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The Casino Kleinwalsertal in Riezlern was opened in December 1972. The eighth casino in Austria is located in the Kleinwalsertal, which is designated as an enclave, and can only be reached via a road connection from Germany. As one of the highly located casinos in the Alpine region, the casino also deserves attention. After several conversions and extensions, the Casino Kleinwalsertal now offers a modern picture, which nevertheless integrates into the Alpine architecture and the surrounding landscape.

Game offer

The machines and the living game are on the first floor of the building and can be reached by staircase or elevator. The Casino Kleinwalsertal has three American roulette tables. Black Jack can be played at a table. Other tables are available for Black Jack X-Change, Easy Hold`EM and Tropical Stud Poker. Happiness can also be challenged at nine easy roulette and five multi roulette tables. There are also 69 slot machines included, including Mega Million Jackpot.

Von Casino Kleinwalsertal [cC0], vom vom wikimedia Commons

The minimum insert for roulette is 2.50 $. Slot machines can be put into operation from a cent. For five $, visitors can play Black Jack or take part in the Easy Hold'em poker.


It is asked to enter the casino in appropriate clothing. It is foreseeable from sporty and casual outfits. Men should wear closed shoes and long -sleeved shirts. Suit is not a must, jeans are also allowed. A jacket should be worn via short -sleeved shirts or shirts. Women are welcome in evening dresses and other elegant outfits.


The Cuisino Restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Kleinwalsertal Casino. The rustically furnished restaurant serves an upscale good bourgeois cuisine. The restaurant's kitchen was already highly highlighted in the Aral Schlemmeratlas and in the large restaurant & Hotel Guide. A restaurant visit is not tied to the stay in the casino. A Thai BBQ is the specialty of the house, which is offered on pre -order. The restaurant is open on Tuesday to Sunday from 5 p.m. to midnight. When the weather is nice, the food is also served on the terrace.


The Club Jolly, housed in the basin of the casino, opens its doors for various kinds. Exhibitions or other specials take place here at regular intervals. A popular event is the Ladies Night.


No admission is required to access the casino. A prerequisite for visiting the Kleinwalsertal Casino is the age of majority. For this purpose, proof in the form of passport, driver's license or identity card must be provided.

Visitors to the casino receive a lucky card on their first visit. This can be used for numerous benefits during further stays. A free cocktail is served during the second visit. A gourmet court is included from the fourth visit. The tenth visit is associated with a bonus payment of ten $.

the park

The casino is located directly on the passage street, in the middle of the town center of Riezlern. Parking spaces and garage spaces are available directly on the casino. Parking here free of charge between 5 p.m. and 7 a.m.

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