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Norderney is by far the best known among the seven East Frisian Islands. In the late 2010s, 6,000 inhabitants live on Norderney. The municipality of Norderney on the island of the same name was broadcast in 1948. A year later, recognition as a Lower Saxony State Pad with the Medical Bad Certificate followed. At the center of the spa business on the North Sea island has always been the Kurhaus under the address at Kurplatz 1. Right next to it is the conversation house, and the Kurtheater finds the visitor. Spielbanken Niedersachsen GmbH, based in Hanover, is the operator of the casino on Norderney. Nationwide, 10 casinos and casinos are operated in Lower Saxony. The licensed gambling is divided into the four areas of roulette, Black Jack and Poker as a large and machine as the little game. In the Norderney casino in the rooms of the Kurhaus, only the small game with an attractive and entertaining variety of play equipment is offered. Norderney and the casino are available to water and aircraft. The Norderney airfield is flown to by helicopters and small propeller machines. Fährhafen for Norderney is Norddeich as the district of the small town of East Frisian north. The Norddeich-Norderey route is tidal, it is operated several times with car/passenger ferries every day.

Game offer

The motto for the casino on Norderney is "from the sandbar to the casino". For more than three decades, vacationers, tourists and spa guests have been able to try their luck here on Norderney. The casino rooms are generously high, bright and skilfully staged by light strips. On the approximately seven dozen slot machines with several jackpots, with electronic roulette, electronic bingo, video poker, keno, electronic black jack and multi roulette with 12 touchscreen monitors, the distribution rate is consistently well over 94 percent.


The casino operator describes the dress code as an informal elegant. This means a skilful mix of appealing leisure clothes, i.e. not too casual and not sporty. Suit, jacket and tie do not have to, open shoes or flip -flops must not be. The walk from the sandbar to the casino definitely leads past the wardrobe in the hotel or in the holiday home. Sports or even bathing clothes including hooded clothing are a no-go. The visitors also have to exchange the beach for a suitable outdoor clothing. Clothed legs with stockings, pants or long dress are expressly desired.


There is no own gastronomy in the Norderney casino. A door further under the same address at Kurplatz 1, the Kurpalais as a café and restaurant offers everything to eat and drink, which your heart desires. The offer in the light -flooded orangery is extremely wide -ranging in an almost sophisticated ambience of the bar with its red chandelier and the floral patterned black wallpaper. The opening times are once around the clock from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. In the low season on Norderney, the Kurpalais remains closed on Thursdays. The island visitor will find an address on the Conversation House operated by Staatsbad Norderney GmbH as a trendy event location on the island.


The events known from other casinos do not take place here on Norderney because the casino offer is limited to the little game. As the word slot machine play, it is played on automated play equipment, i.e. without croupiers and other casinopularsonal. The difference to a game library is unmistakable with ambience and flair as well as with the diverse range of slot machines along with jackpots. On Thursdays, the casino guests on the wheel of fortune turn with the chance to win one or the other price. Every second Sunday of the month, the Nordenyer Bingo tournament will take place from 3 p.m. The winners and placed can look forward to material and surprise prices.


The day of the day costs 3 $ in both the main and in the low season. The single amount of 75 $ is charged for the annual ticket. Extra costs for registration of the Giro or credit card are not incurred. The minimum age is 18 years for access to all Lower Saxony casinos and thus also to the Casino Norderney. The opening times are different in season and differ significantly from the night times that are otherwise used in casinos. In the high season from April to October, the island casino is open daily from 11 a.m. to 00:30, otherwise from November to March from 2 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. On the holidays of Good Friday, Memorial Day, Dead Sunday, Christmas Eve and the first Christmas holiday, the casino remains closed.

the park

It is not a problem to park the car at the casino and can still become a problem. The reason for this is the limited authorization to use the car they had brought with Norderney. Every year west of Mühlenstraße and north of Hafenstraße, a general, seasonal ban on transport for all vehicles applies; From the beginning of the Easter holidays until the end of the autumn holidays and between Christmas and New Year. There are parking facilities in front of the Kur- und Conversationshaus building complex. Insel visitors also have the opportunity to park their car on one of the large parking spaces in Norddeich and travel car -free to the island. The footpath from Norderneyer Fährhafen to the casino lasts for the one and a half kilometers 20, the car trip via Hafenstraße and Bülowallee 5 minutes.

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