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The Wiesbaden casino is located in the impressive spa house of the beautiful city. The company was started here as early as 1810 and established itself as an exclusive meeting for the well -off citizens of the city, even with an international reputation. In 1872 all casinos in Germany were closed by the Reichs Act and the Wiesbaden casino only resumed operations after the Second World War in 1949. After extensive renovations in 1982, the casino has up to 200,000 visitors every year. Diverse event such as live concerts take place in the Kurhaus, so that the attractiveness of the house is increased. The well -designed website of the Wiesbaden casino tells a lot about the history of the house and also reflects impressions of the casino. Automatic game and classic roulett offer every guest the chance of lucrative profits. A restaurant of the upscale class rounds off the offer of the Wiesbaden Spielbank for "onlookers". There is no compulsion to play in the casino, so that guests who only want to watch the hustle and bustle can escape a little relaxed with a cool drink or a delicious meal.

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Range of games

The slot machine game in the Wiesbaden casino starts every day at 12 p.m. The elegant blue room, decorated with impressive stucco ceilings, offers the latest generation slot machines. Black Jack and Poker run on the slots, and the guest also finds a TouchBet live roulette complex with these games. The Bingo game offers the opportunity to crack the daily jackpot. If you like to take a poker but not to take a seat directly at the tables, you can enjoy the Pokerpro-Pro-Tische pleasure with a mixture of live and online poker. If you are lucky, you also have the chance of the Texas Hold’em Bad Beat Jackpot. Special highlight in the casino: the super number fanfare. Here, the profit of the current game is increased up to 5 times.

Black Jack is played at several tables. With the help of the additional chance, in which a special slide offers a payout rate of 99.7 %, the chances of winning are particularly high. With the “Twins”, a special feature of the game, there is even the chance of 200 times a profit distribution. The Wiesbaden casino is one of the first addresses in Germany, especially in the poker game. In a long tradition, five tournaments a week are organized, cash games and various poker festivals. Due to the high popularity of the events, it is advisable to secure a tournament place on the casino's homepage in advance.


In the big game, the gentlemen are kept to appear stylish and elegant. Jackett and shirt is mandatory, a tie is welcome to the outfit. If a spontaneous visit to the Wiesbaden casino offered no time and opportunity to dress accordingly, this is not a problem: for a fee, corresponding bad parts can be loaned on the wardrobe. In the pure machine area you can not see it as narrowly with regard to a dress code. Here, too, pure sporting clothing is not appropriate, but casual-fashionable leisure clothing is fully accepted. But the following also applies here: A well -groomed appearance is mandatory.


To relax, the guest can take a seat in the connected restaurant "Jocker’s". Not only well -groomed drinks, but also delicious dishes of various directions are offered. The quality of the restaurant kitchen is of a high level, so that because of the large number of guests, it is advisable to plan some time to visit. If you only want to strengthen yourself with small snacks and delicious drinks, you will find the bistro bar K1 in the machine area. On a separate terrace, the guest can relax some peace from the game.


As already mentioned, the poker game in Wiesbaden has a long tradition. Regular tournaments, festivals and special events always give the game a special setting. Over the year, there are also numerous other events in the Kurhaus Wiesbaden, which do not have something to do with the game, but increase the overall attractiveness of the house. These include concerts, national and international congresses and balls.


No admission price is payable to take part in the small game. The day ticket for the big game costs 2.50 $. The casino of the casino: the hand vein scanner. This unique entry system is almost unique in Germany. The visitor once lets his palate scan, lets his personal data (ID card) record and he has his individual entry ticket, which can never be lost. The unmistakable entry ticket has another advantage: On “Hand vein cards” as season tickets, the Wiesbaden casino grants a 50 %discount!

The minimum age for entering the casino is 18 years. For this purpose, a valid ID document such as identity card or passport must be submitted to the cash register. Visitors under the minimum age are rejected at the cash register.

the park

There are numerous parking spaces around the Wiesbaden Kurhaus. Unfortunately, not all are free of charge. It is therefore advisable to get an overview of the existing parking spaces and the associated costs before visiting.

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