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The Autostadt Wolfsburg is one of a total of 10 casino locations in Lower axis. The operator is Spielbanken Niedersachsen GmbH, SNG for short with business in the state capital of Hanover. Here in Wolfsburg, the classic game with roulette, poker and black jack is not offered, but as a fourth gambling variant the small game, also called machine game. The casino is located in the city center under the navigation address Poststraße 1, in the Wolfsburg europahaus. The casino visitor finds the modern building complex at the Poststraße/Porschestrasse intersection. The Porschestrasse is a shopping and promenade mile in the VW city, which is almost one and a half kilometers long. The casino is easy to reach with and without means of transport, so also on foot. At the end of the 2000s, the game room was divided into two areas for non-and smokers on the occasion of a comprehensive modernization. The entire reception area and the casino bar was also redesigned. After almost a decade, this investment for the casino operator has made itself more than paid. The number of visitors has increased visibly, and the length of stay on the one hand at the slot machines and on the other hand in the casino bar has extended.

Game offer

The casino visitor can choose from a total of 100 play equipment in the Wolfsburg europahaus; The non -smokers below 55, and the smokers under 45 gaming machines. The offer ranges from 3 jackpots to electronic roulette and electronic bingo, video slots, keno, electronic black jack to multi-roulette with one and a half dozen touchscreen monitors. For the sake of completeness, all rooms of the casino are fully climatized. With multi-roulette, the payout rate reaches the highest statistical maximum of more than 97 percent. You can play with copper money from 1 cents, and with the Player Card cashless at different machines.


The dress code is defined as informally; In other words, spontaneously, without predetermined rules or not based on guidelines. Still, nobody can come as he wants. Leisure clothing and well -kept overall appearance are expected. Sportwear is not allowed, just as little as open shoes, sandals, sneakers or even flip -flops. The head shirt can also be a polo shirt, but rather desired and closed. Jeans are ok, suit, jacket and tie are not expected. For the women, the requirement is less informal. In any case, they skillfully dress up to chic. However, you should pay attention to your leg clothing with stockings, pants or dress. The casino opera is not picky, but quite critical and attention.


The heart of the Wolfsburg casino is the casinobar in the non -smoking area of the two -part game hall. The bar opening times correspond to those of the casino. International drinks alcoholic and alcohol-free as well as small snacks, finger food and the like are the guarantee that the casino bar has been the new medium and popular meeting point in the casino since the last expansion a decade ago. The bar staff is multilingual, communicative and naturally considered that every casino visitor can really feel comfortable here in the casino bar. The skilful service with hot drinks over the tapped beer to the ice -cooled champagne ensures this around the clock.


The broad event of the classic game is eliminated. Instead of this, the casino visitor can look forward to the Wolfsburg casino day every Thursday. Special, always new and innovative campaigns offer the opportunity for additional chances of winning such as the wheel of fortune. With a little luck, the big profit waves with a starting credit for the evening of 50 $. Coffee & cake from the local confectioner will be served on Sundays from 3 p.m. This offer makes it clear that here in the Wolfsburg casino, old and young as a casino visitor are as popular as welcome. Some do not need to do without their Sunday cake, while the other Thursdays can bring home a wheel of fortune.


The operator SNG raises a daily ticket price of 3 $ here in the Wolfsburg Casino; The annual ticket costs 75 $. The casino is open daily from 1 p.m. to 2 a.m. The visitor must prove with an identity card or passport that he has reached the age of 18. The annual game -free days on which the casino remains closed include the statutory holidays of Good Friday, Memorial Day, Dead Sunday and the first Christmas holiday and Christmas Eve. This regulation also applies uniformly in all Lower Saxony casinos. The Casino Wolfsburg is actively involved in the SNG sales every day, which is generated from the slot machine game.

the park

The nearest parking garage can be reached under car navigation address Poststraße 6, D-38440 Wolfsburg. The footpath from here to the casino takes a minute to remove a good 100 meters. There are 950 parking spaces available on several parking levels. The temporal restriction of opening hours on weekdays until 9:00 p.m. must be observed during the evening casino visit; The parking garage remains closed on Sundays. The Parkhaus Poststraße/FH in Siegfried-Ehlers-Straße offers another nearby parking facility. The sidewalk over Poststrasse to the casino takes only a few minutes for almost 300 meters. As is expected from an auto city like Wolfsburg, there are numerous other parking facilities near the walkway to the Porsche and thus also to Poststrasse.

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