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The casino in the Rhineland-Palatinate state-recognized healing spa in Bad Ems is one of the most oldest and most traditional casinos. The small town of Bad Ems, 15 km² with 10,000 inhabitants, has also become known beyond the national borders through the casino in the Kurhaus. The Lahn as a tributary of the Rhine, almost 250 kilometers long, flows through the city. In the past centuries, Bad Ems has been one of the most famous spa and seaside resorts across Germany. In the early 1860s, Bad Ems was awarded the city rights. This was associated with a further upswing for the place of gambling. Well -known visitors to the "World Bad Ems" were among the regular casino guests in the Kurhaus, which is now monument -protected. At the end of the 2010s, great emphasis is also placed on tradition and a typical casino flair in a well-kept ambience. The Operator is the Spielbank Mainz GmbH & Co. KG with business in the Rhineland-Palatinate state capital. In addition to Bad Ems, there are two other casinos in Mainz and Trier in Rhineland-Palatinate. The casino rage here in the historic spa house directly on the banks of the Lahn is as inviting as it is to promote mood, but to challenge happiness in the classic game or at the machine.

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Game offer

German roulette is played at two tables in two representative play halls with a minimum insert of 2 $. Poker games in different variants are offered at three tables. Poker is played on the weekend on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. It is the same with Black Jack on Friday and Saturday. In a small game, the casino ensures a constantly updated machine offer and attractive jackpots along with modern multi-roulette systems. About five dozen play equipment and two jackpots are available. The minimum inserts are 20 to 50 cents.


According to the motto "The clothing should fit the occasion", an upscale wardrobe is expected at the gaming tables in the classic game. This note does not apply to visitors, but their male companions. They are expected to wear a top shirt with a continuous button strip along with a jacket, better a suit with a fly or tie. A suitable leisure clothing is specified for the little game. Open shoes or sandals are also a no-go, as are the typical sports clothing with hoodie and any kind of hooded clothing. The overall appearance must be very appealing and well -groomed. The guest should clearly distinguish between leisure and sports clothing.


The casino visitor can enjoy a wide range of drinks from the casino bar. Snacks, small but fine dishes, finger food and sometimes coffee and cake are offered during the entire opening time. The selection ranges from non -alcoholic mineral waters, soft drinks and cocktails to the so -called hard drinks. The women prefer champagne while their accompaniment is enjoying a freshly tapped beer. The casinobar is the meeting point for seeing and being seen, for strolling and flirting. For the sake of good order, it is mentioned that it is open to visitors both the classic and small game. In other words, in the casinobar, elegant wardrobe meets leisure clothes.


Apart from seasonal or occasional events, there are more sporadic than regular events in the Bad Ems casino. For many visitors, the selection of gaming tables and play is sufficient enough. You are looking for your own, in the truest sense of the word private pleasure and happiness, mostly at one of the two roulette tables. The seasons in the classic game make it clear that the casino is visited late in the evening than in the early night. Ladies Night on Wednesday, men's evening on Thursday and the weekend surprise on every Friday are among the highlights where young and old enjoy. The casino visit to the birthday is still popular; The birthday child is greeted with free entry with a glass of sparkling wine or champagne.


The Bad Ems casino closes its portal every day at 2:30 a.m. The small game in the slot machine area starts at 1 p.m. and from 7 p.m. Roulette and Black Jack will be played. Access to the machine area costs 1 $, participation in the big game 2.50 $. Traditionally, the senior citizens in the spa town of Bad Ems have free admission after the age of 65. On the statutory holidays of Good Friday, Memorial Day, Dead Sunday, Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day, the casino remains closed. On November 1st, i.e. to All Saints' Day, the casino will be open from 8 p.m.

the park

The parking garage at the spa park is the closest parking facility for the car. The parking garage can be reached at Grabenstraße 8 in D-56130 Bad Ems. The sidewalk from the parking garage to the casino under the address Römerstraße 8 is 350 meters according to the route planner. The short route runs parallel to the Jacques-Offenbach promenade along the Lahnufer. If desired, the casino offers a car service. The vehicle can be handed over in front of the casino portal and recovery there again. The number of setting areas in the multi -storey parking garage is sufficient; The tight rides and descents between the individual parking levels take some getting used to.

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