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The spa town of Marienbad (Czech: Mariánské Lázně) is located in the Czech Republic and is one of the popular travel destinations of spa guests from all over the world. The Casino Bellevue Marienbad is one of the most beautiful casinos in europe. The casino was built in 1835 and is therefore older than the casino in Monte Carlo, which opened in 1854. The Casino Bellevue Marienbad is located in Hügellage above the city of Marienbad. Of the gaming tables and slot machines, there is a nice view of the spa town with their spa hotels and parks. Gambling has a long tradition in Marienbad. Until a few years ago, there were even two casinos on site. Today, the Casino Bellevue in Marienbad is operated as a casino. There is an elegant ambience in the generous game halls. In contrast to other game casinos, smoking can be made everywhere in the Bellevue casino. Due to the efficient exhaust air system and the high rooms, the air quality is also good for non -smokers. Guests who do not want to play in the casino also have access to the casino restaurant.

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Game offer

The game offer in the Bellevue Marienbad casino is diverse. In the big game, American and American roulette is played at 8 tables, while 2 tables are reserved for Black Jack Jack. A total of 3 tables are planned for poker games and poker tournaments in the Marienbad casino. The machine area comprises 28 slot machines, video slot machines and 10 stations for electronic roulette. The minimum inserts are between 5 and 20 $. The players can take part in poker, Black Jack and Roulette with a maximum set between 800 to 1,600 $. In the VIP area, the minimum deployment begins at 200 $. According to the Bellevue casino, the maximum amount in this sector is a well -kept business secret. All play tables are equipped with a traffic light display on which the cold and hot numbers and the 10 final numbers are displayed.


There is no official dress code in the Bellevue Marienbad casino. However, the casino expects female and male guests to appear appropriately to the upper atmosphere of the casino. There is no obligation to tie. When visiting a casino, most men prefer a suit, while women appear in the dress, costume or pants suit.


The gastronomic offer of the Marienbad casino consists of an exclusive bar and a restaurant. The casino bar is known for its extensive selection of drinks, which also includes expensive spirits and exclusive wines. In the restaurant of the casino, the sommelier supports guests in choosing the wines. The Chopin restaurant is said to have a gourmet restaurant that offers international dishes and local dishes. The kitchen is considered Mediterranean.


Visitors can find out more about current events and events of the Casino Bellevue Marienbad in advance on the casino website. The poker season is opened every year with a New Years Big Stack tournament.


The minimum age for casino visitors is 18 years in all Czech casinos. The ID card or another photo document must be presented when entering the casino. For the exhibition of the casino card, a photo is taken by every visitor at the reception. The casino card then applies to every further casino visit. Entry to the Bellevue Marienbad casino is free. The casino is open every day. All prices for the operations at gaming tables and slot machines are given in $ as well as in the casino restaurant. Czech crowns can be exchanged in $ at the casino cash register.

the park

Many visitors travel from Germany by car to the spa town of Marienbad. Free parking spaces are available for drivers behind the casino. The route from the city center to the Bellevue casino in Marienbad is well signposted. From the spa hotels it is possible to travel by taxi, as no public line buses travel near the casino. For casino guests from Nuremberg, Tirschenreuth, Amberg, Weiden and Hirschau, the Casino Bellevue offers a free bus transfer every day.

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