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Holland Casino is the state casino of the Netherlands. Of the 14 casinos that are operated nationwide, the first mid-1970s opened in Zandvoort. One of the casino locations has been Groningen in the province of the same name for three decades. The city is a good 100 km²; 200,000 inhabitants live in the 64 districts. The Casino Groningen was completely burned out and destroyed at the end of August 2017 at the end of August 2017 on the occasion of a nocturnal big fire. The fire was discovered in the early morning on Sundays and could only be deleted eight hours later. The fire result was shocking. Buildings along with content, the parking garage belonging to the casino building and car parked there were charred and destroyed. The financial damage went into the millions. At that time, no visitors or employees in the casino were. Adjacent houses and residents were temporarily evacuated.

For the Groninger CasinoSucher, Holland Casino has the good news that a temporary solution is expected to be offered here at the end of November 2018, but at the latest at the latest 2018/2019. Specifically, it is about the location at the Sontplein in the center of the city. The temporary casino settlement offers the complete previous range of games and attractive and high -quality catering options. The casino visitor from Holland Casino should not be missing at this transition location. At Holland Casino, as it is called, the plans of a final and permanent solution for the coming decade will work feverishly.

Until the opening at the Sontplein, the Groningen casino guests can use the free bus shuttle for the Holland Casino in Leeuwarden. Depending on the traffic situation, the bus ride lasts an hour for the 70 car kilometers. The departure times from Groningen are at 12 p.m., 3 p.m., 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. The return transfer to Groningen is scheduled for 5:00 p.m., 8.30 p.m., 11:30 p.m. and 2:30 a.m. Due to this transitional situation, the opening times in the Holland Casino Leeuwarden have currently been expanded, to daily from 12 noon to 3 a.m. A first roulette table is opened at 1 p.m. and Black Jack can be played an hour later.

Game offer

The big, classic game includes roulette, poker, black jack and wheel of fortune here in Groningen. The entertaining range of machines includes video games, electronic roulette and bingo along with other modern play equipment. Big and small games were spatially separated at the previous casino location, and this is also intended for the Sontplein location.


The previous dress code is taken over one to one. An elegant, but not stiff clothing, is expected from the visitors. This is not a problem for women; However, you should continue to pay attention to clothing or covering your legs appropriately in the future. Suit, tailcoat, tuxedo or jacket and the like are not necessary for the men, just as little as tie and fly. However, the clothing must not be casual or too casual. Closed shoes, button -buttoned shirt and an overall neat appearance are the indispensable prerequisite for the casino visit; Open shoes, sandals or sports clothing, on the other hand, a no-go.


Here the future casinogast has to be patient. The gastronomy concept is to be adopted as the Holland Casino Groningen stem and permanent guest was used to. This includes a selected kitchen with exquisite dishes and several casino bars in the different game halls. The casino opera remains unchanged with chef and service, with bartender and bar staff; Only the location and the premises here on the Sontplein are new. It is certain that the casino visitor is offered everything that has been lovely and tasty for him during his stay for several hours.


The previous events are also continued as if the major fire did not exist. Tuesday is a poker evening with Texas Hold’em tournaments. Bingo at the weekend is just as popular with old and young as sporadic events at the gaming tables that are announced at short notice. If you want to visit the Casino Groningen for the first time after your reopening, you should find out more about the offers and play opportunities on the homepage at Hollandcasino.nl in advance.


So far, the visitor to Holland Casino Groningen has had to pay a day of 5 $. This admission will remain so unchanged in the future. In a first transition period, it can be expected that Holland Casino Groningen meets his guests with free or reduced admission. More on this will be announced on the website at the end of the year. In all casinos of Holland Casino, the minimum age for the casino visit is 18 years. The previous casino opening times are also taken over unchanged. They are daily until 3 a.m. In a small game from 12 p.m., and at the gaming tables three hours later.

the park

For the navigation device, the Sontplein is a casino address. Among the addresses 3c and 6 there are two parking facilities in direct walking distance to the casino. Casino Holland is currently in negotiations with the operators for cheap parking opportunities for casino visitors. The result will be determined at the latest in the turn of 2018/2019. Holland Casino, too, will inform his regular visitors and those who want to become Groningen here early and comprehensively.

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