will notice this directly if you follow the fast registration path as follows:

  1. If you want to open your Ezeewallet account, you will start the “Get Started” button on the homepage. There you then truthfully enter the required data and create the (one) currency. At some point later (and must) you should have this data confirmed.
  2. Now you fill your new e-wallet, which happens conveniently via the four payment channels mentioned above. This runs just like in the online casino and then you have a fine credit.
  3. Then you hike to the Ezeewallet Online Casino of your choice, where you can enter the cash register sector after logging into the login and with Ezeewallet in the casino. Just enter the desired amount, register with Ezeewallet and confirm the transaction.
  4. If you have diligently introduced casino gains, it's time to pay back into the wallet. This does not differ from the deposit, i.e. enter the amount and log in. The money appears in your Ezeewallet after the casino -internal processing time.
  5. Now you can either leave the credit at Ezeewallet and continue to use it or you can apply for the bank transfer to your own account in order to actually hold the money in your hands. Ezeewallet is so easy!

FAQ - Ezeewallet Casinos

With Ezeewallet you put one comfortable virtual walleton.youpaymoneyintothisbydirecttransferandcanflexiblypayandoutofitfromezeewalletfromezeewallet.ifnecessary,theprofitscanthenbecollectedbybanktransfer.
Serious casinos with Ezeewallet are currently not widespread, but we already find the opportunity to pay with ezeewallet in enough, many really strong casinos. Take the herementionedonlinecasinosasexamplesofpowerfulprovidersandthenusesourreviewsinwhichwealwaysusetheavailablepaymentchannels.
Transfers between casino and ezeewallet are free of costs.depositsinthewalletarealsofree(exceptionsafetypay).however,2percentwillbedeductedintermsofpaymentsbacktoyourbankaccount.

Conclusion: Ezeewallet is a payment alternative, but still has to grow

There is hardly anything against using Ezeewallet for your casino payments-if the online casino offers the means of payment. The spread here is now quite neat, but not yet so big that you could really use the modern e-wallet everywhere. If you use Ezeewallet, you get one Simple and convenient system that is very safe, runs fast and only causes low costs.