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Charm, fun and lucrative thrills are also a top priority in Vienna. No wonder that Austria's most profitable casino is also enjoying unbroken attention even in times of digitization. On three levels, guests enjoy a noble atmosphere. In addition to the realistic chance of the main prize, you can visit the casino restaurant opened in 2014 and reward your palate in parallel to the growing wallet.

A visit is not only worthwhile for the bachelor party. After all, there is always a change from everyday work or family life. Interested parties can get to know the historic buildings as part of house tours. Beginners have the opportunity to first try the rules without having to throw real money into the balance.

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Game offer

The game selection of Casino Vienna corresponds to the standard standard. Guests can enrich themselves on slot machines, blackjack, roulette or poker tables- provided the necessary bit of luck.

Slot machine: In the Vienna Casino there are over 200 individual slot machines for every taste. The three or five roller devices start with minimum risks of a maximum of 2 $ and are therefore also suitable for the narrow budget. Players who want to get high benefit from the progressive jackpot slots. There are always million sums in the floating on those. Entry and soft drinks go to the house in the Jackpot Cafe.

Blackjack: The popular card game is aimed primarily at guests who want to ponder their own tactics and strategically challenge their happiness. Blackjack is considered ultimate for many players, since the chances of winning with the right approach can be increased immensely. With lucrative additional games, it is possible to have the use withdrawn 500 times. Newcomers learn the rules and additional betting in a player explanatory folder. The first win is only a good hand in the way.

Roulette: If it may be more than a machine game, guests feel like kings at roulette. There are several play styles to choose from in Casino Vienna, including American, American, Double or Easy Roulette. Even an automated roulette without a dealer can be selected at any time. The european style of play is recommended for guests with high expectations, since it means the lowest house advantage in direct comparison.

Poker: Highrollers will also get their money's worth in the poker lounge. So you can try a buy-in of only 100 $ to Texas Hold'em No Limit and collect high profits. Large groups are preferably treated: there are special promotions from eight people. The regular poker tournaments promise special thrills. Among other things, Cash Games, Texas Hold'em, Tropical Stud and Easy Hold'em are offered.


The zeitgeist has also returned to the Vienna casino. Regulations that seemed mandatory a few decades ago have now been loosened. If you only want to let off steam in the Jackpot Cafe, you can enter the casino in casual leisure clothes.

A stylish outfit is requested on the upper floors: appropriate, not too sporty. A suit, cocktail dress, beautiful jeans, shirt, jacket, polo shirt, closed shoes, basically a well -kept leisure clothing are possible. Among other things, short pants, flip flops, men's sandals, torn jeans, running shoes or caps are less desirable.


In the Casino Vienna, guests enjoy award -winning food from chef James Ferguson. The culinary calendar is equipped with tastings, dinner events and other events. Certain space can even be booked for events in private or business frames. While in the jackpot cafe snacks and fast drinks are waiting, the Cercle Bar is recommended for cocktails and light dishes. The Salon Bar finally inspires Viennese coffee specialties.


The event calendar is filled with exciting actions around the year. How about the "culinary summer special" and enjoyable food for the narrow wallet? Contrary to the supposed perception, the 13th of the month will be a lucky day for every guest: an exclusive package waves to the champagne. The women enthusiasts receive their own event: At Casino Vienna, they are invited every week on Wednesday to the ladies night that is specially tailored - with some benefits and specials. The current events are noted on the locality website.


The common laws apply in Casino Vienna. So the game is only allowed guests who have reached the age of 18. If you want to enter the casino, you should therefore be able to present an official photo ID. Entry itself goes hand in hand with no costs.

It is advisable to use the reduced jeton packages. So you can already save at the entrance. Example: A jeton package with a value of 30 $ can be purchased for only 27 $. The brands can be implemented around the clock in the form of a game card at the tables and slot machines.

the park

Guests find the Casino Vienna in the pedestrian zone of Kärntner Strasse. You are free to use the Kärntner Straße - Opera Ring in the Vienna State Opera or the Palais Corso at Mahlerstraße 12. Visa, DC, Mastercard, JCB or ATM card are accepted as a means of payment. The journey for drivers is noted on signs.

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