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In the Hessische Heilbad Bad Homburg in front of the height, generally called Bad Homburg, the visitor will find the casino in the spa park near the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Bad along with the Kaisemenkmal. The Bad Homburger casino was opened in the early 1840s and a first game room for the classic game in the Kursaal was set up. After changeable decades with ups and downs and with a temporary ban on casino, the casino was reopened in the spa park four years after the end of the Second World War. Nowadays, towards the late 2010s, the casino is managed by François-Blanc-Spielbank GmbH Bad Homburg. The company is a subsidiary of Städtische Kur- und Kongress GmbH Bad Homburg. The district town of Bad Homburg with its approximately 55,000 inhabitants is one of the few cities in Germany with a 50 percent higher purchase force in the national average. This has always been positive about the economic success of the casino. Bad Homburg is one of four casino locations in Hesse. The other three are Wiesbaden, Kassel and Bad Wildungen. The first Bad Homburger casino was led by the brothers Blanc; Some time later, they opened the casino in Monte Carlo. Based on this, the Casino Bad Homburg is now titled with the nickname "Mother of Monte Carlo" for advertising purposes; Because the Casino Bad Homburg, which is based on the same founders, is significantly older than that in Monte Carlo.

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Game offer

The classic game is wide.

  • American and American roulette are played at eight tables.
  • Four black-jack tables invite you to the exciting card game with chance Blanc and Golden Jack.
  • The Free Bet Black Jack is offered exclusively in the local casino.
  • Poker with cash game, with mystery bounty tournaments as well as with progressive Knockout tournaments and Ultimate Texas Hold’em completes the game pleasure in the big game.

In the small game in the machine area, the visitor can try his luck at one of a total of over twelve dozen play equipment. The machine offer is versatile and ranges from the classic roller machine to multifunctional touchscreen machines.


In the entire casino, the term "well -kept" is the dress code. A wardrobe that is appropriate for the classic game is expected. This is not a problem for women; The men have to completely do without open shoes, sandals, sports shoes and casual clothing as such. Sako with a shirt or shirt including collar is mandatory, suit with a tie or fly is always better. In the machine play area, a well -groomed, not too casual leisure clothing is expected. It is not looked too precisely here; In case of doubt, the overall appearance of the casino visitor is decisive.


From the casino restaurant Le Blanc there is a direct view of what is happening in the classic game. In addition to its unique ambience, the gourmet restaurant offers an exquisite mix of regional, seasonal and international specialties. Menus of the week, main dishes and desserts provide a lot of variety on the menu. Dostejewskis Bar finds the visitor in the classic game, and the counterpart in the small game is the Jackpot Bar. In both casinars the guest is spoiled with snacks, finger food and other tasty treats. The offer of drinks is the way the experienced bar visitors from casino, hotel and other bars know. The entire gastronomy is open every day until late at night.


Black Jack Tournament, Party Night with DJ, Tea & Dance, Mystery Roulette, HR1 Dancefloor or Black Jack 200 are a selection of regular events here at Casino Bad Homburg. Basically, there is literally going on throughout the week. At the weekend, the casinol lounge becomes a dance club in the casino. From 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays there will be a celebration and, above all, danced. With its weeks from all over the world, the Le Blanc restaurant provides lustful delicacies from USA to Spain and Greece to Austria.


No admission is raised to participate in the slot machine game with his little game. The classic game is subject to a fee and the entry is staggered as follows:

  • Daily visit 2.50 $
  • 4-day card 7.50 $
  • Monthly card 30 $
  • Annual ticket 90 $

For the sake of completeness, it is pointed out that the visit to the restaurant and bar within the casino is included, exclusive dishes and drinks. The machine play area is open daily from 12 p.m. to 4 a.m. The classic game starts every day at 2:30 p.m.; Fridays and Saturdays until 4 a.m., otherwise until 3 a.m. The game -free holidays a year include Good Friday, Memorial Day and Dead Sunday, Christmas Eve and the first Christmas holiday.

the park

The casino car park near the sidewalk to the main entrance has a good 320 parking spaces for cars. It is continuously open every day, i.e. 24/7. The address for the navigation device is Kisseleffstraße 45a, 61348 Bad Homburg. Access is via the Weinbergsweg. The parking garage entrance is two meters high. The parking fee costs 1 $ per hour and is limited to the daily fee of 15 $. During the "Bad Homburg Summer", the good evening tariff costs only 3 $ from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. And 70 $ are charged for the long -term parking space.

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