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The highest spa of Bavaria is Bad Steben in Upper Franconia. In 2001 the casino was the last of the nine Bavarian casinos. The Bad Steben casino blends harmoniously into the hilly landscape: the modern, architecturally elaborately designed building has a roof area of over 20,000 square meters, which fits into the picturesque environment. In general, the architecture of the casino has something futuristic without being intrusive. In addition to the classic games such as poker and black jack, the most modern slot machines are offered in the Bad Steben casing. Attractive events always attract new visitors, an excellent restaurant called "Relexa's Rouge et noir" rounds off the offer of the casino. The guest finds everything that is necessary for a relaxed outbreak from the everyday grind in the Bad Steben casino

Range of games

Since the Bad Steben casino is one of the smaller casinos in Bavaria, the roulette area is somewhat more manageable. Roulette is played in American Style at three tables. From a $ effort, the game enthusiast can try his luck here. The simple chance is limited to a maximum of 6,000 $. Lovers of the classic Black Jack with Bust and Twins meet on Wednesday or Saturday in the Casino Bad Steben. From 6:00 p.m. the tickets will be placed on the table. Unfortunately, only one table is planned for this game. The missions per game vary between 5 $ and 500 $. If you want to indulge in the poker, you will find the opportunity to do so on Friday and Saturday in Bad Steben at two tables. At Texas Hold’em, at least two $ must be used per game. With a number of 70 slot machines, the machine area is moderately designed. The Bad Steben casino is connected to the so -called "Bayern Jackpot", so that there are chances of up to 500,000 $. This is possible on the modern machines from an use of 30 cents. You can find video slot machines, multi-roulette, poker and jackpot system.


As in all casinos, attention is paid to an appropriate appearance in the Bad Steben casing. However, you can see that in Bad Steben quite casually: jacket and shirt are not a mandatory, but are welcome. In the classic area, access to well -kept leisure clothing is no problem.


In the “Relexa´s Rouge et Noir” restaurant, not only regional dishes and specialties were served, international delicacies also find their way to the guest. The elaborately designed interior, the sophisticated atmosphere and cozy seating areas invite the visitor to take a little distance from the heated game. The restaurant is also often visited by local audiences and other spa guests who only want to enjoy the unique cuisine. Since there is no compulsory game in the Casino Bad Steben, this is easily possible. A wine list with exquisite products from the region rounds off the offer. If you only want to consume a delicious drink and a small snack, you are really lifted in the small but fine bar of the casino. The rich drink offer ranges from the unusual cocktail to classic long drinks to well -kept beer.


The poker tournaments will take place in the Bad Steben casino on Friday. Here the players can qualify for the Bavarian poker championships of the Spielbanken Bayerns (SBPM). The game is played in Texas Hold’em No Limt mode. 10 $ of the Buy-In each go to the SBPM jackpot. The buy-in is 70 $ in the Freeze-Out tournament that takes place on Fridays. 5,000 jetons start on the table. The blinds are 25/50, the level is then increased every 30 minutes. The knock-out tournament sets a buy-in of 80 $, as a bounty there is another 20 $.

The participants can buy a second time in the second chance, but alternatively, a double stack can also be bought when the tournament starts. From a number of 10 people from a number of participants, independent poker tournaments can also be started in the Casino Bad Steben.


Entry is not required in the Bad Steben casino, neither in the classic area nor in a small game. As usual in all Bavarian casinos, admission is permitted from the age of 21. This must be proven with an official identification paper such as identity card or passport. Driving license or student ID is not accepted

the park

Although the Bad Steben casino does not have in -house parking spaces, the parking situation there is good. In the vicinity of the casino there are numerous public parking spaces that are largely free of use. The journey by taxi is also not a problem. For the way home, the employees of the house are happy to help with a taxi call.

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