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The Trier casino is one of three casinos that are operated by Spielbank Mainz GmbH & Co. KG, based in the Rhineland-Palatinate capital of Mainz. The other two casino locations are Mainz and Bad Ems. There are also other casino locations in Rhineland-Palatinate. The Trier casino is easy to find for the casino visitor; It is located in the rooms of the 4*hotel Mercure Trier Porta Nigra; The address is Porta Nigra Platz 1. The Porta Nigra is a building from the Roman era as a former city gate. Porta Nigra means black gate translated into German. Nowadays it is the symbol of the city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The casino was reopened after a long modernization in October 2017. During the several months of renovation work, the casino operation continued, albeit with some restrictions. The casino has taken a crucial step to improve the range of gambling and entertainment here in Trier on the Moselle and to make the casino fit for the coming decade. A good 110,000 inhabitants live in Trier himself. The catchment area of ​​the almost 120 km² city is large. It includes wide areas of the Moselle and the Saartal as well as from Eifel and Hunsrück.

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Game offer

The game offer in the casino rooms of the Hotel Mercure Trier can be described as small but finely. Two gaming tables for German roulette are available for the classic, also called big game. The minimum insert is two to five $. Black Jack is also played at two tables, but with a significantly higher assignment from five $ up to 500 $. In the small, the slot machine game, the visitor can choose from seven dozen play equipment. The possibilities range from electronic roulette via electronic bingo as well as black jack, video poker and video slots to multi-roulette with eight touchscreen monitors.


The dress code is defined by the casino operator as an occasion. In contrast to other casinos, the dress code makes no difference between a big and small game. The male visitors are expected to have a well -kept leisure clothing with closed shoes. The clothing can be sporty, but it must not be a sports clothing. Suit, jacket, tie, fly and the like are not necessary. Rather, the casino opera pays attention to the well -kept and well -dressed overall appearance of the casino guest. Closed shoes for the Lord are just as much a must as the dressed legs of the women.


The casino visitor can choose from a variety of cocktails, refreshment and alcoholic beverages at the casinobar. Whether champagne or old whiskey, the bartender serves the right drink for every taste. Small snacks, snacks and finger food are also offered. The Nigra restaurant in the Mercure Hotel has a real gourmet offer for food, menus and the like. At the weekend, a table reservation is recommended for the later evening hours. The opening times of the casino bar correspond to those in the large and small game. For the sake of good order, it is noted that visiting the casino is not associated with an obligation to participate in gambling. The guest can also stay at the bar and follow the events from there.


As regular events, albeit at larger intervals, the poker tournaments in the Casino Trier are as popular as popular. They take place at up to three tables. The tournament dates are not rigid, but every month or seasonally. Otherwise, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays will be poker from 7.30 p.m. One of the common poker games here in the casino is the cash game with Texas Hold’em and Omaha Pot Limit. Due to the limited number of gaming tables in the classic game, no regular events are otherwise organized, as are known, for example, with Ladies Night or with men's evening from other casinos.


The opening of the casino costs uniformly for the big and small game 1 $. The day ticket is paid together with the registration for the casino visit. It also keeps its validity when the casino is left, for example to visit his hotel room as a guest of the Mercure Hotel, or for a temporary stay in the hotel restaurant or in the hotel bar. The opening times are daily for the machine game from 1 p.m. and at the gaming tables from 7 p.m. The game closes is everywhere at 02.30 a.m. All Saints' Day is open the Casino Trier from 8 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. Free of play on which the casino remains closed are Good Friday, Memorial Day, Dead Sunday, Christmas Eve and the first Christmas holiday.

the park

The ideal parking space for the car offers the Porta Nigra car park, which belongs to the Mercure Hotel. In addition to the hotel entrance itself, the parking garage can be reached via Engelstrasse. The parking garage offers 350 parking spaces and is 24/7, i.e. without interruption. The elevator leads directly to the Mercure hotel foyer, and from there on the casino. The parking fee costs 1.80 $ per hour; It is limited to the daily price of 15 $. The parking garage operator is the Accor S.A., i.e. the Mercure Hotel Trier Porta Nigra.

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