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The Holland Casino has existed in Venlo for twelve and a half years. The branch on the German border is very popular. Visitors from the Federal Republic in particular are always drawn to the exciting casino on the Magalhaesweg. In addition to the wide range of games and the relaxed atmosphere, the popularity is particularly popular. The casino is located directly on the highway and can be easily reached from the border region. As part of the state Holland Casino group, the Holland Casino in Venlo is integrated into a large network of successful casinos. In addition to the branch in Venlo, there are thirteen others over the Netherlands. Important to know: In 2019, the casino will move into a new building within the city.

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The game offer

The game offer of the Holland casino in Venlo is considerable. First of all, it should be noted that both classic table and slot machines are offered. In the area of the machine game, lucky knights find a wide selection of classic and modern machines. In addition to one-armed bandits that are modeled on the slot machines of the last millennium, there are also 3D slot machines such as the extremely popular slot machine "Sphinx 3D". In addition, there is the possibility to play on a roulette machine with a real kettle and real ball - the inserts are made on a screen and the ball is moved by compressed air. A special highlight for passionate smokers is also ready: Unlike in Germany, smoking in public spaces in the Netherlands is not completely prohibited. For this reason, a smoking room is available in the area of the machine game.

In addition to permanent favorites such as roulette, black jack and poker, the classic game also includes other popular games. So players in Venlo can also take a seat at the Punto Banco table or play Bakkara. In addition, some special poker variants are offered-above all the game "Multi-Poker", in which the player can only compete against the dealer and sometimes clear jackpots of over 100,000 $.

The dress code

The typical Dutch serenity is also reflected in the dress code. This is much less strict than in Germany - without negative influencing the feeling of casino. Closed footwear, long trousers and a clean top are enough to get admission to the Holland Casino. However, sports clothing is not desirable. Unlike in German casinos, there is no way to borrow adequate clothing for an evening. So if you are not appropriately dressed, you will not get admission.

The gastronomy

The Dutch also differs from the German offer in the area of gastronomy. The Holland Casino in Venlo offers two separate gastronomic areas. In addition to drinks, snacks and less complex meals - for example baguettes - are served at the bar. If you value upscale dishes in a high atmosphere, you can visit the restaurant integrated into the casino. This prepares noble dishes and accepts reservations. However, it is also possible to spontaneously get a table. Due to the spacious space, there should be no difficulties here. The menu usually contains seasonal products and is continuously adjusted.

The events

The Holland Casino regularly invites its guests to special events. Motto parties are particularly popular here. On the occasion of this, the entire casino is decorated appropriately, appropriately dressed staff serves appropriate snacks and the appropriate artists perform on a small stage. In addition to these special evenings, numerous other events take place. For example, singers and bands occur at regular intervals. Large raffles are also held regularly and mostly with a corresponding supporting program.

The entry

All adults in principle always receive admission. The admission price is five $. However, if you visit the Holland Casino regularly, you will receive a so-called "favorites card", which brings free entry. Other amenities - such as discounted dishes and free drinks - are also connected to the receipt of the card. Accompanying persons from a card holder also also receive access to the Holland Casino free of charge.

The parking facilities

The Holland Casino in Venlo has a large visitor car park. Even at peak times there is always a free parking space here. So that visitors don't have to waste their cars, the Holland Casino has also hired a security service that guarded the parking lot during the opening hours of the casino. Parking spaces for women traveling alone and for the disabled are available in sufficient numbers near the entrance. In addition to these normal parking spaces, the Holland Casino selected guests provides VIP parking spaces that are even closer to the entrance.

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