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In the southwest of the state of Lower Saxony is the city of Osnabrück, which offers its approximately 160,000 inhabitants with a casino directly at the main train station the chance of fun and great profits. The Osnabrück casino is the address for a big and small game in the large city of Lower Saxony. The modern building in the city center is certainly also a popular meeting place for tourists, after all, the Dutch border is only about 70 kilometers away. Autobahn 1, which connects Saarbrücken with the Baltic Sea, can also be reached in just a few minutes.

Game offer

The popular machine game is also represented in the Osnabrück casino with a total of 112 devices. You will find a large selection of games and missions. Special features are the classic one -armed bandits, of which two devices can be found on the play bench's premises. The operations range from 0.50 $ to 2.50 $ with a maximum profit of 5,000 $. Sphinx 3D can also be played on a device with inserts between 0.30 $ and 4.00 $. In addition, luck can be put to the test in a VIP lounge of three machines with a maximum insert of 50.00 $. A multi-roulette system with 20 monitors also exists. At all machines, operations and profits can be booked on a player card that can be charged at certain stations. The machines are also connected to various jackpot systems, the current stands of which can be viewed online at any time.

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In addition to the machines, large games at tables with real croupiers are also offered, which are occupied every day from 6:00 p.m. Roulette is popular, for example, with the American variant playing in Osnabrück. The late numbers can be found on the casino's website. Fans of card games also get their money's worth at Black Jack or poker. Poker tournaments take place every evening from 7:30 p.m. The check-in takes place between 6:15 p.m. and 7:15 p.m. Every Monday, the second chance tournament is held in Texas Hold'em, for which you can register in advance via the website of the Osnabrück casino.


If you want to visit the Osnabrück casino, you don't necessarily have to appear in a suit, shirt and tie. Well -kept leisure clothing is sufficient to play at the machines and at the tables. It should be ensured that the appearance is not neglected or too sporty. You can also reject with inappropriate clothing (e.g. military clothing). Before the visit, you should therefore ask yourself whether the selected clothing could interfere with other guests.


The Osnabrück casino has a large modern bar with numerous seating. There you will find all kinds of alcoholic drinks (e.g. beer, wine, cocktails) and also soft drinks.

There is also a partnership between the Osnabrück casino and the Advena Hotel Hohenzollern City Spa. There you get the “Classic Dinner” for a price of 49.50 $ per person. This includes a three-course menu in the hotel restaurant with a welcome drink. In addition, entry into the casino is included, and another free drink on site, instruction in the roulette game and a starting credit of 10 $ are offered in Jetons.


Several events over the week make a visit to the Osnabrück casino more interesting. All guests are invited to coffee and cake every Sunday at the expense of the house. The motto of every 13th of a month is “the 13th content”. 1,300 $ will be raffled among all visitors to the casino. The “casino day” also takes place on Thursday. Happiness jetons, material prizes and catering offers are raffled off throughout the day.


Guests who want to enter the Osnabrück casino can do this for a fee of 3 $. If you want to play in the casino more often, you can also buy an annual ticket. This costs 75 $. Entry into the casino is permitted to everyone aged 18 and over. In order to be able to confirm his age, an official photo ID (e.g. ID card, passport) must be submitted at the reception. Basically, the Osnabrück casino is open from Sunday to Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. On Fridays and Saturdays, the gates also remain open for an hour longer. However, the opening times of the tables may differ. On Good Friday, Memorial Day, Dead Sunday, on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day, the Osnabrück casino is closed.

the park

Right behind the casino is the Osnabrück station garage, which is primarily aimed at rail travelers, but is also open to customers of the casino. 665 parking spaces are available for parking. The first 30 minutes are free of charge, whereby parking is calculated at 1.50 $ during the remaining 30 minutes and every further hour. Between 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. and on Sundays and public holidays, parking costs 1.00 $ per hour. The daily maximum rate amounts to 15.00 $. Payment is possible with cash, by EC card, by parking card or by credit card.

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