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The Leipzig casino is one of the largest providers of casino games throughout the city. Located directly in the passage in the Petersbogen shopping center, the small “Las Vegas” is located directly in the city center and is only a few minutes away from the S-Bahn and tram. The Leipzig casino is a branch of the Saxon Spielbanken-GmbH & Co. KG, which also has addresses in Dresden and Chemnitz. The player paradise, formerly known as a casino-peters arch, offers opportunities for winning on a compact floor.

Game offer

Over 100 machines are available in the Leipzig casino on the upper floor of the St. Peter's sheet. Operations from a few cents to several $ are possible there. The casino has a non -smoking area and a smoking area with a sufficient size in which all machines are available. Several machines are connected to different jackpot systems, so that you can play the big money in the Leipzig casino. The current jackpot can be queried at any time via the website of the Saxony casino.

Large games such as roulette or black jack are not offered in the Leipzig casino or not offered with real croupiers. These game variants only exist on machine counterparts, which fortunately are divided into the non-smoking and smoking area. Real casino feeling arises at least with roulette. Two large boilers were set up within the casino - one in the non -smoking area and one in the smoking area. Around these boilers, fifteen touchscreen monitors each set up, on which you can place small and large inserts. Both boilers are electronically connected, so that one also has access to the game in the smoking area from a machine in the non -smoking area.

The poker game against the bank is also possible in the Leipzig casino in the Petersbogen. But here too, real tables are dispensed with. The bingo game via the video machines in the casino is also popular.


Since it is a pure machine playbench, the Leipzig casino does without a strict dress code. Sko, shirt and tie are therefore not absolutely necessary for playing in the parsry arch. The Leipzig casino instructs its customers to wear upscale leisure clothes to play in their rooms. Specifically, this means that a relaxed and casual appearance is completely sufficient. With normal everyday clothing, access will not be denied. Uncertained or sporty guests can, however, be rejected at any time.


In the game hall of the non-smokers there is a small bar in American retro design with several seating options. Alcoholic drinks, soft drinks and smaller snacks that serve as nerve food can be purchased there. Smaller restaurants can also be found in the vicinity of the casino.


Several times a month, the Leipzig casino welcomes its guests to various events in Petersbogen. The first Friday of each month is under the motto “men's thing”. All male guests are then offered a non -alcoholic drink and a surprise at the expense of the house.

The counterpart to this is the “Ladies First” event every last Friday of the month. Then the female guests of the Leipzig casino benefit from a free soft drink and a surprise.

Every 13th of the month is referred to by the Leipzig casino as a “lucky day”, where the winners of the slot machine games are rewarded with special campaigns.

Once a month, various events such as the live bingo with real moderators or automatation tournaments take place once a month, in which different prices can be obtained. However, these tournaments are only offered in one of the three branches of the Saxons casinos, so that you sometimes have to wait several months.


Entry to the Leipzig casino is free of charge. Bringing is the ID card, through which the minimum age of 18 years is checked. The personal data is registered once to speed up the examination process the next time you visit. If you are a guest at the Leipzig casino for the first time, you will also receive a voucher for free drinks.

The Leipzig casino is open from Sunday to Thursday from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. On Fridays and Saturdays, the opening time is extended until 3:00 a.m. However, several days of holidays and mourning such as Christmas Eve and Dead Sunday are generally considered free of play, so that the Leipzig casino remains closed on these days.

the park

A parking lot is located for all customers of Leipzig's city center in the underground car park under the castle square, which is located directly at the gates of the St. Peter's arch. This can be reached directly from the inner city ring, but the parking tickets are subject to a fee and therefore only to a limited extent for longer game sessions. However, free parking spaces can hardly be found in the city center.

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