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Bet365 Casino does not work - what are the reasons and what can you do?

The Bet365 Casino was popular in Germany for a long time, but the situation has changed due to the new state gambling contract. In the following article you will find answers why the Bet365 Casino in Germany is offline and what you can do when that Bet365 Casino does not work.

the essentials in brief
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  • Chapter 1: Bet365 offers no Casino more in Germany.
  • Chapter 2: Can you use the casino, there is different reasons for disorders.
  • Chapter 3: This Tips Help you with disorders.
  • Chapter 4: There is differences Between the sports area and the casino.
  • Chapter 5: DIE Calls In the Bet365 Casino it doesn't just disappear.

The Bet365 Casino no longer works?

We will now start directly with the main reason why the Bet365 Casino in Germany no longer works. Many of you stumbled through the news in December 2019 that the British giant remove his casino in Germany becomes.

As of January 1, 2020, the transitional measures came into force, which the Federal Government specified to regulate the online gambling market. This affected not only companies that wanted to apply for a sports betting license in Germany, but also a number of financial service providers.

In order to create the best chances of a license, Bet365 decided to be his Casino in Germany to stamp temporarily.

For almost ten years, the federal states in Germany have been struggling with the new one Gambling contract. While the games in the online casino have been tolerated at least temporarily since the first gambling contract in 2012, many aspects of the online casino have now been regulated by the new gaming contract.

  • The operation is now limited to a maximum of one $ per game round.
  • On the other hand, it looks worse for fans of the live roulette, live blackjack and the live bacarate. All classic table games in the live version are no longer permitted.

Reasons for Bet365 disorders

Even if the news of the withdrawal of Bet365 has hit many players in Germany, some disorders regarding Bet365 have been reported in the past few months.

We have therefore compiled the most important reasons for you:

What can be done with a BET365 disorder?

With the following assistance, you should be able to solve most of the problems yourself. You can also rule out that the Bet365 disorders have been triggered by you.

Login does not work

Each of us knows it: the login does not work and there is a risk that your account will be temporarily blocked, you should enter your password again.

Often these are typing errors or number drivers.


Our advice is therefore to check whether you are on the right website of Bet365 (, not Also checks whether the problem on your smartphone or tablet consists of the Bet365 app.

Especially for mobile use, we recommend the Use of the touch ID function At Bet365. This creates your mobile login without the annoying entry of the password.


We also recommend the Automatic storage of the password, as long as nobody else uses your device.

With these Bet365 tips and tricks, you should no longer have any problems with login.

Internet connection is not strong enough

An underestimated mistake that occurs again and again are disorders in your own internet connection. Instead of briefly checking whether that WiFi down or the line is currently not the standard, this problem is often simply ignored.

Not only are the respective websites fed with a lot of data, the respective slots in the casino also eat a lot of data. Therefore, check your data consumption in the event of faults and charge your data volume if necessary.

a notice
Larger downloads should therefore not necessarily happen at the same time if your own connection does not correspond to the necessary standards.

Also for the mobile use From Bet365 you should always keep an eye on your internet connection. Especially if you want to start games on the bus or on the train, you have to expect that the internet connection can definitely tear down.

False browser

Often, every stubborn problem can have a seemingly small trigger. When we The customer reports take a closer look at the past few years, then it should be noted that certain Bet365 disorders can also be related to the wrong browser.

a notice
This can be due to your browser, among other things, which has not been updated in the past. Then it needs a thorough update. But it can also simply be because you have not emptied the cache for a long time.

This has a negative effect on the Performance of your computer out. Various cases are also known in which this causes problems with login or there are delays that make the visit to the Bet365 website impossible.

If you are not successful with it, then we can only suggest a change of the browser. The selection of safe and easy -to -access browsers is now available. Even two browsers can be used at the same time.

Alternatively, you can use Google Chrome or Switch to incognito mode. You have to enter your data manually for registration in Chrome's anonymous mode, but this step is often sufficient to fix the problem with the use of Chrome.

What if the problem doesn't go away?

If all ropes tear and after all experiments there is still a Bet365 disorder, then there is no way to the with the Bet365 customer service over.

Of course you have to E-Mail-Support choose. Due to the Bet365 disorder, the live chat cannot be reached via the website. For this reason, it is always helpful to look briefly on the Internet to see which address you have to send the email.

According to our Bet365 experience, it can take a little longer for you to get an answer. If it is actually a major disruption at Bet365, customer service reaches many inquiries all times and accordingly it can take a little longer for your questions to be answered.

Bet365 Sport Disorder and connection problems

The Bet365 Sport betting offer is one of the best Sports betting provider on the Internet. This is characterized above all by an extreme depth, which gives a large amount of data.

It is therefore not uncommon for Minimal bet365 sport disorders appearif there is a change between the individual sectors, i.e. the customer account and the specific betting markets.

However, if a connection problem is shown to you, the problem can usually be found in your internet connection.

It is less noticeable if you are looking for suitable bets and you work through the diverse betting program at Bet365. Most of the time there are inconsistencies in the area of live bets.


Live bets, especially those of the top events of the day, are equipped with many values and calculations in the background. Unfortunately, it can be too a short down Come, which means that the betting is either exposed briefly or the connection is lost briefly.

While many customers are wrongly speaking of fraud, the Bet365 disorders are not unknown and unfortunately are usually triggered by the customer himself. Therefore, do not try to let too many streams run at the same time.

What happens to my missions at a Bet365 Casino Down?

Customers at Bet365 often wonder what happens to use, should there be connection problems during an active game session for Bet365.

This affects both game rounds in the Bet365 Casino and in Bet365 sports betting area, should a bet plan or have already been placed.

We have put together the important information for you.


So what happens to them Slotswhen the Bet365 Casino is down?

Each of you knows the situation when the Bet365 Casino no longer works and you are currently in a game session. While a little break will certainly be happy during a losing streak, things look rather different in the event of a win.

  • 1
    If the connection is separated during a game round, completely independent of the reasons, the respective game round is interrupted and recalculated in the next login.
  • 2
    All other planned and automated game rounds are not calculated in the background, so that there is no financial risk. At the same time, Bet365 does not enter into any potential financial loss.


The situation at Bet365 Sport is somewhat different. two situations a central role.

  • 1
    A Bet365 disorder occurs when you try to do a bet. If this occurs, you unfortunately have no right or the chance of complaining to customer service.
  • 2
    The Bet365 fault occurs if you want to change your betting slip while the game is running. With Bet365 sport, however, only betting slips that could be placed.

If this is the case, unfortunately you have no access to the betting slip and can therefore also no cash out. All other functions, such as the early payment of the betting note, are paid if it is not a complete failure of the Bet365 server.

It is therefore not possible to reimburse your bet. The bet is regularly billed in the background.

However, the British sports betting provider is known as the accommodation, so that in the event of a lost bet, during a Bet365 fault, the Bet365 customer service and make a complaint can.

In the common forums, cases of Bet365 customers can be researched in which Bet365 has been accommodating and at least granted a small free bet. Although this may not replace the complete loss, it is better than nothing.

Questions and answers - Bet365 Casino does not work

Due to the uncertainties and the transition phase before the new state gambling contract, Bet365 decided in December 2019 to withdraw in Germany.accordingly,thebet365casinonolongerworksingermany.
Disruptions or technical problems can occur again and again, even with sports betting providers or Online Casinos.itisbesttoresearchwhetheritisapermanentbet365disorderonsocialmedia.whetheron,orthecommonforums,othercustomersfromgermanywillalsobelookingforanswers.
Ours Bet365 experiences afterthemaintenanceworkshouldnotlasttoolongandarealsoannouncedinadvance.inordertobeabletokeepthepossibledisorderssmall,thebet365maintenanceworkisusuallymadeearlyinthemorning,sothatsportsbettingispossibleduringpeaktimes.
Although it is not possible to check with Bet365 whether the server is running or is down, some websites specialize in this. If you want to research the Bet365 server status on the Internet, you will usually find an answer quickly. Otherwise we recommend you with longer disturbances, you at Alternative providerstolookaround.
Unfortunately, it is in the stars whether we can pursue our game pleasure in the Bet365 Casino in Germany one day. In the meantime we can use the Sports betting offerbeingalegalatbet365fromgermany.

Conclusion: The Bet365 Casino remains down for German players

Finally, we should explicitly state that the Bet365 Casino will remain down for German customers for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, the British company felt forced to do this Drastic step to take, since the legal situation in Germany was not ordered and the preservation of the sports betting license had priority.

In our editorial team, we also hope that the Bet365 Casino will soon come back to the German living room and can offer its usual good casino + sports betting program.

If there are any problems with Bet365 until then, we hope that our guide necessary help offers and can show what to do if there is a Bet365 fault.